1. DrJWL says

    I just came back a week ago from Italy, where you have to be careful to book gay friendly hotels. Expedia has a gay site that is more helpful. I just put Venice, Italy into this site and nothing came up, so how helpful is it right now?

  2. Matt26 says

    Eliad is one of my dream men. He is super hot and with his hairy chest, dark eyes and abs he is delicious. And for one short moment he had his nude pic on his fb page, mmmm… hot.

  3. says

    So this is what passes for entertainment with a Gay sensibility? The mentality that conceives a video of this kind is strictly junior high-school. Is it really necessary to post dumbass sh*t like this on Towleroad?

  4. bryan says

    Having worked in Advertising, This sucks!!! I don’t get it, point made.

    I will say the guys are amazing, but the concept, direction, etc hot mess

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