NOM Expands Failing Starbucks Boycott to Countries Where Homosexuality is Stigmatized or Criminalized

StarbucksThe National Organization for Marriage (NOM) started a boycott of Starbucks back in March after confronting the company's chairman and CEO Howard Schultz at the annual shareholders meeting about Starbucks' inclusive policies toward LGBT people and its support of marriage equality.

Since then, the company has seen a groundswell of support from the LGBT community and its allies including a petition with 643,838 signatures (at this posting) thanking the company. Its stock has risen, and the Schultz reports that they have not seen any negative effect of the NOM boycott.

BrownMaybe that's why NOM is making a desperate attempt to expand its boycott internationally, into countries where homosexuality is either heavily stigmatized, or criminalized:

In our first week, we gained 25,000 pledge signers in the U.S. alone; today we go international, expanding campaigns into Mandarin, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, and Bahala (one of the chief languages of Indonesia)," announced NOM President Brian Brown. " online ads will also start running in Egypt, Beijing, Hong Kong, the Yunnan region of China, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait."

"What happens in Seattle won't to stay in Seattle," Brown (pictured) continued. "By making gay marriage core to his brand, Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz is telling millions of customers and partners who support traditional marriage in the Middle East, China, South America and North America that they aren't truly part of the Starbucks community."



  1. Andrew says

    It’s BAHASA not bahala. Great research went into this, obviously. Their hubris and cynicism is disgusting.

    And as an aside: Starbucks is a luxury good in Indonesia. The price point makes it inaccessible to 90+ % of the population. Those who can afford it are wealthier and more westernized. And probably live in Jakarta. So yeah, I’m guessing this boycott will make no impact whatsoever.

  2. uffda says

    Ooo this is nasty. I hope Schultz can hold onto his admired principles when it comes to the world’s suckiest countries. I’m sure he’ll try but…

  3. David in Houston says

    If this motivates people in these countries to do violence directed at gay people, there will be blood on NOM’s hands — specifically Brian Brown’s. But to these inhuman monsters, the ends justify the means.

  4. says

    this is hilarious. and NOM is telling millions of LGBT and non-bigoted straight folks that they’re….uh….what exactly?

    are we supposed to be apologizing for having made the great mental leap from the dark ages?

    by all means, BB, begin insisting that the countries you’ve otherwise deemed “the enemy” are suddenly beacons of Jesus-ness 😀

  5. TJ says

    Looking at Brown’s eyes gives me the feeling of falling into a freezing abyss. Completely soulless. Come to think of it, most of his ilk strike me similarly. Maybe their zealotry is negatively corollated with their lack of souls – the less soul and connection to a soul, the more extreme they become in the effort to find a connection and please their god. Perhaps because of their fundamental inability to love their fellow man as Jesus instructed, they sacrifice themselves to lives of fire and brimstone and fear to try to connect with God. Look at Maggie, Phelps, any of them. Completely soulless.

  6. 99% says

    I keep thinking of “First Family” with Gilda Radner as I am reading this story. Only in this case, perhaps Brian Brown will be taken as a virginal sacrifice to the volcano gods…

  7. Robert says

    This is a vain attempt to make their boycott seem successful by targeting it at places where anti-ay sentiment is already excessive. I bet they will get 25,000 more signatures in just a few days. Its like crowing about your anti-gay campaign among the pfox crowd.


  8. NorthoftheBorder says

    interesting how most of those countries mentioned would probably hate him for his Christianity about as much as they hate the gays… lol. as for Spain.. good luck with that… they already have gay marriage in Spain. duh.

  9. brent says

    I’m sure that NOM will soon be partnering with the Taliban or Al Qaeda soon, anything to expand their hateful agenda. This latest move just really shows their desperation.

  10. Keppler says

    So, let me see if I understand. NOM plans to whip up anti-Starbucks sentiment by whipping up anti-gay sentiment in those countries in which we are already at risk for our lives? This sounds like a plan Scott Lively would cook up and take into Uganda. I sure hope HRC is planning to make some major noise about this.

  11. says

    This organization needs to be shut down and their donors need to be exposed. Desperate, they are indeed, but they also have A LOT of money as we’ve recently learned and they can cause a lot of harm to MANY people. They’ve proven they do not give a toss about our families or lives, makes sense that they’d ask for support from cultures who hang gay people in public. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  12. Sammy says

    And still no announcement of boycotting Microsoft? I wonder why? Microsoft signed right alongside Starbucks in support of marriage equality in Washington State.

  13. Scott Wooledge says

    They are showing depraved indifference to human life to be taking their anti-gay message to countries where gays are already suffering under oppressive regimes that criminalize them, and where hate crimes are common and go un-investigated.

    These people are so disgusting.

    It’s just depraved disregard for the effects of the actions.

  14. Brad says

    Wow. They are looking to the likes of China, UAE and Bahrain to support them? Countries where gays can be killed or imprisoned, women have to wear burkas or headscarves, and human rights violations are commonplace and acceptable. They’re really building quite the moral coalition of countries. Especially considering most of those countries are full of people who hate fundie Christians like the NOMies with a passion.

  15. MSMINHKG says

    Idiots. Here in Hong Kong, there’s not much gay stigma. It’s not Scandinavia but it’s not the kind of place where something like this will fly. Even Yunnan in China is a strange choice, because Kunming has one of the mainland’s bigger gay populations. The tide in China is slowly turning toward openness and acceptance, and mainlanders are going to be more interested in Starbucks as a prestige brand than they are in the company’s support of same-sex marriage in the US. Another misfire is the choice to run ads in Mandarin, in simplified Chinese characters, here in HK… where Cantonese and traditional characters are used. Idiots.

  16. jack says

    I think Mr Brown’s desparation indicates that he knows he is on the losing side of history. There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. And in the Western World, at least, equality for LGBT folks is here!Sorry Brownie!

  17. Gareth says

    I thought the same thing – it’s NOM, not IOM. Once they start getting other countries involved, their entire position falls apart, and their ‘we’re not a hate group’ facade shatters. Hate’s all they’ve got to work with.

  18. Mousemess says

    Brian Brown if you are going to be a bigot, at least be more educated. The national language of Indonesia is Bahasa, not Bahala.
    And I am glad that I am not the only one who spotted that example of Brian Brown’s cultural incompetence.
    It’s not just a language of Indonesia, it’s the official language of Indonesia.
    Bahasa is also spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, and some islands.
    As for Muslim majority countries, being gay is legal in several of them:
    Turkey,Indonesia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Jordan, etc. Turkey is an officially secular state. Many Turks are not fond of gays, but there are some more liberal towns like Istanbul where both Turkish and foreign gays live and apparently not too big a deal. A gay Turkish soccer got onto a Turkish TV talk or news show to explain/protest his firing from his coaching job for being gay. Gay bars can be found not far from mosques. A number of American gays live in Istanbul, like it and call it home.
    In Lebanon, gay sex is not legal, but enforcement there is lax according to Wikipedia’s article on gay rights around the world. Same article says gay sex is legal in Jordan.Not officially prohibited in Iraq,but murders of gay men are very common in Iraq.
    The Muslim/Christian world of the Middle East and the nearby Muslim majority countries of the Caucasus and the Balkan region are not of one belief about gays.
    And someone pointed out China’s growing tolerance of gay people and the difference in Chinese regional dialects, etc. Gay sex is not officially prohibited in Taiwan, Hong Kong,People’s Republic of China, etc.
    Brown mentions also Japan as another example where same-sex marriage is unknown and not cultural custom.
    Japan recognized recently the same-sex marriages of those from lands where current legal even though Japan has not OKed its own marriage equality.
    There are now many Latin countries with same-sex marriage and civil unions from Spain and Portugal to Spanish-speaking South America and Portuguese-speaking Brazil. Many of these coffee and tea-drinking countries. Brazil recently become the world’s largest civil unions country with a same-sex marriage Brazilian state Alagoas.
    And of course the world’s largest marriage equality country Canada has Starbucks locations and Canadians are not going to pay NOM’s boycott any heed.
    Australia is gradually moving toward civil unions and maybe eventually same-sex marriage for some of its various states, so I predict a major fail for NOM in AU and in the civil unions country New Zealand.
    NOM can forget about most of Western, Northern, Central Europe and parts of Eastern Europe, areas that have civil unions, civil partnerships,domestic partnerships, pacts,same-sex marriage, etc.
    Italy, Greece, Malta and even Poland are proposing some kind of national recognition for gay relationships, even though they won’t be marriage. Marriage has been proposed/pending in Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Nepal, Uruguay, Colombia,etc. this year and next. Civil unions pending in Chile. Marriage in the UK by 2015. Even Eire/Ireland has civil partnerships now and could eventually have marriage equality.
    Coffee-loving Iceland has marriage. Starbucks has come to Cul Rathain/Coleraine in the UK-ruled North of Ireland where a friend of mine lives.

  19. Mousemess says

    I thought NOM already had plans anyway to bring a Starbucks boycott to countries around the world in a bid to bring Starbucks to its knees and to force it to move away from its support of gay rights.

    The average worker at Starbucks looks stunned or surprised when I mention NOM’s boycott of Starbucks. Apparently, NOM is not doing a very good job of making its boycott felt or known here in the USA.

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