Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1088

VANCOUVER CANUCKS: Ryan Kesler and Henrik Sedin talk about homophobia in hockey and the 'You Can Play' campaign.


JASON MRAZ: An American for marriage equality.

DAY OF DIALOGUE: Focus on the Family's Candi Cushman explains how Christian students are victimized and how the organization is planning to push its Biblical worldview in public schools across America.

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  1. says

    Wow, these xianists are wackadoodle! Jesus didn’t mention homosex once (on “record). So comforting to know that they speak for all xians. Disturbing to see how they’re brainwashing so many kids.

  2. Jeremy says

    Though I know nothing about the sport (futbol’s my bag), I’ve always thought hockey players were consistently the hottest pro athletes. They seem to be the most accepting, as well!

  3. Dback says

    Yo, Candi et all: Jesus didn’t speak out against homosexuality, so your arguments and equivocations in that respect are null and void. And what’s up with all the white, rural kids in your video? Do you guys not believe in ANY sort of diversity?

    Finally, if you’d hired a gay guy to design the logo behind you with the overlapping balloons, at least he would’ve gotten the colors right.

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