News: Titanic, Marc Cherry, Mass Effect, Britney Spears, Indiana

RoadStudents rally in support of fired Tennessee principal Dorothy Bond.

RoadOpponents of LGBT license plate in Indiana trying to void group’s contract with DMV.

Wreck_titanicRoadTitanic wreck site fully mapped.

RoadKaty Perry linked to Karl Lagerfeld's boytoy Baptiste Giabiconi.

RoadDesperate trial underway: "When he returned to the witness stand Thursday, Desperate Housewives creator and executive producer Marc Cherry for the first time gave a detailed explanation of his recollection of what happened on Sept. 24, 2008, when he struck actress Nicollette Sheridan in the head at the end of a rehearsal."

RoadJoe Sudbay: 500 days since Obama first said he was 'evolving' on same-sex marriage. "I know because I asked him the question."

RoadBritney Spears close to signing deal to join X Factor as a judge.

RoadShia La Beouf has some major beard and ponytail action going on.

RoadNBC and YouTube to livestream the London 2012 Olympics: "For the first time, is planning to stream all of this year's Olympics events live on the Internet. For those who believe keeping track of statistics is a sport unto itself all that streaming comes out to something like 3,000 hours of live sports which will produce more than 300 gold medals."

RussellRoadPublishing Triangle award finalists announced. "This year’s Triangle Awards ceremony will be held at the Tishman Auditorium of the New School for Social Research (66 West 12th Street in New York City) on April 19th. The Bill Whitehead Award for lifetime achievement will be bestowed to author and graphic artist Alison Bechdel during the ceremony."

RoadMatt Bomer hits LAX with his partner Simon Halls.

RoadWSJ: Homeless youth and LGBT equality.

RoadNotre Dame Faculty Senate passes two resolutions, one supporting a gay-straight alliance and the other proposing adding sexual orientation to the University's non-discrimination clause.

RoadAtlantic: Concerns about backlash in Africa over the Obama administration's LGBT rights efforts abroad.

RoadCountry singer Chely Wright opening an LGBT Center in Kansas City, Missouri: "The new center, called the LIKEME Lighthouse, is meant to serve as a place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their supporters to meet and hang out. It's also the most ambitious project undertaken by Wright's LIKEME Organization. The facility will feature a library and offer exercise and craft classes and events such as health fairs."

MasseffectRoadMass Effect gay romance element slammed by Metacritics: “Homosexuality is all fine and dandy, but not when 2 games are suddenly thrown out the window just so a niche of fans can feel like special snowflakes."

RoadDustin Lance Black wants to see Kirk Cameron on the stand.

RoadGay conservative group GOProud releases joint statement with Samuel 'Joe the Plumber' Wurzelbacher: “The left and their friends in the main stream media don’t want to talk about the issue most Americans in this country today care about – jobs.  Instead, they want a culture war.  They want a culture war because they cannot defend this President’s record of failure when it comes to creating jobs and growing our economy.  They hope to cynically distract Americans to protect President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress in November.  The bottom line is that whether you are gay or straight, black or white, male or female, conservative or liberal, what matters most in these tough economic times is leadership in Washington that will work to create jobs for all Americans.”


  1. says

    actually, GOProud, the Right are the ones who are talking Culture War more than Jobs and Economy.

    why? because they have no job/economic plans that will benefit real americans – so instead they go out to talk about abortion, gays, gay abortions, abortiagays, evil muslims, “Christian Persecution”

    so yeah, GOProud, you’ve actually got that wrong. the party you’re still sucking up to are the ones stirring the culture war pot. i know you have to convince yourselves otherwise, just like you have to pretend your own families are utterly ashamed to have you wimps for sons.

    keep it up, losers. you’re only wasting your own lives.

  2. alguien says

    if GOProud is so against the current culture wars, then why did they form as a group in the first place? the fact that they exist as a GAY republican organization completely obliterates their argument against the left and the “culture wars.”

  3. Peter says

    And may I just remind the idiots at GOProud that this was the worst recession since the 1930s and that Pres. Obama has done a super job coping with. I’m sure we’d be NO WHERE NEAR where we would be now if the GOP were in charge in the White House now.

  4. RyanInSacto says

    GOProud just gives us one more reminder that they are a bunch of sellouts. How about I just go ahead and let “Joe the Plumber” speak for himself on this:

    “People don’t understand the dictionary–it’s called queer. Queer means strange and unusual. It’s not like a slur, like you would call a white person a honky or something like that. You know, God is pretty explicit in what we’re supposed to do–what man and woman are for. Now, at the same time, we’re supposed to love everybody and accept people, and preach against the sins. I’ve had some friends that are actually homosexual. And, I mean, they know where I stand, and they know that I wouldn’t have them anywhere near my children. But at the same time, they’re people, and they’re going to do their thing.” — Christianity Today interview, May 2009

  5. sara says

    What exactly is the point of GoProud if they think it’s just fine & dandy to support a guy who wouldn’t have people like them near his children. Does GoProud actually support anyone who actually have anything nice to say about gay people? I’d like to know their agenda because it’s certainly not about gay rights.

  6. Andrew T says

    God Bomer is smokin hot even in casual wear. Guess this and some other posts put to bed any pathetic bitching by the whiners that still did not think he was out enough! Jared posts are actor/publicist approved.

  7. OddBet says

    It should be pointed out that these Metacritic reviews are user reviews, and not from actual critics. BioWare unfortunately seems to have a disproportionately large number of “negative fans,” people who post awful reviews about the games across numerous sites, talk about how much they hate the company, and generally make homophobic comments (see the attacks against writer Jennifer Hepler), yet still play every game the company makes.

    Personally, if I don’t like something, I just don’t have anything to do with it, but these people go out of their way to devote tons of energy to their “cause.”

  8. Thomas Cardellino says

    While I have a lone breath to breathe and an ounce of self-respect as a 58-year-old gay man, I will never pay homage to that group of money-grubbing “A-lister” queers who misuse the word “proud” in conjunction to their befuddled allegiance to the GOP.

    Once again, this vain amalgam of homo-male self-loathingly vapid and vociferously bleating sheep-to-slaughter denialists, come to the defense a certifiable moron, who dared confront a true American achiever on the campaign trail in 2008 with the tragically blatant lies about himself that 1) he was a plumber, and 2) that he was ready to buy a business worth $250,000 maybe $260,000 even maybe a cool $275,000. Truly and abjectly pathetic! This fool who was standing up for America’s Small Businessmen against the dark-skinned unknown, had made a paltry $19,000 or so dollars in the preceding year. To further illustrate his lackluster approach to an impossible goal of achieving even lower-middle-class status, this self-delusional shill of the ruling classes (the droves of whom must nightly kneel down in prayer to Satan who provides such deluded simps to buttress their unfounded claims against President Obama) has tried as his white-assed-self most ignorantly can muster the “courage” to lie about his own financial stake in these United States of America.

    My own father was a Master Plumber, Before he achieved that rank of a tried and true craftsman, he spent years under the tutelage of another Master Plumber while he was labeled a Journeyman, which followed many years serving this USA as a Naval steamfitter in the last few years of his 1933-1945 service to what was then a greatly war-torn world. The point I’m trying to make, is that Sam (not-Joe) the falsely labeled “plumber” couldn’t even put it together to become a “real plumber!” As such a fake who hid his automatic repugnance to an African-American candidate behind layers of lies in order to somehow denigrate Candidate Obama, how can any patriotic American even entertain the idea that this fraud could be elected to a public office?

  9. Anonymouse says

    Mass effect 3 slammed on Metacritic doesn’t say much. Looking at the reviews, quite a few of the reviews were made on accounts that never made reviews before. Metacritic is composed of anyone who can create an account.

    Looking at professional game reviewers however, Mass Effect 3 has amazingly high reviews. It’s a contender for Game of the Year currently… up there with Skyrim

  10. Rin says


    what exactly is that supposed to mean!!??!! Skyrim and all its memes is the best game in the entire world ever and ever amen! So, go steal someone’s sweetroll and leave Skyrim alone!

  11. Rin says

    Oh, and I am quite quite sure if the MA gay storylines were two chicks who looked like Lara Croft no one would care–in fact, I know this having had a discussion with some whiney straight dudes.

    I’m so over it and them.

    As a female I’ve had to play men before if I wanted to play a game like, ohhhh, Legend of Zelda, Fable, Halo, etc. Tell me a straight guy who wouldn’t complain if 90% of the character options he had were female if he wanted to play a game.

    I’ve also had dudes tell me it would be “hot” if I kissed ______________insert hot girl friend’s name, however, I highly doubt if I told them to kiss their hot guy friend they would do the same or deal with the suggestion as kindly as I did.

    I’m done with their whining about everything.

  12. Pitt90 says

    As a gay man and Mass Effect player, I think the whole Metacritic bashing story is slightly skewed. Yah, there are some serious homophobes on Metacritic who don’t like the inclusion of the gay plot line, but I think Bioware is using that as a cover for the fact that most Metacritic users don’t like ME3 because the ending SUCKS! My $.02.

  13. Rick says

    a) Well, you knew it was coming. Jatarius, Undrae, Cassandra, and Jerrin were not about to let their beloved homophobic principal go……watch for the next step, now: accusations of “racism”, as I predicted.

    b) GOProud is, indeed, pathetic–just as pathetic as the Far Left automatons who frequent this site and who have taken over the gay movement–and whose extremism resulted in the kind of extreme reaction that GOPround represents. As in the society at large, common sense and reason have gone by the wayside as extremist ideologues scream at each other and insult each other and get all the media attention. Avery sad state of affairs, indeed.

  14. TJ says

    Yeah, it’s the Left that keeps emphasizing the “Culture Wars.” it’s the left that opposes birth control and marriage equality, wants to control people’s bodies and bedrooms, wants to codify religion, questions the faith of others in campaign speeches, etc., etc. not the Right.

    Give me a break!

    The blatant way these people turn it around and accuse the Left of what they are the masters at never ceases to amaze me. As I’ve said before, it’s the Right’s version of Pee Wee Herman’s “I know you are but what am I?”

  15. Rick says

    The Left is the problem because the Left celebrates feminism and lets those embarrassing flamboyant queens walk around in rainbows.

    Real men are just like me – really masculine and butch and manly and we don’t need to come out because real equality happens when you hide.

  16. Rick says

    I’m the real Rick and to prove it I’m not going to prove it because only femmy liberal diva-lovers back up their statements and assertions.

    are you stupid, TJ? I’m a really masculine butch manly gay guy and nobody can tell that I’m gay, and that’s why it’s important for us masc guys to stay closeted because that way people realize that not everyone is a flamboyant queen. because the best way to prove that not all gay men are flamboyant queens is for us non-flamboyant ones to tell people that we’re not flamboyant while still living totally closeted lives wherein nobody knows that we’re gay.

    Because the Gay Community has celebrated femmes for too long and that’s why gays are looked down on. so if you femmes would just do what masculine guys like me do, which is to stay closeted, then everything would be fine because if there are no femmes then finally people will realize that gay guys can be masculine, too. even though gay guys like me choose not to come out. because that makes perfect sense.

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