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Sexually Lost in 'American Translation': VIDEO


French director Pascal Arnold's road trip thriller American Translation is to be released on DVD later this month and a sexual (and dark) trailer precedes it. If you're into films featuring bisexual love triangles, gay hustlers, and jealous obsession, you should enjoy the trailer and film, which bills itself as "a twisted Bonnie and Clyde for a new generation."



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  1. This is co-directed by Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr. It's theire second film. Their first "One To Another" dealt with gay teenage crime.

    Jean-Marc first made his mark as the star of "The Big Blue" and has appeared in a number of other films since. Lars Von Trier frequently casts him alongside Udo Kier (and Jean-Marc has The BEST Udo stories.)

    He's exremely hot in Ducastel et Martineau's "Cote d'Azur"

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Apr 7, 2012 4:03:53 PM

  2. Softcore porn. I'll netflix it

    Posted by: Bryce Forestieri | Apr 7, 2012 4:22:18 PM

  3. Thanks for the background on the creators, David.

    Posted by: Glenn I | Apr 7, 2012 4:58:32 PM

  4. Wow, this looks very slutty and gross.

    I like that.

    Posted by: Alan | Apr 7, 2012 5:23:20 PM

  5. youth should be wasted on the young...they're so sexy at it! Looks fabulous

    Posted by: tim | Apr 7, 2012 5:27:59 PM

  6. You're welcome, Glenn.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Apr 7, 2012 6:25:03 PM

  7. Great.... Yet another gay serial/thrill killer, so typical.

    Posted by: Ted B. (Charging Rhino) | Apr 7, 2012 7:52:00 PM

  8. this looks so intense and hot! I love it!

    Posted by: Chris | Apr 7, 2012 7:54:10 PM

  9. Why are terms like "sexually lost" used to describe what may well be the most amazing, transformative sexual relationships in their lives?

    Posted by: BobN | Apr 8, 2012 1:44:50 AM

  10. Great! Another gay serial/thrill killer! I'll check it out!

    Posted by: Dekkoparsnip | Apr 8, 2012 9:48:25 AM

  11. I agree with Tim and not GBS. Youth should be waisted on the young. However, before I watch this show I will have to get my PC Doc to renew my Ramipril RX. Even the girl looks hot. Oh Lord, in my middle age, am I becoming bisexual?

    Posted by: jack | Apr 8, 2012 10:13:46 AM

  12. Dangerous bisexual love triangle has become a cliche for gay cinema.

    Posted by: Eric26 | Apr 8, 2012 2:53:48 PM

  13. I love that movie!!!

    Posted by: Polish interpreter | Apr 8, 2012 4:31:10 PM

  14. Actually, the duo have made quite a few films together as the co-directors. "'American Translation' is their fifth joint feature."

    The two reviews I've read are negative.

    Too bad, because I really like Jean-Marc an actor.

    Posted by: Iban4yesu | Apr 9, 2012 12:16:42 AM

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