1. says

    makes sense, The Dixie Chicks were crucified for far less, and by (it’s worth noting) the very same people currently defending and echoing Nugent’s comments.

  2. Randy says

    Sodomy doesn’t involve objects, so there is no “sodomize with” anything. What you describe is sexual assault.

  3. sylina says

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  4. Mort says

    “The Nuge”? Is that his usual nickname? It seems a little too cute and buddy-buddy for a dangerous lunatic.

  5. littlebadwolf says

    this clown is a boastful draft dodger as well as a sexual predator and lunatic fringe rightist. what fool took into his ‘military mind’ to book him for a concert on base?


  6. Sam Molloy says

    There are a lot of reasonable members of the NRA who are never interviewed or even mentioned on the normal news channels. This maniac gets all the attention. Maybe the Brady Campaign is paying him?

  7. says

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  8. Art says

    I think it’s only fitting to cancel this draft dodger and child predator’s performance at an Army post. And on top of all that, he has the gall to threaten our president and other Democrats simply because he disagrees with their politics. He’s also trying to incite some nut-job NRA member and put the bug in their ear to go out and do harm to our president.