1. marc says

    oooooooh good lord, does someone have to pick apart EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

    There are only so many ideas in the world and they are getting used up FAST!
    Total ripoff Jaybetta?
    Like totally replicated every picture and sound in this Feist song/video?

    I guess she’s in big trouble then.
    Holy hell, give it a rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AmicusCurae says

    Feist is a breath of fresh air in today’s music world. Thank you for sharing this work of art.

  3. antisaint says

    Werning consistently paid attention to details in a way that Ze Frank’s photos do not.

    I saw this this morning and posted it on my Facebook. The song is amazing all by itself, but it’s nice to see the spin these photos put on it when paired together.

  4. Henry Holland says

    “oooooooh good lord, does someone have to pick apart EVERYTHING!!!!!!!”

    Yes. Plus, does someone have to use 39 exclamation points when one would do?

    Very nice song, very nice visuals, hello adult guy at 0:18.