1. Alex says

    Surprisingly, it currently (who knows if they will hold as the sample sie increases) has very good aggregated reviews on both rotten tomatoes and metacritic.

  2. jaragon says

    LOL- these two make cute bromantic partners- Mr Hill is always funny and Mr Tatum is obviously a lot smarter than he looks- and if you saw “The Vow” a true charmer.

  3. says

    Channing Tatum may not be the next Daniel Day Lewis, but he can certainly be magnetic on screen and deliver charm, fun and tender moments with the best of them.

    People may sneer at that, but think of how many ‘big leads’ haven’t been able to do that.

    Hayden Christianson,
    Orlando Bloom,
    D-Rad (so far, at least… I think he’s so much more talented than he was in the HP films),
    Shea LaBeouf
    and on and on and on (think of how many Hollywood attempts there have been, with franchises that have completely flopped.)

  4. jaragon says

    No matter how much Hollywood tries you can’t manufacture a star- Tatum has the looks but he can also carry a movie- he has surprising range-he can do action-“GI Joe”, romance ” The Vow” and now comedy.

  5. Rob says

    On behalf of our community I am volunteering, here and now, to raise awareness about the issue of how hot and awesome Channing Tatum is by doing him. (Offer valid in all 50 states, no terms and conditions may apply. Paid for by the SeeChanningNakedBoundandReadyonmyBedFoundation.)

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