1. Dback says

    Very, very cool. Part of the advantage birds have over humans (besides proportional wingspan ratio to body size) is hollow bones and the ability to keep flapping continuously. Looks like he’s solved all of those dilemmas handily! (And what a beautiful sweet smile of joy.)

  2. V-8 says

    this brought tears to my eyes…. he looked so happy, and he was so adorable! made my morning =-)

  3. Eric says


    You can turn on closed captioning on the YouTube video to see his comments.

    Unfortunately, I this is part of a viral campaign. In other words, fake.

  4. James says

    Total fake. I’m guessing this is for some ad campaign. There’s a CGI error on ‘his’ 13th video at the 1.50 mark – I’ve cued up the video at the link. Note the square black dot on the left wing. There’s none on the right wing. The camera pans down for a moment and when it comes up there’s also a dot on the right wing.

  5. Helen says

    We didn’t know this would be a historic video… so we used one (1) old/awful cell phone camera.

    Tripods? Steady video? Oh, it’s more fun to just use handheld/jerking video instead.

    We all decided to quickly run AWAY from the plane at take-off… like we are all scared to death it’s about
    to blow up. (Made the computer generated plane easier to fake… without people standing near it.)

    We do admit we had to use “plus some electric motors”. Actually, only 5% of this is really human-powered…
    95% is electric motor powered.

    We like to video tape it as far away as possible… especially right during the take-off part.
    (We didn’t want you to see when we switched from “live action” to “fake video”. It would have
    been too obvious.)

    Also, we “accidentally” had someone walk right in front of the camera, right when we landed so you wouldn’t
    see where we switched from “computer generated”… back to “real video”. Oops! My fault!

    We decided to have the guy flap his arms wildly… even though he could have simply
    just moved his 2 wifi controllers up and down slightly.

    We thought it was best to show a lot of (stock) footage from the air… rather than keeping the
    camera on the plane itself. If you see video from high in the air… that PROVES we are
    really up there in this machine.

    We decided to only use 1 ground camera, all from just 1 angle. We didn’t want 2-3 people with
    cameras pointed right at us! From front/sides/back/beneath angles. Why do you need to see *THREE* different
    sides of this. Just believe us! It really happened just like we say.

    We had to edit out some parts of the video. We are sorry. But we didn’t want it all to be just 1
    continuous “take”.

    We thought it was best to use a heavy 180 pound guy… instead of someone 120 pounds.
    We felt the extra 60 pounds would be “more fun” that way.

    We only allow GOOD comments to be posted on our blog about this feat. Anything that questions “how”
    we did this… or about the video… or about it not being real… will be deleted immediately.

    We made sure there was no annoying crowd of people watching us when we actually did this.

    Please do NOT ask to actually see the plane afterwards. We aren’t showing it to anyone.

    Yes! You can send up money to help us work on this some more.

    No, we will NOT repeat this for worldwide news crews… or anyone else for that matter.
    We like to only do this historic stuff in private. Besides, we don’t feel like doing it again
    tomorrow anyway.

  6. NY2.0 says

    I’m really skeptical about this. No doubt it would be amazing if real, it’s like a childhood dream come true.

  7. enough already says

    If he has succeeded, then this is truly on the same level as the day scientists figured out how bumble-bees are able to fly.

    We’ll know soon enough.

    The dream is too old, the desire too strong for this not to be followed up.

    My training suggests it’s a brilliant fake. My heart says: Yee-Haw!

  8. arundel says

    I so wanted to believe this! But what really makes me question it is what happen at around 38 seconds into the video. On takeoff, the guy’s legs are dangling below him (because legs are big and heavy). But then suddenly as he glides, his legs are stretched out behind him as if were lying flat and his legs suddenly became light as a feather. He couldn’t possibly be moving quickly enough for this to happen naturally. Anyway, it was thrilling to suspend disbelief for a moment…

  9. Charlie says


    There are several interesting updates on the Gizmodo pages discussing the authenticity of this video.

  10. Dearcomrade says

    Everything is impossible until it isn’t. Thanks for posting this. Time will tell if it is a fake or not. a second demonstration in the near future will clear it up. If it is real they will do one soon. If they have something real, cash will flow in pretty quickly. I’d include a parachute next time.

  11. Bobby says

    I hate naysayers. Until we find out for sure if they’re real or not, STFU.

    NY2.0, no, there are none of the things you claim in that video. I watched it twice.

    Arundel, watch it again, you can see him push his legs out. He’s in a harness.

  12. Fenrox says

    the one thing you can be sure of is that the video is not doctored. As for if it’s real, who cares!

  13. R says


    Science tells us to be skeptics. Why on earth should we take them at face value when it’s easier to fake this than actually do it?

    The group won’t do it in front of a news crew, scientists or even a small crowd of regular people. They won’t let scientists even look at the contraption.


  14. Lee says

    This is part of a video viral ad campaign for the GoPro camera line. Andy, looking at you on this. If you cannot look at this video and tell BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT that it is fake, something is VERY very wrong with you. The video blurs just at the very moment that the “craft” leaves the ground. Shadows and lighting are wrong. More blurs at just the right moments to hide the fakery. The harness the guy is wearing is FAR insufficient for what he’s doing. he would only be hanging by his arms if that is all he wore.

    This is not only a fake, but it’s a BAD fake. Shame on you for spreading it further.

  15. Seattle Mike says

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Fake until it’s proved otherwise.

  16. says

    Oh my leave it to my fellow crazy nederlanders to do this, whether it was fake or real doesn’t really matter, it was fun to watch, no? Waarom zijn amerikanen altijd zo serieus?

  17. Xyzzy says

    Sorry, but this is definitely fake (but a very good fake). Here’s a follow-up post that seems conclusive. It provides detailed analysis from experts in the field of CGI:

    Also, the guy in the video isn’t who he says he is. He’s lied on his LinkedIn resume about his educational and work background.