1. Mark says

    This is why we get gay bashed. We just stand there and take it.

    Rip the cane out of her hand and break it.

    If she comes at you and tries to hit you you push her away.

    If she keeps coming at you you body slam her.

    If she still keeps coming you plant the bottom of your foot in her chest.

    Man the f-k up

  2. Alan says

    Huh? You mean this guy let his grandma beat him up? Good lord, honey. Learn how to throw a punch. Don’t let granny take you down. that’s pathetic.

  3. Opinionated says

    @MARK Thank you and “If she keeps coming at you you body slam her.” Bahahahahahahaha! Too funny.

    Hot little Texas Twink, yummy!

  4. Feral says

    That woman’s Facebook wall is a HORRORSHOW. Sometimes I can’t believe people like that really exist.

  5. Dale says

    Obviously this young man was raised right to respect his elders. Striking her back would not have accomplished anything but more resentment and hatred. He did the right thing to just block and get out of the way of the crazy woman and then call the police.

    I agree with one of the above to take the cane away from her and toss it far from the scene so as to minimize injuries.

  6. Steerpike says

    Yes. She’s horrible. She’s a bigot. She’s most probably demented. And no, she’s not a criminal. She’s probably senile, nuts, scared of f**king everything and stuck watching Horror Action FOX News all day. But it’s embarassing to watch a grown man, cute or not, press charges against a geriatric curmudgeon.

  7. bob says

    Hmmm, she’s 71. Her SON is moving in with the hot twink next door. Methinks this has alot to do with her hatred of gays but also MORE to do with her 40ish? son probably being gay and her taking it out on the younger lover who she thinks lured her son into “the lifestyle”

    Sounds messy either way. Grandma better make sure they don’t have Stand Your Ground laws in Texas before she tries that again.

  8. plinx says

    Nah, he needed to smack her. Don’t just “take it.” Knock her dentures out. She won’t do it again. Put on you big boy pants.

  9. Caliban says

    You KNOW the cops would be all over you for “hitting an old lady” if you struck back, but to stand there and let that old hag hit you with her cane? No way! There are ways of handling the situation to make sure she never tries it again AND don’t end with you sitting in a cell. First of all take the frigging cane away from her!

  10. Eh says

    Why didnt he run away from her.was it out of respect? Or was it that he is a weak man? See this the reason why gays are stereotyped. Pathetic.

  11. D.R.H. says

    REALLY, Mark?! Then we get cast as a grandma-bashing, flaming f*ggots and NOM and Focus on the Family and all the horrible hate mongers like this ugly woman win. Stupid. We don’t need to help them destroy themselves, they’re doing just fine on their own.

  12. Mark says

    Self defense has nothing to do with manners.

    If a woman attacks a man with physical violence like another man she should expect consequences. I’ve seen a few butch lesbians learn that the hard way.

    You handle the aggression appropriately until it stops.

  13. thumper says

    If he had raised a hand to her, he would be the one going to jail.

    And everyone would be talking about what a he was horrible person he is to hit a 71 year old woman.

    If he tried to say she was attacking him, everyone would just laugh.

    He did the right thing. His bruises will heal, and she is on record as a homophobe.

  14. Michael in Toronto says

    I can’t believe some of these comments! This smart kid did EXACTLY the right thing. Which makes him STRONG, you idiots, not WEAK.

  15. Mark says

    I think he might feel better if he’d handled the situation appropriately like a man instead of letting himself get hit and choked by a little old lady.

    The fact that he isn’t more embarassed by that–and that had his mommy calling 911 while it’s all going on–says it all.

    As gay men we need to start asserting ourselves and stop allowing ourselves to be victims–making other responsible for our personal safety–and operating from a place of fear.

    Channeling Anne Frank and saying you believe all people aren’t all good at heart while you’re being gay bashed just makes you statistic.

    Man the f-k up

  16. spatula says

    Agree with others who say if he’d hit her back, the headline would be “Gay man attacks innocent granny!!” I probably would have still snatched the cane away from her, but I wasn’t there; the entire attack might have been over in 2 seconds for all we know.

    As it is, the headline is “crazy old lady goes batshit on innocent gay man and goes to jail for assault,” which is by far the preferable headline to see.

  17. Rick says

    What a pathetic little cowardly wuss he is to file charges. Absolutely pathetic. The only legitimate grievance I heard was that the old bag hit his mother, but it does not sound like that is the basis for the hate crime charge.

    Another image for the public of gay men being bitchy little queens and wussy little cowards…..and his perfectly coiffed hair did not help matters, either.

    Some other gay man needs to take him to the woodshed and kick his scrawny, whiny little butt…..(and then and ONLY then, f*ck the same little butt)

  18. Mykelb says

    Grandma needs an orange nightgown for many a year. Hope she gets a black bulldagger as her cellmate.

  19. Mark says

    You can defend yourself without losing control. A lot of you guys insisting he was right in just taking it like some gay martyr make it seem like I suggested pulling a rocket launcher on her the minute she raised her cane.

    You handle aggression appropriately until it stops.

    Take the cane away

    if she comes at you

    Push her away

    if she continues

    Body slam her

    if she still wants more

    Foot in the chest

    I’d rather step up and handle the situation like that and deal with the situation come what may than operate from a place of fear and stay in victim mode.

  20. says

    Really? A homosexual that fights back against a 71 year old lady and see where that gets you IN TEXAS! Use your head.

  21. says

    While he should have been more forceful in restraining her, I don’t agree with those of you saying he should’ve attacked back. It’s one thing if you’re getting assaulted by a thug with a knife, it’s another thing entirely when it’s an old lady wielding a stick. Restrain her, that’s it. A 71 year old woman with only a cain is not a lethal threat to most adults.

    Of course, if this was one of those japanese karate grandmas, that would be a different story.

  22. Brian says

    You violence-crazed commenters are just being ridiculous. Did you see the injuries on the guy? They are barely visible. You’re acting like his life was in danger; if it were he presumably would have drawn blood and made you proud. It’s clear the lady has been a pain in the neck for a month, and when she hit him, I’m sure the guy thought this might be a ticket to getting this horrible woman away from him and his family. The result of this altercation is a tiny scratch on him, and a horrible family situation resolved with this woman’s arrest. As other commenters noted, if he really whacked her as you blood crazed commenters wanted, he’d be going to jail.

  23. Mark says

    Stop being a victim and living in fear. It is possible. It may not always be the easiest path, but living in fear and slinking around hoping you don’t get gay bashed, hoping the cops will protect you, or hoping the media/society/law enforcement doesn’t judge you negatively is living from a place of fear.

    Maybe if we started stepping up bigots wouldn’t see us as such easy targets for violence. Bullies only pick on people who are weaker and who won’t fight back.

    Learn self defense. Learn how to use a gun.

    Be prepared to defend yourself. Take responsibility for your physical safety.

  24. gb says

    “As it is, the headline is “crazy old lady goes batshit on innocent gay man and goes to jail for assault,” which is by far the preferable headline to see.”

    She goes to jail and gets a slap on the wrist sentence. She thinks “that wasn’t so bad”,she comes home, shoots the neighbor and his mother and says he was trying to attack her for the earlier assault she committed… new headline reads: 71 year old lady defends herself against crazed gay man…after all this is Texas.

  25. ratbastard says

    If she’s 71 her son is at least in his late 30s-40. Obviously there are mother/son issues here, and she’s probably angered by him leaving her and/or that he’s moving in with a young guy. Obviously, mom and son have a dysfunctional relationship.

    She’s an elderly woman; Mr. Guerrero could have easily defended himself from being assaulted by a 71 year old woman with a cane. Everything is is just words. People say mean things when fighting.

    Mr. Guerrero is a very good looking guy. Question: Is he a ‘Hispanic’? A ‘white Hispanic’? White, European [Spanish] descent? American? Mexican-American? Mexican? Maybe some progressive can enlighten me. These racial/ethnic categorizations can be confusing.

    *sarcasm off*

  26. Opinionated says

    Wow, some of your people are actually serious about attacking a 71 old lady. I mean don’t get my wrong, I know that I am personally wrong for thinking it funny IF he did, it is not the right thing to do nor does it make him anything less of a man for not doing so. It makes him MORE of a man by using his head and good common sense. I mean really people, your violent sentiments are pathetic and disturbing.

  27. Dan says

    Your paranoia does not protect you. You should be listening to the comments of the majority of SANE commenters on this site, who correctly point out that a 71-year-old cane-wielding woman is NEITHER fair game for a retaliation beat-down NOR a totally idle threat. The guy acted appropriately. He defended himself and then he contacted the police.
    As for Rick and RatBastard, I reiterate what others have written: don’t feed the trolls.

  28. says

    I can’t imagine for one minute this guy getting any form of justice in Texas if he had hit the old bag………nor could I see a jury acquit him if he were then charged, nor can i see a Judge avoid giving him a harsh sentence.

    He did the right thing.

    Let’s save our retaliation for the vicious straights who attack us.We are the decent upright citizens……and we will have equality and respect from Society.Then the homophobes of NOM , the Tea Baggers, the Republicans, the Religious Nuts, Catholic, Baptist, Evangelicals, will look back (as every society does) and be shocked at their ignorance……there are too many examples to mention.

  29. Seattle Mike says

    He did everything right except he should have grabbed the cane to stop her from hitting him.

  30. Joey says

    I saw an old man killed by a single punch from a young man. This man did the right thing by not struggling with her. If you think fighting an older lady makes you a man you really don’t get it.

  31. bicurious says

    As I get older and am around young people less and less I forget how incredibly sexy they can be. Wow is this young man a good reminder.

  32. Rick says

    Yeah, BICURIOUS, but all you can do is look unless you are willing to pay them handsomely, so don’t start thinking about it or you will end up either frustrated or broke or both. LOL

  33. unokhan says

    this whole scenario is a right-wing wet dream that makes a mockery out of hate crime legislation. ugh.

  34. Dan says

    Ahh, the truth comes out: Rick is a troll in two different senses of the word. That explains a lot.

  35. Mark says

    I’m not sure what some of you are reading but I can only be responsible for what I say not for what you understand.

    Obviously this situation is unusual and this old lady is not the typical gay basher. However, it does bring to light the problem with how we handle ourselves when confronted with violence.

    The only thing I advocated in this case was self-defense starting with taking away her cane and esclating from there based on the situation.

    My guess is that this action and asserting yourself with her would have backed this woman down. If not, you’d escalate the situation as necessary.

    I believe you should avoid conflict and violence but many gay men need to learn how to assert themselves physically in these situations instead of thinking that rejecting the use of any violence and being the gay martyr is the answer. Too many gay people end up dead that way.

    It is your choice whether you defend yourself or just become another statistic. Based on the comments above it’s pretty clear which would suffer serious injury or death if confronted by a gay basher.

  36. Dan says

    Mark, where are all these helpless, passive, pacifistic gay martyrs you’re conjuring up? Sounds like old-fashioned projection to me.
    The guy didn’t end up dead or comatose. He ended up with a few scratches. You should be doing what he did and CONTEXTUALIZE the situation instead of giving in to paranoia.
    “My guess is that this action and asserting yourself with her would have backed this woman down.”
    Your guess is wrong. Any 71-year old woman with any cognizance of the physical implications of what she was getting herself into would not tangle with an 25 year old man! She wasn’t thinking about what could happen to her; she was thinking about the sissy f*ggot who stole her son. ZEALOTS DON’T BACK DOWN. Luckily for her, her, Guerrero was more cognizant of the situation and kept his cool, not by huddling in a fetal position as you seem to imagine, but by defending himself without showing the same brutality to his attacker.
    His fear was kept in check by contextualizing his situation. Because of that self-discipline, he was SUCCESSFUL at defending himself, both physically AND legally. Take a page from his playbook, Mark.

  37. Mark says

    Sorry Dan–using this atypical situation as a measuring stick for how gay men should defend themselves when confronted with real attackers is stupid. As you know, most are not grannies. But it’s clear you are going to keep arguing obvious specifics and exceptions to avoid conceding that I might be right when it comes to the bigger picture of gay men taking responsibility for their own physical safety.

    Hopefully if bigots threaten you with serious harm your attackers will change their mind when you calmly invite them to McDonalds for a Happy Meal.

  38. Dan says

    Mark, maybe you could make this “bigger picture” clearer for me? Because I don’t see any evidence that gay men are somehow collectively failing to take responsibility for their own physical safety. Guerrero clearly took responsibility both for his own safety and that of his attacker.

  39. says

    This is not the reason we are stereo typed, this is clearly a way of the public knowing that no matter how much someone may “bash” us in, they will get satisfaction only for themselves knowing that they took care of one homosexual person…..but in the end will deal with the rest. I have respect not to touch a woman and will never do so. she got her way with making me feel it and I will get mine with fighting this until she pays for it.

  40. FunMe says

    That guy did the right thing by not hitting back the old hag. She got what she deserved and will now have to deal with the court system. Good!

  41. Shannon says


  42. C.C. says

    This is sad, because no one should have to go through that and then have to be on the news about it.

    He did the right thing, because if he has “fought” back he would be mixed up in it and taking some of the blame. Take the high road in a moment like that.

    BUT…isn’t it funny that we gays (look at all the comments) go right for his looks and make it about sexual attraction. Maybe we do get picked on because…we focus on flush mush and not issues some of the time. Come on peeps…who cares what he looks like…i he had been ugly would we give him less sympathy and support?

  43. Angela Channing says

    Lots of Monday Morning Quarterbacking and Last Word-itis on the ye ol’ comments section tonight! Oy gevalt.

  44. mary says

    I’ll admit that I never gave a situation like his much thought. Most of us would think it self-evident that someone being physically attacked has every right to fight back to protect himself. As any “anti-gay” conservative if this is so and he will tell you “of course.” But if he had really started to fight back, we know this story would have been reported on right-wing websites as “71 year old lady vicously beaten by gay son’s lover – self-defense claimed.” Readers would be like “yeah, a 71 year old woman can really fight off a younger stronger man, ….right.” Any one who regularly reads the Free Republic website (and is being honest) will admit this.

  45. Patrick says

    Would it be asking too much to know what state this incident happened in? Journalism 101 anyone?

  46. Dan says

    Mary, Free Republic is a very bad influence. It is not a news site; it is a forum for extremely hateful, violent people to vent their hate and make up vicious stories about the groups they hate to justify violence towards them. Free Republic is watched by the FBI (as many FREEpers will admit and even boast about!) because their members are regularly discovered planning and attempting to carry out acts of violence against hated groups, and they go on Free Republic to recruit accomplices. Don’t believe anything you see on that site. Real news is reported by professorial journalists who actually research their topics. The stories you see on Free Republic are just lies told to stir up hate and violence.

  47. vanndean says

    Had this become a story about a gay man hitting a 71 year old woman, in Texas, you would probably be watching a video about a dead gay man the next day.

    I am still trying to figure out why the KHOU logo appears on the screen cap when the film shown bears the WFAA Channel 8 logo. The story is from Richland Hills, which is located just north of Ft. Worth. The reporter works for WFAA Channel 8, Dallas, Texas and the news commentator is the night anchor for the Dallas CBS station.
    PS KHOU is located in Houston, TX. and is 239.25 miles from Dallas, TX according to MapQuest driving directions.

  48. ThomT says

    There is no way this young man could have defended himself and not ultimately been accused of being the aggressor. He, unfortunately, did the right thing by not attacking back. One would assume that he should have been able to get away from Granny due to her age and need for a cane but the circumstances of the attack are not clear enough to determine if he was attempting to get away and/or was somehow cornered making escape more difficult. Anyone who wants to Lloyd for this isn’t being realistic. The old woman needs some serious anger management and also a restraining order.

  49. Skooter McGoo says

    Just down the street from where I live in North Richland Hills. Matt Barber says there is no evidence that gay people are being attacked. In Texas you can still be arrested for having consensual sex in your own home if your gay. It seems here of late in our grand state of Christian hate, beating gay people in public is becoming the norm.

  50. Armando says

    She should be really pissed that as a supposed good Christian, he did the real Christian thing and turned the other cheek. It really looks like he was raised right and would have done the same thing even if there wasn’t a concern about legal consequences.

    Sadly, there are few opportunities to fight back against gay-bashing because most of the time there are multiple attackers. At least in the stories that make the news.

  51. Alexx says

    I work with the elderly with dementia, and you do not fight with the elderly. You walk away.

    This way they don;t get hurt and you defuse the situation. She must have pinned him down in the a small area.

    Jail won;t help this situation at all. Shes 71. If she went to jail she’d probably die there. Maybe some community service or something, but I wouldn’t want her around people. Oh well.

  52. M Woods says

    If he were to hit this woman back, the cops would jail him as THE aggressor. You should KNOW that by now. No gay man could successfully FIGHT back the blind hatred of any woman. Cops protect women and the guy would be in jail with FELONIOUS ASSAULT or worse. It was a no win situation. He had to get beaten to get justice. A SAD SAD state of affairs for law abiding American citizen.