Gay Facebook Founder Chris Hughes Buys ‘The New Republic’


Gay Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes tweeted late last night: "I am honored to take on the role of Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The New Republic"

HughesThe NYT confirms Hughes' purchase of a majority stake:

Mr. Hughes, 28, will become publisher and the editor in chief of the magazine, and Richard Just will remain the editor. Martin Peretz, who was editor in chief from 1975 until 2010, when his title was changed to editor in chief emeritus, will become a member of the magazine’s advisory board.

The terms of the sale were not disclosed. Mr. Hughes said he was motivated by an interest in “the future of high-quality long-form journalism” and by an instinct that such journalism was a natural fit for tablets. He said he would “expand the amount of rigorous reporting and solid analysis” that the magazine produces.

Said Hughes:  “Profit per se is not my motive. The reason I’m getting involved here is that I believe in the type of vigorous contextual journalism that we — we in general as a society — need….But I’m investing and taking control of The New Republic because of my belief in its mission, not to make it the next Facebook."

Hughes also wrote a letter appearing on the magazine's website. reading, in part:

In the next era of The New Republic, we will aggressively adapt to the newest information technologies without sacrificing our commitment to serious journalism. We will look to tell the most important stories in politics and the arts and provide the type of rigorous analysis that The New Republic has been known for. We will ask pressing questions of our leaders, share groundbreaking new ideas, and shed new light on the state of politics and culture.

The New Republic has been and will remain a journal of progressive values, but it will above all aim to appeal to independent thinkers on the left and the right who search for fresh ideas and a deeper understanding of the challenges our world faces.

New Republic Gets an Owner Steeped in New Media [nyt]


  1. say what says

    David E

    the 1st thing I would do is turn New Republic back to its liberal roots and ditch the Neo-liberal BS route it went

    founded in 1914 it was liberal but went the neo-liberal (repub lite) route in the modern era

  2. D.R.H. says

    I hope they expose ALL corruption in politics. On both sides of the aisle. Goodness knows we need real journalism again to save this democracy.

  3. Vlad says

    Didn’t even know it was still around. I stopped reading years ago in disgust at its relentlessly pro-Israel slant.

  4. Myackie says

    @ Vlad…’re right! the arabs are the world’s biggest victims! 5 million JOOS are just bullying the crap out of a billion arabs…waaaah!

  5. says

    @MYACKIE: just so you know, one can be pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian. In fact, it’s the only sensible direction.

    It’s neither binary, nor zero-sum, whatever AIPAC and TNR like to say.

  6. willbnyc says

    Thank god the spirit of invention (or re-invention) still interests smart, talented, successful people. Take it and run with it, Mr. Hughes!

  7. SoLeftImRight says

    I don’t know why he’d take over such a venerable and declining publication. It could be brilliant or it could be a non-event. I don’t know anything about Mr. Hughes’ politics, but if he simply intends to find new media formats to spout Marty Peretz-style bloviating and knee-jerk Israel-can-do-no-wrong-ism, he stands to lose his investment and make no impact. Good thing he can afford the experiment. Hope it becomes something better and more interesting.

  8. Myackie says

    @ David R:
    Nah…I don’t buy it. If one were to be “pro-Palestinian” as you put it, they would be against EVERY arab country and the palestinian rulers themselves, because the arabs have treated “palestinians” worse than Israel ever has.

    Everyone that I’ve ever encountered who claimed to be “pro-palestinian” has actually been merely anti-Israel (or, more truthfully, anti-Jewish). These are people who are merely typical Jew-haters masquerading as humanitarians.

    We live in a strange world.