News: Bettie Naylor, Owls, Ken Hutcherson, Polar Bears, Avicii

RoadL.A. Times: Gay man, shunned by family, steals brother's identity

NaylorRoadFounding HRC board member and LGBT and women's rights advocate Bettie Naylor dies: "She was everybody's hero. She was going to be who she was. Everyone wanted to pattern their lives and work ethic after her. Everyone loved her so much, and even people who were anti-gay rights came around because they loved her."

RoadBuffet night at the Scientology men's lounge.

Road"Pregnant man" Thomas Beatie separates from his wife: "Beatie revealed the breakup with Nancy during a taping of the syndicated TV show The Doctors in which he also said he had undergone a final female-to-male gender reassignment surgery."

RoadAlanis Morrissette releasing album in June.

RoadWaPo scolds Obama administration on LGBT non-discrimination order failure: "White House press secretary Jay Carney spent a good chunk of his time during a briefing last week trying to explain why President Obama has declined to issue an executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. Mr. Carney struggled for some eight minutes but was unable to give a satisfactory answer. That’s understandable, because there is no principled reason for refusing to extend such workplace protections to millions of Americans."

RoadVIDEO: Kris Allen returns to American Idol to sing his new single "Vision of Love".

OwlsRoadThe hidden interior of an owl.

RoadVIDEO: Australian activists interrupt dinner of opposition leader Tony Abbott. "It is understood the group of about six protesters chanted: 'Tony Abbott, you're a bigot, gay marriage you don't dig it,' before being removed from the restaurant by a staff member."

RoadI'd buy Avon from Mark Wahlberg.

Ted Allen will not serve you pink slime, thank goodness.

RoadYogurt-eating mice grow massive testicles.

RoadWashington anti-gay activist Ken Hutcherson wants the rainbow back from the gays: "How did we get here? Just when was this symbol liquidated of its meaning? When was the sign pointing to God’s promise intentionally co-opted to point to a certain lifestyle choice? Let’s just say that the homosexual movement has been busy over the last couple of decades and that many of these changes have taken place without so much as a peep from the larger Christian community. Rome’s burning; Nero’s fiddling; and Christians are taking a well-deserved nap."

RoadWilliam Levy takes his sexy ass to a DWTS rehearsal.

SonarRoadLoch Ness boat skipper thinks this sonar blob is the infamous Monster.

RoadIdolator talks to Swedish producer Avicii.

RoadArjan talks to Martin Solveig about working with Madonna, Mika.

RoadBar owner sets up fund for slain Halifax activst Raymond Taavel. "Doug Melanson, the owner of Menz & Mollyz, where Taavel was a regular and spent his last night playing songs on the jukebox, has set up a fund to help Taavel's mother and brother in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., deal with funeral and other final expenses."

RoadPolar Bears are not descendants of Brown Bears, as previously thought.

RoadMarcellus Andrews murder trial of Paris Anding underway in Iowa: "The jury got the case shortly before half past noon and has sent five question to the judge dealing with malice aforethought, inferences about bringing a weapon, heat of passion acts, consideration of instructions and jury disagreement. Between three and four hours later the jurors went home for the day without reaching a verdict."


  1. says

    Hutcherson is just so cute 😀 If the rainbow was the symbol for a CHOSEN BELIEF SYSTEM, why not the LGBT Community?

    it’s a symbol of hope and beauty that reflects diversity.

    adopt a form of the iconography and you send a message to everyone that your world is inclusive of diversity.

    it’s a lovely symbol, and the fact that it irks a prig like Hutcherson only makes me want to wear more of ’em.

    adopting the rainbow iconography into your everyday life doesn’t mean that you’re gay, of course – it’s simply one of many effective and visible ways to show that you support the greater LGBT Community.

  2. Zlick says

    Have I been missing something? I thought the Cross was Christianity’s symbol. Never once in my half-century life or fairly decent study of human history have I seen the rainbow used as a symbol of that religion. WTF?

    I happen to think the rainbow is a pretty unwieldy symbol. Not so simply graphic as a cross or crescent or pentagram, and it certainly can’t be printed on the cheap in black&white. So you’d think they’d be glad all the easy symbols were taken before someone unofficially decided to grab this one for us. Like it or not, it’s ours now. So’s the word “gay.” Get.Over.It.

  3. DickG says

    The “Friends of Dorothy” were told about the rainbow in The Wizard Of Oz, so the answer would be 1939

  4. tasty says

    “sexy ass” indeed

    booty for days & body for weeks!

  5. MarkUs says

    “Gay man, shunned by family, steals brother’s identity…..”

    If you read the story, it sort of reeks of the “gay panic defense” in reverse. I’m a cad, a criminal, a thief, a liar, stealing thousands from my own family……let’s see…..”I’m gay and they rejected me!!!” Yeah, buddy. Most people just move on in that case.

  6. redball says

    markus: maybe, maybe not. being rejected by your family is a huge source of stress for LGBT people. coping can come in many, MANY forms.