Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1113

SANDRA FLUKE: Responds to FOX News commentator Monica Crowley's homophobic attack. Crowley's apology.

OLD SPICE: A bizarre, but hot plastic surgery parody.

CRABBING: Landing planes in high winds in Bilbao, Spain.

DALAI LAMA: Piers Morgan asks him if he ever feels temptation when he sees a woman.

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  1. Middle of the road says

    Sandra Fluke’s comments were PERFECT.

    Monica Crowley’s comments were full-on homophobic. They were egregious.

    (I was not familiar with Monica Crowley before reading about her uber-offensive “joke.” I must say that I do *not* wish her well in her career as a public figure.)

  2. say what says

    LOL and nice looking on the commercial though it might not last long since Old Spice’s lawyers will probably send them a cease and desist

    googled the plastic surgeon to see if this was a spoof or real and they are real

  3. Jack says

    The landing didn’t seem all that unusual to me. Crabbing is a common technique, taught to students before their first solo. That was not an easy landing, but it was well within the skills of a good airline pilot.

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