1. Mike in Asheville says

    Somewhat a minor point, but the San Francisco Giants are a baseball team in the National League; the New York Giants are a football team in the NFL. You have misidentified the SF Giants as part of the NFL.


    Fortunately, the SF Giants have done the right thing and not waited for MLB to do their own IGB program. The NHL (hockey) has been involved as a league and by its team, promoting bullying awareness and homophobia. The goodnews is that the effort for IGB/anti-bullying and denouncing homophobia is taking root in professional sports. More is better, but all national sports leagues are, by team or by league, becoming involved.

  2. Jim Stone says

    Living in Cleveland we are so proud of our Browns defensive lineman Scott Fujita. Scott is straight but has worked diligently with GLAAD and HRC to fight homophobia and support marriage equality. If you are not familiar with him please Google him! He’s an amazing ally!

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