News: Truman Capote, SLDN, Brahim Zaibat, Urban Meyer

RoadServicemembers Legal Defense Network celebrates 20th anniversary at D.C. gala.

CapoteRoadTruman Capote's Brooklyn Heights townhouse sells for $12 million: "After almost two years on the market, the yellow mansion where Capote wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has reportedly fetched the highest price for a single-family home in borough history…The 18-room home boasts 11 fireplaces, parking for four cars, crystal chandeliers, Greek Revival columns, and a stairwell mural copied from the Kennedy White House. It was originally listed at $18 million in May 2010."

RoadVIDEO: Bitch plays piano and sings.

RoadMichelangelo Signorile and MetroWeekly's Chris Geidner sound off on the choice of Chad Griffin to head the Human Rights Campaign.

RoadWas President Buchanan gay?

RoadABC News looks at the upcoming Lavender Scare documentary about the anti-gay witch hunts in the 1950's. I posted about it last July. Check out the trailer here.

RoadReport: Brahim Zaibat asks Madonna to marry him.

ReedusRoadNorman Reedus stretches out for Flaunt.

RoadMiami-Dade Transit not happy that gay adult films are being shot on their buses. "We counted about three different buses used. On one of them, what looked like a bill of sale was evident on a window. And at least one film clearly showed the bus picking up a hunk at a 73 bus stop, which travels from Dadeland South Metrorail Station to Northwest 186 Street in Miami Lakes."

RoadPrince Harry hits Belize.

RoadUN panel to address LGBT discrimination: "The panellists leading the discussion include Irina Karla Bacci, vice-president National Council for LGBT Persons in Brazil; Laurence Helfer, co-director, Center for International and Comparative Law at Duke University in the US; Hina Jilani, chair, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and Hans Ytterberg, chair of the Council of Europe Expert Committee on Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity."

RoadMale model fix: Jean Poirier.

HemsworthRoadLiam Hemsworth broods for GQ Style.

RoadBakery owners find possum stuffed with pastries.

RoadOhio State head football coach Urban Meyer apologizes to LGBT group for using lavender jerseys to punish lazy athletes. "Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the purple mesh pullovers. The use if purple was never intended to offend anyone but since it has, we have taken steps to change the color."

RoadBoston's Fenway Health Clinic honors Barney Frank.

RoadFreddie Ljungberg to join UK's Celebrity Big Brother.

RoadGeorge W. Bush impersonator dies: "Steve Bridges, 48, a comic actor and impersonator who was best known for his mimicry of President George W. Bush and appeared alongside the chief executive at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Assn. dinner, was found dead Saturday at his home in Los Angeles. Bridges had recently returned home from China, where he had been performing, said his brother Phillip. He appeared to have died of natural causes. VIDEO.


  1. says

    Seriously? The possum? I could have gone the rest of my life w/o that photo. I have enough stuff in my head to give me nightmares. I don’t need you adding to them.

  2. Rick says

    Possum story is hilarious. We have one living under the shed out back and I leave table scraps out for him–and they are always gone the next morning, he will eat ANYTHING–bones, dead mice, dead birds (the latter two killed by the cats from time to time)….ANYTHING!

    Almost as hilarious as the Ohio State story.

  3. graphicjack says

    ‘Prince Harry hits Belize’

    I wish my name was Belize now. Sigh…

    But that photo of him holding up a weird pink mask? I thought for a second he was drinking and sniffing a girl’s panties… almost threw up in my mouth for a second until I realized it was a mask.

  4. MarkUs says

    I always followed that Capote house with interest and fantasy dreamed of buying it. Wonder how I would feel though with it’s large backyard garden surrounded by hundreds of apartment windows with people I’m sure on all sides with their telescopes zoomed down. If I had the money I’d probably look elsewhere.

  5. sparks says

    A 48-year old dies of natural causes.

    *blink blink*

    What’s natural about dying at 48?

  6. says

    Rick – I am possum-phobic and I’m not ashamed to admit it. In high school we’d surf Huntington Beach. At night we’d build a fire and sleep out in the open. The damn things were attracted by the fire. You wake up with a possum snuggling up next to you and see how you like it.

    Raccoons are great. We’d leave sugar cubes out by the pool and then watch their expressions as they’d waddle over and try washing them. Hysterical. I suppose when I die, I’ll discover God is a raccoon then there’ll be hell to pay.

  7. jim says

    Post makes it sound like Capote lived in, and/or, owned the whole house. Article states he rented the 1st floor apartment…

    Also, the article on Miami-Dade Transit states that MDT has determined that the buses used aren’t theirs, but one vid does contain a scene of a “hunk” boarding at one of MDT’s bus stops.

    Kinda lacking some clarity here today, but still lovin my Towleroad!

  8. Rick says

    @Tim Tondreault OK, now I want a date. My weakness is Cali surfer boys (preferably with wild blonde hair) who have a great sense of humor…..and what’s in it for you is that I can protect you from possums for the rest of your life! (LOL)

  9. Robert says

    Although I love Truman Capote’s work, it’s sad that the actual famous owner of that beautiful house is essentially ignored in the news of the sale. The house was owned by the great, great scenic designer Oliver Smith, who designed, among dozens of shows, the original productions of My Fair Lady, West Side Story, and Hello Dolly. He won 10 Tony Awards and was one of the most significant designers in American theater history. It is for him, and also Truman renting from him, that I wish I had $13 million.