1. jack says

    I like most of this video. However, she should have left out Tim Tebow. He is not seeking political office and I haven’t heard him publically weighing in on the social and political issues of the day. He just seems to be a nice young man living out his christian faith. Leave him alone. He is not hurting anyone. I don’t happen to share his faith but he has every right to practice it openly without being held up to ridicule.

  2. Matt says

    @Jack – the point being made here is that Jesus directly preached against public displays of faith, for the purpose of being recognized as faithful. It is the most common sermon on Ash Wednesday, when most christians put an ashen cross on their foreheads. The preacher always warns the faithful to do it for the right reasons, and be careful not to wear it to be recognized as faithful, because that would be against the teachings of Jesus.

  3. JONES says

    Tim Tebow chose to align himself with Focus on the Family to do an anti abortion ad played during the Super Bowl. This is the group which also happens to spend a lot of money and energy on anti-gay civil rights issues. Tebow has been given many chances to disassociate himself with their anti-gay views and his answer is always silence and a passing of the buck to his agent refuses to allow him to make comments. His personal relationship with Jesus tells him to offer praise for a touchdown but to keep his mouth shut on bigotry … so, yeah Tim opens himself up for scorn.

  4. thinking about it says

    Mrs. Betty Bowers hit the nail on the head several times. She must be a good carpenter. Jesus was a carpenter. Coincidence? I think not.

  5. jack says

    Matt: The bible is a lot like Mitt Romney. You can find all sorts of contradictory positions in it. In Matthew, jesus tells his followers to wash their faces when fasting so only god knows it. Then on Ash Wed. christians put ashes on their faces and go out to show the world they are fasting. My main point was that Tebow is a young man living his beliefs. He is not a major player on the political scene. I think people should leave him alone.

  6. Stefan says

    @Jack–Just a quick correction: Catholics do not put ashes on their faces to “show the world they are fasting.” Ashes are a sacramental sign done at the beginning of Lent to remind ourselves that we are mortal and of our common humanity with Christ. It’s meant to be humbling and not prideful, and isn’t contradictory. Now, I’m sure some Catholics do this with pride and others with humility. You can even wipe it off before leaving the church if you prefer. All that being said, I agree that the point in the video (more or less, being hypocritical in one’s faith) could have been made much more forcibly without reference to Tebow’s praying.

  7. jack says

    @Stefan — I don’t want to get into a discussion about catholic religious rites or the bible. After many years of study and thought about the matters, I believe they are a lot of myths and hocus pocus. However, I would like to know if you are a secular priest or a member of a religious order. I don’t know any laymen who speak the way you do.

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