1. Wdeanis says

    As bad as it gets with verbal mud-slinging around here, I’ll still take the US over most other countries with regards to gay rights. At least we’re fighting for marriage equality instead of fighting to just exist peacefully.

    USA! USA! USA!

  2. Brian says

    Seems like Facebook censors should focus on this group supporting violence against gays rather than on the photo of two men kissing in the next story.

  3. jason says

    Croatia is supposed to be the gay-friendliest part of the Balkans. This makes me think twice about going there.

    Neighboring Serbia is only just coming out of the Dark Ages as far as gay rights is concerned. Keep in mind that the Serbs are a very passionate and friendly people – so long as you are on their side.

    Never underestimate this part of the world. The First World War was started by a Serbian teenager called Gavrilo Princip. On a Sunday morning in Sarajevo, he shot and killed the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire as well as his wife Sofie after their touring motorcade took a wrong turn and ended up in front of a delicatessen where Princip was lingering following a failed grenade attack earlier in the day.

    Princip was a Serbian nationalist who hated the fact that the Slavic people were being dictated to by Austria-Hungary, then a dominant empire in Europe.

    Overall, as I said earlier, the people in that part of the world will love you to death – so long as you are on their side.

  4. says

    Sigh, unfortunately the ignorant nationalistic thugs there are as ugly as Croatia is beautiful. I’m actually flying there today. But I won’t be waving my rainbow flag upon arrival.

  5. says

    Lived in Croatia a few years ago. Jason has a very stereotypical view of the Balkans. No one but Yugostalgists try to lump them all together into one group. Slovenia is far the most tolerant of gay rights of the former Yugoslav republics

    The start or World War I has nothing to do with this discussion. The Archduke’s assassination was just a pretense for Austria Hungary itching to go to war anyways

    Croatia, along with most Eastern European countries, still struggle with homophobia. But one thing is, their Gay Pride parades are truly heroic and political, with people literally risking bodily harm to march.

  6. says

    Astro is right: Slovenia is definitely at the forefront. They vote tomorrow I think on a new family law that will allow gay partnerships and even adoption by gay couples — which is not allowed even in France. Fingers crossed for them this weekend!

    We’ll be in Split on Monday…

  7. Sebastian says

    Wow, they are making the African bigots seem half way decent, and, this should be a reaon for not allowing Croatia into the EU, too much hate allowed along with all the other corruption.

  8. says

    and yet….people will still march, anyway.

    inspiring, isn’t it? that even in parts of the world where anti-gay prejudice exists to a firghteningly violent degree, there are still people who have the courage and integrity to Come Out, LIVE Out, and march to represent who and what they are.

    it makes you wonder what, specifically, is keeping so many fully-grown adults in North America from coming out, and standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters.

    “i can’t, it’s hard” doesn’t seem to be a logical or honest answer, especially when you look at what LGBT people overseas are dealing with, and are indeed Coming Out in the face of.

  9. sugarrhill says

    I’ve been noticing this pattern of homophobia in the Caucasian community that is just sickening. I think White people really need to confront their hatred of Gays. It seems like it’s rooted in their culture somehow. Caucasians rountinely pay or try to pass homophobic laws. And they’re at the forefront of movements that not only deny us rights, but our humanity. And the worse thing is bcecause they are so well connected and wealthy their reach is global. Whites really need to start asking why there is such homophobia in the community.

  10. says

    True, Kiwi. I should have noted in my comment that the flip side of the uneducated homophobic thugs are bright brave lgbt people across the former Yugoslavia who are managing, despite the odds and challenges, to lead relatively open lives with true dignity. We know a bunch of them–will be meeting some on our trip–and they’re inspiring.

  11. Steve says

    It’s worth pointing out that the gay pride parade in the Croatian capital Zagreb is a far larger and more peaceful parade. The protests at the Split Pride last year (the 1st ever Pride in Split) were orchestrated by neo-Nazi and religious groups. It was not a spontaneous protest by Split residents. The protesters were bussed in. And it’s also worth pointing out that unlike in Belgrade, the Croat police actually did their job properly and protected the Pride parade,

  12. Seriously? says


    “White people really need to confront their hatred of Gays. It seems like it’s rooted in their culture somehow.”

    Oh Mary, let’s put that race card back in your pocket. Homophobia exists across all races, both from people you would expect it from, neo-Nazis in Croatia, and from people you wouldn’t, African-Americans.

  13. Eddie says

    Their are two recent stories involving Facebook on this site – This one and one about FB censoring a photo of two men kissing. Has Facebook shut down this page or is threatening to massacre human beings somehow more acceptable than two guys kissing?

  14. sugarrhill says

    Wait, so we’re only allowed to thread jack/race bait on this site if we’re damning black people? This post is about homophobic whites. Why can’t we discuss the very real problem of homophobia rooted in Caucasian culture? This problem isn’t just isolated to Easter European bloc nations, this is happening in America (e.g. Prop 8). By refusing to acknowledge and address it we only empower our enemies in our fight for equality. Every time I read an article about a new law being proposed that would curtail equality for Gay citizens they are primarily funded and promoted by Whites. When Gays complain to police officers, a majority that are White, they don’t get taken seriously or are discouraged to report gay bashings. I really want to understand why Whites hate Gays so much. If we figure it out maybe we can do outreach to that community. Or do you think it’s a lost cause, because they are so engrained in their hatred?

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