New: Thomas Kinkade, Palm Springs, Ben Bradshaw, Buenos Aires

RoadThomas Kinkade, iconic Christian painter of kitsch landscapes, dead at 54. "His paintings are hanging in an estimated one of every 20 homes in the United States."

MantisRoadOh, just a praying mantis riding a bike.

RoadPalm Springs White Party revelers to "rage in 3-D". “Every year I love to change it up. Last year was ‘Tron' and the year before we had a super hero theme and now we're going 3-D,” Sanker said, who explained that from the start, attendees will be given 3-D glasses so that when they enter the convention center images pop off the walls. “I like to be on the cutting edge of what's going in the world,” he said. “Our community is known for creativity so I like to reflect that by keeping it fresh.”

RoadMissouri State Rep. Donna Lichtenegger (R-Jackson) characterizes same-sex marriage as "legal perversion" in a post on her Facebook page.

RoadMaine poll shows growing support for marriage equality: "A majority of respondents (58%) indicated support for same-sex marriage being legal in Maine. This result is slightly higher than but does not represent a statistically significant difference from the results of two other recent public polls."

BradshawRoadMP Ben Bradshaw, one of the first openly gay MPs and  the first Cabinet minister to enter a civil partnership says gays don't need marriage: "This isn't a priority for the gay community, which already won equal rights. We've never needed the word 'marriage,' and all it's done now is get a bunch of bishops hot under the collar."

RoadAustralian opposition leader Tony Abbott respects his sister for coming out of the closet but won't change his position on same-sex marriage: "We've had a lot of interesting discussions and we'll keep those discussions going, but fundamentally I want to be a politician that keeps my commitments."

RoadAnti-gay hate crime inspires Ohio rallies: "The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that about 80 people chanted and carried signs Thursday night at the University of Cincinnati in reaction to a March 24 assault in Oxford against two gay men holding hands. The Middletown Journal reported that a similar rally by about 80 people was held simultaneously about 40 miles northwest of Cincinnati on the Miami University campus in Oxford."

HarketRoadA-ha's Morton Harket on Morrissey: "He almost had an erection around me! We met up in New Orleans sometime in the eighties…. he thought it was a bit difficult I think, the whole thing. He said something… I thought he was decidedly on the gay side."

RoadHate group leadere Brian Camenker of MassResistance says  America's 'Worldwide Homosexual Terror Group' will bring about 'Brutal Oppression'.

RoadVideo shows Virginia apartment complex moments after being hit by military jet: "The two crew members of the F/A 18 Hornet reportedly ejected at a low altitude from the aircraft before it crashed."

RoadBuenos Aires may allow foreign gay couples to marry there: "The considerations come on the back of urging by LGBT activists and the travel industry, as the capital is particularly popular with gay tourists. In the Province of Santa Fe, restrictions have already been eased to the extent that gay couples can get married within a week of their residency in the area. Just last month, Simón Cazal and Sergio Lopez, both of Paraguay, became the first foreign same-sex couple to get married in Argentina. The ceremony took place in Rosario, a city roughly 300 km northwest of Buones Aires, where no right of residency is required for marriage, same-sex or heterosexual."


  1. ratbastard says

    Bradshaw is correct. But the ‘advocates’ involved in pushing gay marriage did it [and do it] primarily as a means of attacking religion. Their agenda goes far beyond civil rights for gays. And I’m Agnostic and hate organized religions.

  2. RyanInSacto says

    The White Party is going to be 3-D this year? The circuit boys must be so excited that their lives are finally going take on multiple dimensions… at least for one weekend in Palm Springs.

    [Sorry, it was too easy to resist saying.]

  3. says

    MP Bradshaw [or should one write “PMS Bradshaw”?]…is just another British “Porch Poof” willing to kiss his modern straight Massa’s ass. “Equal” MEANS “equal,” Dumb Ass—in ALL things—including the right to use the same words nongays use. And that would remain true and imperative even if there weren’t any “benefits” that came with it alone.

  4. Caliban says

    “The White Party to be in 3-D this year! It’ll be like splashes of biological material are flying at you from all directions!”

    Next week’s headline: “White Party attendees say they didn’t notice anything different about this year’s event.”

  5. VDUFFORD says

    THOM…ASS KINKADE was a painter of CRAP! He was a hero among the homophobic right wing views,he himself upheld. PLEASE! Give some mention to true creative heros gay and straight. Their are plenty that do not get a decent obituary in any press let alone a posting on a great site.

  6. SitinTheFront says

    Like this Ben Bradshaw guy, so many old queens have their homophobia so internalized that the words marriage and equality are so far away from their segregated minds that they should be born again to look at the issue with young eyes. But hey, we all know what fear does to people, let alone to those so used to be cornered in the back of the bus that they feel comfortable “in their place”. And many old queens –like in a lot- never learnt to love –and be loved- only just to have sporadic and hidden sex, because it is all they thought they could be allowed to grasp with their eager trembling fingers, never a long commitment at sight. So what would you ask them to understand? For them that “civil union thingy” is the right fix for those “delusional gays who think that love is the real thing, when we all know that gays are inherently unfaithful blah blah blah”.

  7. says

    “Bradshaw is correct. But the ‘advocates’ involved in pushing gay marriage did it [and do it] primarily as a means of attacking religion.”

    Complete nonsense. Equal means equal. It doesn’t mean straight couples have a lock on marriage, or on religion for that matter. Straight couples can marry 12 times or after knowing each other for 12 hours; nothing sacred about it. They can do what they want in other countries, but in the US the push for civil marriage equality has nothing to do with attacking religion. All the attacking is coming from the religious, and, more often, the pseudo-religious using their “faith” to justify what’s really simple homophobia. There is no rational reason for creating a 2-tiered system for equal rights. Furthermore, all the DOMA cases working their way (successfully) through the courts are based on marriage and not on less-than partnerships. Same-sex couples marrying doesn’t infringe on religious freedom; theocratic rule infringes on civil liberties.

  8. Randy says

    Bradshaw speaks from a position of privilege, so he cannot reliably speak for the average gay or lesbian person in the UK.

    Bradshaw also speaks as a politician who naturally has to make deals with others to accomplish his goals. On this basis, the truth of anything he says is suspect.

    Bradshaw also speaks as someone who has publicly accepted the back of the bus to appease a particular religious group, so his speech will tend to rationalize that as being fair and good enough, even in the face of the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

    Bradshaw is proof of the obvious: that one can be gay, and also be an anti-gay bigot. It’s a shame, but statistically not unexpected.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    Bradshaw is incorrect. Civil equality is civil equality. Marriage licenses are civil contracts issued by the “state”. The state must in a Democracy treat all its citizens equally.

  10. FuryOfFirestorm says

    I’d have an erection around Morton too. He’s one of the few non-Bear dudes I want to sexify. Even today, the dude looks AH-MAH-ZING.

  11. uffda says

    MP Bradshaw might be right for a lot of people and I might be one of them if I weren’t surrounded by so many who want the word and full concept of “marriage” to apply to their relationships. Given the choice however – and the time to get fully used to it – “marriage” feels far warmer and more honoring of the man, the person, I love and the feelings we share. I enjoy being Married and that this fellow, this dude, this other being is my Husband.

    I also love, I must admit, the subversive force of the word “marriage” between two men or two women, the fact that it is actually rational, equal and socially inevitable “ahead of time” as it were, as well as that it has forced me, forced us, to more fully grasp the fact that homosexual feeling is as timeless and natural as the movement of planets and the brilliance of stars. If we have not quite fully learned yet to “take it for granted” we are doing so, and we will.

  12. Robert in NYC says

    Ben Bradshaw is an active Anglican (Episcopalian). Back in 2009, he was mouthing off at the media because he was angry that his civil partnership wasn’t held in the same regard as David Cameron’s marriage, and now he’s saying they’re equal? So right there, he’s a hypocrite. They are not identical to the varying degrees of non-marital legal unions for gay couples in the European Union. The way in which pensions are apportioned for civil partnered couples are different from married couples, one of the discrepancies that will be resolved by equal civil marriage and is being addressed in the current marriage consultation. There is no uniform union outside of civil marriage for gay couples either so that proves they’re not equal to anything. Bradshaw is speaking from a UK-centric position and doesn’t see the larger picture. That said, he said he will vote for equal civil marriage when it’s legislated in Parliament even though he doesn’t believe it’s a priority.

  13. Caliban says

    Thomas Kinkade, “The Painter Of Shite.”

    But his “art” is beside the point, really. Behind his cloying, saccharine paintings, best suited for saccharine Hallmark cards, Kinkade was by most accounts a despicable human being. He marketed himself as a born-again Christian to sell cottage kitsch to middle America. (Why is that the “born-again” are so frequently the people one regrets being born the first time?)

    He lost a lawsuit filed by the owners of his mall-based “galleries” because after collecting enormous franchise fees from the owners he promptly started flooding the market with his work and charged less for it than the galleries could, putting them out of business. What he marketed as “original” paintings were in fact Giclee prints (inkjet on canvas) with a daubs of paint on top placed there by his “apprentices,” not Kinkade himself. He never touched them. The “limited edition” prints he sold at high prices were posters of the same quality as a Twilight poster from Walmart, printed in editions so large as to make the term “limited” meaningless, signed by auto-pen.

    Most of the people who paid large amounts of money for “his work” would have been better off buying Franklin Mint limited edition plates. The resale value for them is about the same but at least you can eat off the plates.

    He literally urinated on other artists’ work at gallery showings, “marking his territory” I believe he called it, and several times grabbed women’s breasts and insulted them in public. He was, in short, a nasty piece of work who hid behind a Christian facade as calculated, fake, and devoid of humanity as one of his wretched thatched cottage fantasies.

    Can you tell I couldn’t stand the guy?

  14. SOLUS says

    I so agree about Kinkade a fraud!
    I worked at Hallmark for many years they used his work like a bank. At the expense of far better painters that they had working under there own roof, Hallmark let many go over the last few year’s. As Kinkade’s popularity has faded over the last few year so has their business.
    The joke’s on Hallmark they also have gotten very born-again and have about the same vision Kinkade had…crap sells!

  15. anon says

    There was a 60 Minutes expose on Kinkade years ago at the height of his fame, and talked about the stuff Caliban mentioned, though largely supportive for some reason. Kinkade’s art was the sort of mirabile dictu kitsch that he and Jeff Koons together turned into a massive industry, feeding of the class warfare mindset of general public and some aspects of the press. Koons at least preserves a sense of whimsy that Kinkade was not capable of producing. Then again, movies have been doing this for decades.

  16. uffda says

    About this Kincade and other apparently low persons, you’re all suspect. It is only when you know nothing about them whatever – not DeGrazia and Dog Poker velvet, as well as this Kinc person that you are truly grand with tastes too refined to even register their existence. Sniff.

  17. says

    Ben Bradshaw (Labour) attacks David Cameron’s (Conservative) moves on gay marriage as “pure politics”.

    Of course its not petty politics to oppose a move to full equality for gay partnerships, just because your own party wimped out and decided that “separate but equal” was good enough for the gays.

  18. thinking about it says

    All this Kincaid bashing! Somebody had to paint the interiors of snow globes.

    His paintings, many of them, are fantasy worlds. Where light comes from inexplicable angles. A good refuge from the real world. A good refuge for the conservative right that admires a world that never existed!

    They are cute, but I wouldn’t own one.

  19. Caliban says

    Here’s a link to a bunch of Kinkade parodies, some of them very funny.

    Kinkade’s paintings are definitely fantasy, rather sappy and twee cottage porn in a twilight world where either no one worries about light bills or all the houses are burning from inside (fire-buggery caused by repression, I suspect). And like the Religious Right with whom Kinkade was ideologically aligned, they harken back to a past that never existed in the first place.

    Over the past few days Kinkade defenders have been comparing him to Norman Rockwell, which is absurd. Rockwell’s paintings often depicted an idealized America, the one we wish we were instead of the one we are, but his painting are all about the people in them while Kinkade’s are all about the scenery; actual people with personalities and opinions would mess the whole thing up. (It’s tempting to say, “You know who else did paintings without people in them? Hitler!”) Would Kinkade ever have painted something like Rockwell’s picture of the little black girl being escorted to school by armed escorts with messages on hate on the wall behind her? Hardly.

    Apparently planet Kinkadia is far too perfect and dreamy for those icky humans with their awful tendency to leave footprints in pristine snow. That’s not too surprising I guess, considering Kinkade worked for Disney painting animation backgrounds (he later showed his appreciation for Disney by pissing on, literally, a statue at Disney World). His paintings are like stage sets for a play that never starts (no dramatic tension in Kinkadia, thank you very much), reminiscent of the lyrics from a Talking Heads song, “Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.”

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