1. joe says

    All despite this site’s best efforts to market this album more than anything else in its history.

  2. jacksonhumboldt says

    any popstar nearly 30 years into their career would kill for madonna’s worldwide sales. the marketing surrounding this album is on par with other acts. this is how it’s done now. in case you didn’t notice, records aren’t selling much these days, unless you’re adele. and really, does towleroad need to spend so much time criticizing madonna?

  3. C.J. says

    This is a new trend in artists to sell the album with tickets to concerts – that way they get a guarantee to be the top selling album. I am hoping that the sales dropped because the album is just plain lousy. I bought it because I was excited about it and listened to it once….I think that is all the playtime it will get on the ole iPod.

  4. Mike M. says

    Agree with Joe, and disagree with Jackson.

    I rarely critique the content of this website. It’s in vain, for one thing. Also, I respect that not every item will be of interest to me.

    But the lead-up to MDMA was meticulously documented on this site. Moreso than Gaga last year. Why?

    Be nice to hear from lesser-known but more interesting pop stars, like Marina and the Diamonds and her latest album.

  5. Erik Anderson says

    Ok, let’s get some errors out of the way. The albums that came with ticket sales were factored into the price. Upon buying the ticket you had the choice of also buying the album bundled in. It was not free, not a giveaway. If it hadn’t been part of the total ticket price, that person would have bought the album anyway so the numbers would not have dropped at all for those first week sales.

    MDNA’s internet albums total was 180,406- that includes only physical albums. So, the physical CDs that were redeemed were part of that total (along with sales from online retailers), while the digital copies redeemed would be represented on digital albums. So, between those two charts, that accounts for roughly 304,500 units- that leaves an estimated 55,000 from non-Internet physical outlets.

  6. Martin says


    My feelings are that Madonna sets herself up for criticism. Let me first say that I have been a loyal fan of hers throughout the years and it’s great that she is trying to make a comeback but come on Madge (which she hates btw) stop wearing outfits/costumes that are decades too old for you!!! It’s ALWAYS embarrassing when a much older woman tries to pull off an outfit that is meant for someone MUCH younger, I don’t care who it is. It’s just a sad attempt to try to stay relevant and “hip”. Madonna is talented enough to pull off a comeback with more age appropriate material.

  7. says

    Of course the concert ticket promotion should count. You only received the album if you opted in. The figures are accurate. Madonna is an aritst in her 30th year in the business and all her fans bought the album the first week it was released. The numbers are great and she deserves our community’s respect, not reports gleefully quoting skewed perspectives on her supposed failure.

  8. Safadinho says

    Are the final numbers out or is this from the article that Roger Friedman or whatever his name is posted??? Cause if it is, we know how much love he has for M.

  9. mike128 says

    Could it be that within the first week people discovered that this album is REALLY bad? I love Madonna. I have an appreciation for all of her albums. But this one felt like a cheaper version of the Madonna I love. The songs are catchy but the album doesn’t say a thing to me.

  10. finkles2000 says

    I didn’t “opt in” to buy the album when I bought my concert ticket. In fact, I was just charged for my ticket price and nothing extra, and I was surprised when I got an email stating that I could get a free download/physical CD of MDNA. A number of new albums were released a week after MDNA, including that ridiculous new album by that ridiculous Nicki Minaj. (Interestingly, her collaborations with Madonna are the weakest songs on MDNA, in my opinion.)

    Towleroad can post all the Madonna stuff the staff wants — I love her. And honestly, I feel like there’s way (WAY) more Gaga news on here anyway. And I really don’t think Madonna gives a crap about trying to hang with the young pop kids these days — she’s always done what she wants and has done it her way. I think MDNA is a great album (so much better than Hard Candy) and I’m excited to finally see her in concert.

  11. johnosahon says

    at least she did not sell her CD for $1. Was Lady Gaga’s drop not about the same thing? Yes it was 84% drop.

  12. jamal49 says

    I had always figured that at some point, Madonna should just SING. You know, be a singer. She’s made her mark in so many ways. She is assured of her place in pop music history. I always liked Bedtime Stories because it was Madonna doing straightforward singing without all the other nonsense. I agree with Martin that Madonna at her age need not-and should not-be going for the weird costumes and “let’s-dance-around-the-stage-to-show-them-I-can-still-do-it”. It’s silly. Madonna is trying to top Madonna. Which, she doesn’t need to do. What it seems she is doing now is trying to stay “relevant”. Madonna, honey, you don’t have to do anything to stay relevant. Just get up there now and SING. Because, in the end, that’s what it’s all about. I’m a fan. I LIKE your singing.

  13. Mike says

    My theory: she used to team with songwriters so she had, you know, songs. Now she teams with producers who dress up half-thought ditties. The result is most of her new output is unmemorable fluff.

    It’s too bad, because I was especially rooting for her in the face of all the sexist, ageist vitriol I’ve been seeing lately (don’t remember anyone calling Bono, Prince or Bruce grandpa and telling them to hang it up).

  14. G. says

    Well, At least she doesnt hold the record of having the lowest sales of a #1 album as well as the biggest drop in its second week in history like Floptina Aguleria (bionic) Lmao!!

  15. Joe says

    There’s a great article in a recent New Yorker about how pop albums are now made and Mike above hits it on the head. I’m no naif but the article breaks it all down so clearly that it actually depressed me.

    Mike is right. Some guy comes in with electronic beats that were laid down by an actual percussionist suffering in obscurity. Somebody else comes in with little snippets of half-baked melodies. A real singer does a track that the artist will later sing on top of. The final result may include the other singer’s voice or it may not but the styling of the vocal is not original to the artist.

    Add autotune, blips, blurts, swooshes, and a guest rap and voila. That is MDNA.

  16. Jollysocks says

    Madonna has a loyal fanbase. The fans all buy the album the first week and then the album is left to its own devices with the general public. I actually have to say that for me “MDMA” is one of her stronger dance albums and is worlds away better than “Hard Candy” which I thought sucked the big one.

    I also think it’s laughable all the queens saying “she’s too old to be wearing outfits like this! My God!” She’s a pop icon, not your grandma walking down the street to Walgreens. Maybe y’all would be happier if she wore a mumu and did a cover album of old vaudeville numbers.

  17. JNJ says

    I think what a few of you fail to recognize is that this site, Andy Towle’s blog – is his personal blog. He can post whatever the hell he wants. If you don’t like it, don’t click on it. I come here for entertainment, a break in the mundane, some days it’s mainly political posts – which I’ll ignore – some days it’s about an idiot walking into a bear… the point is, there’s something for everyone. So sit back, shut up about this site and enjoy the content you choose to read that best suits your needs.

  18. dms says

    It’s because the album is not very good. I know the reviews have been mixed to good, but as a looong time fan, I just don’t connect to this album. Its facile lyrics and generic dance beats are embarrassing.

    Subjective, I know, but the sales figures seem to show I am not alone.

  19. says

    i was hoping that as she was getting older she’d be embracing the guitar-sound from American Life. those songs on that album are BRILLIANT.

  20. Autarchic says

    MDNA, for me, is an EP. Track 1 is 3/4 of Gang Bang. Track 2: Turn Up The Radio (Please G*d, let it be a single/club thumper/summer anthem), #3: Love Spent, #4: Masterpiece, #5: Falling Free, 6: I F***ed Up. And perhaps my EP has a Japanese bonus track of Best Friend.

    I love me my Madonna, but I echo others…I want my MDNA to be G.R.O.W.N.U.P.

  21. jacksonhumboldt says

    of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but just for the record, some of us longtime fans think MDNA is her best album in 20 years.

  22. david says

    Towerload editor: honey, get some sleep. To post this is just feeding the anti-Madonna folks (you know Elton John and his hubby).

    She signed a deal for TOURING. This whole album is to support the TOUR. She’s done no promotion.

    Watch, yet again she is re-inventing the biz knowing people steal music on line.

  23. Thunderboltfan says

    To me, this album sounds like the generic girl disco she had a hand in creating, and now it’s polluted her sensibility. Sad.

  24. TruthBeSold says

    But it was selling for 50% off at…and they have “3.2 million members” LOL

    Seriously though, who the hell actually BUYS music anymore…it’s still ridiculously simple to download for free, or just rip the MP3 from a youtube.

  25. Rory says

    You know, if Madonna wore mother of the bride dresses and sang songs a la Celine Dion and acted “Grown up” , Prople would loose their sh!t,
    Fact is no matter what Madonna does or when or why, People WILL always complaine, cry , b!tch , whine and die a little….
    It’s Madonna. She rules, you don’t. Period.

  26. Andreas says

    I like her music but can’t stand her as a person. It’s one of those cases when the personality gets on the way and prevents you from enjoying her talents.

  27. t says

    here’s a truth or dare (20 years ago, really?)question madge: does lourdes ever see her dad, or is he just considered a donor?

  28. Shawnaynay says

    i still think she’s great. i’m not blown away by this album yet (i do love “turn up the radio”) but why are some people so nasty about her? because she’s OLD? because she promotes herself in the music INDUSTRY? Madonna is a true icon, and i think an artist.

  29. MISSTHINGS says

    The reason records aren’t selling these days is because there is no music on them.They all sound the same and have no merit and suck. For a major label artist these are disgraceful numbers. The advertising that she has had cost far more than her sales will now ever amount to. I also don’t think her tour sold out I think I’ve seen at least 5 places giving away tickets. The time has come for her to try some of the other things she thinks she’s good at.Why should she be surprised. Home girl has had thirty years to learn to sing and she’s gotten worse not better. She has 500 million from being a hack I think she’ll get over it.

  30. says

    ….am i the only one who thought Cyndi Lauper’s “Bring Ya To Tha Brink” album was one of the greatest dance records of the last decade?

  31. pork says

    looks like Billboard has caved on their policies of not counting sales that were bundled in with no option to not buy the album which they SUPPOSEDLY established after Prince’s Musicology tour.
    not only is the album extremely unlistenable, in my opinion, they had to resort to hijinx to ‘break’ this ‘record’.
    i’m not impressed. madonna used to kind of inspire me. now she makes me sick.

  32. Manuel says

    I am a diehard Madonna fan and even after 10+ listening sessions I do not really like the album. In my opinion too much time spent on the Wallis Simpson movie and not enough on the music. She just had to honor her contract with Live Nation and produce an album on time
    to promote the tour this year.

    @littlekiwi: yeah, some tracks on Bring Ya to the Brink are terrific dance music (and her voice is still fantastic). Definitely better than a lot of MDNA (expect for GGW which Is the only song on the album I love).

  33. Bryan says

    @Johansson: without the $1 discount, Gaga’s estimated sales were about 700,000+ which is close to twice what Madonna sold, plus her drop was lesser in % and still twice of Madonna’s 45,000+

  34. Alex says

    “Never hate anyone who is jealous of you, Respect their jealousy. They’re the ones who think you’re better than them”. -Enough said, folks!