Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1099

MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Former National Chairman of the DNC Donald Fowler makes the case for the Democratic Party to add gay marriage to their official plank for the 2012 election.

LEGOLAND: Hermit crab moves into a plastic shell.

WARRIOR: Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra collaborate on a new track.

BEN CRANE: Currently in the top 10 leaderboard at The Masters. This is his work-out video.

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  1. Randy says

    It would appear that the Warrior thing is a Converse and Journeys ad.

    Beyond the commercialism, it’s what Sarah Palin would write, if she could write.

    Not impressed with whoever those folks are.

  2. Randy says

    Current TV’s video of Donald Fowler’s case for “Why Dems should add gay marriage to the official platform for 2012″ appears to have been made “private” on YouTube.

    It will be interesting to learn why.

  3. Ryan says

    Mark Foster (of Foster the People fame) is awesome, a true musical genius as far as I’m concerned. That said, I find it funny how deep his speaking voice is, versus how high his singing voice is — singing, you can barely tell him from Kimbra in this video, but he speaks with a deeper voice than most guys normally. I wouldn’t say that’s unheard of, but definitely not the norm.

    Some of Foster the People’s stuff gets old fast, but wow do they do some unique stuff and they’re very compelling live. I’m excited for their sophomore album, whenever that comes.

  4. Alan says

    The video about Dems adding gay marriage is private. Can’t view.

    I guess this means they have no plans to do so?

    Seriously, talk is cheap.