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Matt Zarley Puts Himself in Political Hot Water: VIDEO


Recording artist Matt Zarley, who has more chest hair and mustache than Magnum PI, takes the plunge into politics with this lighthearted 70's inspired meditation on a closeted presidential contender and his unraveling.

Watch "Trust Me", AFTER THE JUMP...

(via boy culture)

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  1. What the heck did I just watched?

    Posted by: Ian W | Apr 9, 2012 4:54:29 PM

  2. Who is this guy? Did BearForce1 break up?

    Posted by: Marco P | Apr 9, 2012 5:23:49 PM

  3. loved it, very well done, is it HOT in here?!?

    Posted by: jsb | Apr 9, 2012 5:39:57 PM

  4. Very hairy and very cute.
    I am totally OK with this admittedly prurient display.

    Posted by: tweedle | Apr 9, 2012 5:39:57 PM

  5. I don't have a clue who he is but I liked the song.

    Posted by: Caliban | Apr 9, 2012 5:41:43 PM

  6. Not a bad dance tune and the guy is freakin' crazy hot. Handsome Daddy!

    Posted by: leprechaunvict | Apr 9, 2012 7:10:44 PM

  7. LOVED IT! And him. So handsome it's ri-cock-ulous.

    Posted by: Tom in COS | Apr 9, 2012 7:19:36 PM

  8. I love this song... this the the cahill radio edit version...

    Posted by: Jay M | Apr 9, 2012 7:21:21 PM

  9. Where have you guys been? I've had his first CD for years! He is still lookin' good!!!

    Posted by: Bob | Apr 9, 2012 8:51:59 PM

  10. The song is good, Matt Zarley has a good voice, a clear vision of the feelings he wants to convey and he delivers. He is hot too!

    Posted by: Ghislain | Apr 9, 2012 10:44:11 PM

  11. This is pretty damn wild. It's good, a little corny here and there but good and rockin'. The women are as hot as the men and If my guess is right there are a lot of straight guys dancin and flirtn' with one another. Straight men are getting radicalized anew (after the 70's) and mostly by gay men. This is making straight guys more happy and liberated than they've ever been, and making us some fine friends for life.

    Posted by: uffda | Apr 9, 2012 10:45:22 PM

  12. i think he should've been shirtless for the whole video! that hot, hairy, hunk of a man! wooooof!

    Posted by: pitluver | Apr 10, 2012 12:35:38 AM

  13. So, no one's going to mention that he's fat and cross-eyed? I expected him to end the video with a stuttered "That's all folks!"

    Posted by: Mark | Apr 10, 2012 2:46:19 AM

  14. Poor Mark - he's been so brainwashed by unrealistic advertising and media that he thinks that Matt Zarley is fat rather than hot. It must be horrible to live in a world where you can't appreciate the enormous amount of beauty around you. If you see ugliness everywhere - well, it's hardly surprising that ugliness spews out of you.

    Posted by: Tom Stoppard | Apr 10, 2012 3:46:33 AM

  15. Hot. Damn!!!

    Truthfully, I had never heard of Matt Zarley but WOW that was a smokin' hot video!

    Posted by: Ozymandias71 | Apr 10, 2012 9:54:36 AM

  16. That's the video Colton Ford should have put out. But he doesn't have a voice that good or songs that snappy.

    Posted by: ggreen | Apr 10, 2012 10:04:41 AM

  17. Oh, folks, you've got to look up Matt Zarley on YouTube--he's done a bunch of videos, including one about he and his boyfriend breaking up that's a heart-ripper. Gorgeous face, body, voice--he's the complete package. The artistry of this vid is at a level too many gay artists can't even aspire to--costuming, cinematography, editing, choreography etc. all gold.

    Posted by: Dback | Apr 10, 2012 10:40:37 AM

  18. Nice basket on Matt at 4:03...real or´╗┐ a "prop"?

    Posted by: Robert | Apr 10, 2012 7:23:04 PM

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