1. bcarter3 says

    “But the accompanying video ends with an endearing gay twist that would’ve been impossible to imagine popping up in a similar piece of bouncy pop trifle even only a decade ago, and that, at least, is awesome.”

    “Physical”. Olivia Newton-John. 31 years ago.

  2. uffda says

    You snobby snots…the song was sweet as could be, oh right, it didn’t sound like a Martian singing through it’s nose (techno). The video was as adorable as the young ones (she’ll get over him, but it will take me longer). XOXO

  3. RonTEX says

    Funny video, HOT guy and the song is pretty catchy. The comments on the youtube page are almost all positive, gives me hope for this next generation.

  4. says

    Yes, the ending is very “cute” (as is the starring boy), but is this the best we can hope for? A female singer with a video where we get a gay moment and a punchline at that? Where are the openly gay performers with gay themed music videos?

    Take a look at Adam Tyler’s “Like A Drug” (, which is at best a bisexual video. It is rather obvious that Adam is gay, so why play this “bisexual” in the video? Is it to calm the fears of the record company?

    I am tired of us being nothing more than punchline fleeting moments.

  5. Marc C says

    A touch of Twain, a touch of Wilson Phillips and in comparison to much of today’s music, enjoyable! Music doesn’t have to be gimmicky or vulgar. It just has to connect with an audience.

    Enjoyable video too!

  6. Rick says

    “Where are the openly gay performers with gay themed music videos?”

    Seriously, man, name a gay male pop star who has a gay male following. You can’t can you?

    I agree with you, but until gay men stop seeing straight women as their idols (and living vicariously through them) rather than seeing other gay men (or men in general) as such, you will never see what you are asking for.

    And yes, it is pathetic.

  7. atomic says

    Four male, openly gay performers with gay-themed music videos–up to you to decide which ones you like or dislike, I make no judgement:

    Jay Brannan, Housewife:

    Matt Alber, End of the World:

    John Grant, Chicken Bones:

    Will Young, All Time Love:

    Two more openly gay performers:

    Sam Sparro, American Boy:

    Chris Salvatore, Baby it’s Cold Outside:

  8. Alex says

    Ditto BCarter3. Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” was more surprising, more at risk with a bigger pop star, and more daring considering it was over 30 years ago.

  9. Rick says

    When will you stupid liberals and femme queens realize that worshipping women makes things hard for the rest of us? When my father found out I was gay (he caught me blowing the maid’s son) he sat me down and he said “Rick, I swear to God, if you start acting like a pansy-f@ggot I will beat you harder than I ever beat your lousy mother”. And you want to know something you femme liberal queens? My father was right – because femmes deserve to get beaten because real men are just like me, tough and manly. And you can tell that I’m tough and manly because I said so from my anonymous place of internet commenting.
    My dad taught me that if you act the way a man is supposed to act then things will work out fine, and that’s why my life is awesome – because nobody knows I’m gay, because you Out gays are al femme queens, and that’s why I’m respected. And feminists are pathetic, too. My mom tried to get her own job once and my dad was wholly justified in beating her up and forcing her to give him oral sex in front of me and my siblings – women need to know their place.

    and if you stereotypical liberal queens don’t like this it’s because you’re jealous of how masculine I am while I type from a place of anonymous cowardice.

    so yeah, this is another stupid liberal femme video and masc gay guys like me, whom you can tell are masc because we say so without proving it, are the real men.

  10. DiCKster says

    This song is getting a lot of air play in Toronto – it’s being pumped on Virgin Radio and is in rotation on all pop stations. And MuchMusic produced the vid, so its surely being promoted on their video channel.

  11. Sargon Bighorn says

    Oh Remember the good old days when people actually met each other in person and fell head over heels in lust. There was NO I-gadget in sight in that video, so it’s a fake.

  12. Rick says

    If you liberal femmes would just go back in the Closet then masculine manly butch gay men like me could Come Out, but we can’t come out as long as you drag-queen diva-loving femmes are Out. It’s not fair. Gay men need masculine gay male role-models but none of us Masc Gays want to Come Out because we dno’t want people to think that we’re femmes like you, so stop being femme and Out so that finally I can Come Out because I’m getting really old and i’m sick of having to hide in a closet so that people don’t think i’ a liberal fem like the stereotypical queers who like this video.

  13. says

    The impression I got from the video was the typical passive misandry that passes for gay rights..All good looking straight guys are gay??

    No wonder she couldn’t get him..the guys gay crap….the Goddess herd never liked gays…or straight guys who don’t notice them…no empowerment for gays here…

  14. says

    Um… aside from the absurd “real band with real drummer and guitar player” doing the Air-Band to a song that uses nothing but cheesy keyboard sounds and a drum machine, that ending isn’t cute, it’s vaguely homophobic.

    The guitar player who gets the number looks horrified to get it and the female pop sing whose name I’m not going to remember looks annoyed.

    and yeah, ignore the troll. But in case anyone is worried, a real man doesn’t blame his inability to come out on anyone but his own spineless self.

  15. RJ says

    @Marc C … Troll? lol… More likely Little Kiwi doing a Rick impersonation.

    @Jasun … Well, of course she’s annoyed. Her crush bats for the other team. The guitar player looked stunned to be hit upon. Not sure where you get “horrified” from it.

    BKT, gotta disagree with you. I think this is a well-written, catchy pop song and deserves its chart status. Carly Rae Jepsen finished 3rd on the 5th (and second last) season of Canadian Idol. For reference, Theo Tams won season 6.

  16. Rick says

    I’m not that fem queen LittleKiwi. I’m Rick and I’m really masculine and butch and you can tell because I said so.

    This video is about men who love feminist divas and that’s why this country still has anti-gay bigots, because you diva-lovers haven’t realized that if you just live like me, which is to be Closeted and then post anonymous hateful things about divas on a gay website, then you actually make real change happen.

    because the real hard work is about anonymously posting things against blacks, women, and femmes on a gay website.

  17. Rick says

    You’re all stupid and wrong. And I can prove it. It’s a proven FACT that all the wimpy loser gays listen to gay pop divas and all the Out, Masculine Butch Empowered Gay Males don’t listen to them.

    that’s a fact. hating diva-music means that you are more confident in being a man and are more Out. if you listen to gaga or madonna then you worship women, and then you hate being a man, and that’s why all the gay guys that listen to madonna and lady gaga are still complely Closeted.

  18. uffda says

    RJ – The troll stuff is a little too obvious for L. KIWI don’t you think? But then he’s left no trail of subtlety anywhere else, nor Rick for that matter. Good speculaion though, could be. Still, the Real Rick does it better and daily misses the opportunity to tell how KIWI’s own father is too scared of his son to give him the hard smacking he’s always needed. Both trolls in their own way.

  19. UFFDA says

    And RJ – I’m speaking from experience. My dad smacked me a lot when I was younger and that’s why I know that a good hard smacking is the best way to ensure that gay people don’t get too loud and out. If L.KIWI’s father had hit him the way my dad always hit me maybe he’d be more like me and spend more time commenting online instead of interacting with actual gay people in the real world.

  20. Thomas says

    The video and song are very sweet, not my cup of tea, but cute.

    What happened to the music posts we used to get on this site? There is a lot happening in the gay music world. Tegan and Sara are documenting the making of their new album for Rolling Stone, Sam Sparro just released a new single, Adam Lambert also is releasing new music. Rufus has a new album out. This year also promises a new music from Gossip, Scissor Sisters, and GaGa. It’s going to be such a great year for Queer music, I’d love to see it talked about on Towleroad.

  21. FFS says

    Yes. Because the real measure of a man is whether or not he wakes with a start, night after night, in a cold sweat, tormented by the recurring nightmare of having been eaten by a giant, carnivorous vagina.

  22. sberg says

    anyone curious who the guy is? his name is holden nowell. I’ve met him a couple times. He is a model and a really, really nice guy. And canadian too! Google him.

  23. uffda says

    This is too fun. Now L.KIWI is attempting to mock the Real UFFDA (me) in his clumsey, ham-fisted way.

    Sweetie you just badly need to get a life. Go to the saintly David Kuria in Kenya (readers, look him up from last week), fall in love with him and help him in his important work supporting equality for Africans. He needs you. We don’t. Unless you want to continue in your life as a one-dimensional entertainer of limited skills. Your real skills and energy need a larger field of operation, that could be Africa. Return then, in time, and tell us your story. You will be able to count on many of us to help with donations, time, support, and yes, even love, about which you will learn a great deal. Go.

  24. says

    OMG, wow, this guy mowing the lawn went to my gym here on Saltspring Island this summer/fall. About 6’2 and a gorgeous man.
    Not sure if he grew up here on the island or visiting. Hope he visits the gym again soon! Being orginally from Los Angeles, there is a whole new world here as far as music, and acceptance goes!

  25. jason says

    I am so sick of “endearing gay twists”. I want to see openly gay and bisexual male artists having number 1 hits. Is this too much to ask?

    I am sick and tired of women only being allowed to do this sort of thing. It’s a double standard in the music industry, one which towleroad has failed to really go after.

  26. MattS says

    I actually think this is a GREAT pop song and can see some serious dance mix potential. I’ve had this on my mp3 player for a week now, thanks to the Justin Bieber & company home video posted on E!. Then I checked out the video and fell in love, tattoos and all. :O)

  27. BreckRoy says

    Are Elton John and Adam Lambert not gay men who have topped the charts while out? Are they not popular with gay men and their respective news sites and media of their respective age groups? In somewhat related phenomena, out gays like Matt Bomer and Chris Colfer have huge gay following that have only gotten bigger since their coming outs, with fandom for out stars Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman at its apex when it comes to gay men. To say there aren’t enough out gay stars yet is fine, but to blame any of that on gay men refusing to support out gay artists in favor of pop-culturally relevant women “divas” is wrong. Its ok to like both, btw, which is what many people do

  28. matt says

    Really? A talk about gay performers and only ONE mention of Scissor Sisters/Jake Shears? For shame.

    Also Fischerspooner freaking rocks, and Casey Spooner is openly gay. His solo stuff is so-so though.

  29. jason says

    No, Adam Lambert has never topped the charts. He had a minor hit but that was all. Almost all of Elton John’s number 1’s were achieved before he came out.

    And don’t deny that women are given an easier run. They are allowed to say they kiss girls – even if they’re faking it – and still have number 1’s. When was the last time a male singer was allowed to do this?

    Think about the last question and then get back to me. Simple fact – the music industry is very homophobic to male-male sexuality and won’t allow male singers to use such a sexuality in their marketing.

  30. Darrell says

    Filmed in suburban Surrey B.C. since I recognized the Licence Plates and the 5 digit house address numbers….Canada such a nice safe where same sex relationships/marriages are legal by federal law!!! YAY! Emotional life and joy in the 21st Century…

  31. LuckyLinden says

    Elton John had several number ones after he came out, and dominated European and soft rock/adult contemporary charts many more times after that. The majority of his pop stardom may have some when he was younger but that is always true. Its hard to gauge exactly what kind of #1 is definitive in the age of multiple charts, varied audiences, airplay vs. sales vs. downloads (for me its sales, for my dad its airplay, and for my teenage sister its downloads that are the legitimately #1) and then there is being #1 in your category. If an alt artist or jazz artist or rap artist never waters down their sound enough to dominate the mainstream charts but consistently rules their category time after time are they less legitimate? All my point is is that out gay artists are doing better all the time with the support of their own community. When an out gay artist of talent makes it through the gauntlet of the studio and the handlers and their own fear and is actually in front of US as a choice, we typically choose them. We often choose and support artists who are gay and out who haven’t broken through in America with straight audiences, like Will Young and Mika (and to a lesser extent, since they are fairly popular, Jake Shears’s Scissor Sisters). I don’t challenge your point there should be more gay artists and out performers out there, only the assertion that the gay community ignores and does not support gay artists in favor of pop tartlets and divas. We tend to go wild for gay artists when they are available to us in mainstream pop…its just that there aren’t at this time, that many. And expecting a pop connection loving gay to eschew pop songs to only support indie rock artists would make no sense, if he never liked low-production or rock music to begin with. The industry holds out gays back all the time, but I wouldn’t say gay consumers do.

  32. Lance says

    The twist at the end worked for me because I was thinking her bandmates were cuter than Tat Boy was anyway. Evidently he felt the same attraction. :)
    Fun, peppy, pop song as opposed to so much of the assorted pretentious dreck out there these days.

  33. alex says

    Anyone who watches this and sees homophobia clearly has an agenda. It’s a pop song, for heaven’s sake. Do you also see misogyny because it implies that the woman needs a man to be happy?

    Bravo to this young singer, the video director, and the producers. Little things like this are helping.

  34. Rick says

    Needless to say, only the first two comments in this thread were from me, the “real” Rick.

    Obviously, I am making a deep impression on some people, though, if they are motivated enough to impersonate me many times in a single thread.

    Clearly, my message has struck some resonant chords.

  35. Markt says

    Rick judging people makes an impression, especially when it’s based solely on surface traits. Qualities like strength, bravery, stoicism and leadership will always be emulated. So don’t worry that the butch male will disappear. Although, these qualities can actually exist in someone you would think of as faggy. Still more manly men are likely to appear as acceptance of gays grows, because gay youth may actually have the opportunity to compete for adult male attention. And adult heterosexual males may find a way to respond. Meanwhile asking adult gay men to be more masculine is a waste of time – as we are probably exactly what we are going to be if we are reading this blog.

  36. Perkin Warbeck says

    Sorry, Jason – I forget this is a USA-centric posting thread and page. Doesn’t matter that Adam Lambert and other out male pop/rock performers have a successful chart topping career elsewhere.

    And @lessthan: Cazwell ain’t bi – he’s gay, proud/identified and puts his music out to explore gay male and bisexual themes. Check out “Unzip Me” which is gay as anything Johnny McGovern can provide!

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