1. jack says

    SIMON: I don’t know anything about cardiomyopathy, but I do believe that you are one lucky little boy to have two loving lesbian mothers. I wish you long life and happiness.

  2. says

    I’m sorry … but the title of this video is so trite that I’m ashamed it has anything to do with gay people. Please teach your children to not be trite – it’s the greatest gift a parent can give.

  3. redball says

    MR. MCGINNIS you should listen to the actual video b/c the title of the video is referring to so much more.

    This video was lovely and makes me want to be a better partner to my husband.

  4. dorishin says

    Andy, all three videos that you have posted are so wonderful. This one is so amazing, what devotion and love this family has. Do you know that all of the stories remind me that living a wonderful life of truth, integrity and honor is the best way to change hearts and minds of those that treat us unfairly and who don’t “see” us as people with committed and important lives. What an inspiration. Thank you so much.

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