1. Davin says

    I feel sorry for her. She is so uneducated and sheltered that she can not form a single thought of her own. May God have mercy on her soul.

  2. Phil says

    This is an indictment of the American education system and/or homeschooling.

    Wow she is a proud proud person who shows no love or remorse.

    I think she purposefully omits Jesus’s words. She is a perfect representation of a citizen of sodom and gamorah. Perfect example of a pharisee.

    The first shall be the last, the last shall be the first.

  3. Sean says

    This kind of bigoted trash shouldn’t be allowed to hijack the good name of “Christian”. They are the furthest thing from a follower of Jesus Christ. Let’s call them what they are….hate-filled, ignorant Protestant evangelical hillbillys.

  4. Bart Crane says

    Now I heard, and this is just a rumor, but this church in North Carolina was going to pay to round up all the gays and put us behind a fence all on Fire Island to live out the rest our gay days undisturbed on an island by ourselves to get up to whatever we want to by ourselves behind this fence on this island. Now, I can’t confirm this but I heard it’s just a rumor.

  5. bwana says

    Too bad she can “rayprodeuce.” She’ll probably pump out 6 0r 7 little morons just like herself and she’ll homeschool them and make sure they hear Rev. Worley twice a week and before you know it they will be teenage mothers and fathers and this cycle will just continue itself. Pathetic and sad.

  6. GraphicJack says

    Oh, I’m sorry, Stacey. I guess I’ll stop “harping, harping, harping” and just walk on into that electrified fence and starve to death, just because you and your pastor think I’m a sinner. I’m just happy to see that logic and empathy are alive and well in yor church.

  7. FogBuffy says

    The main point is always the same. I just can’t actually put words together in a logical way. If I had a dollar for every time she rolled her eyes…I’d be richer than anyone who bought FB stock. Did someone FORCE her to be interviewed?!? What an attitude!

  8. Jed says

    gluttony is a deadly sin. maybe she should watch her dinner portions lest someone throws her ass in an electrified fence.

  9. Harry says

    Girlfriend has a real attitude. What did she think Anderson was going to ask her? Whether she eats pigs feet or not?

  10. Socal says

    You gotta love her looks of indignance when Anderson just doesn’t “get it”. How do you change a mind when there isn’t one?

  11. Paul R says

    I find it hilarious. She’s so dumb that it really does’t matter what she says. Just makes me laugh. I have a fruit fly in my house who makes more sense than she does.

    Love Cooper.

  12. FunMe says

    “and put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony”
    Proverbs 23:2

  13. says

    I don’t even know how Anderson was able to make it through the interview without laughing at how ignorant she is. Not all Christians in North Carolina are like this. I have 2 aunts that live there who support me and my husband and love us for who we are. They were outraged when they saw this. They live less than an hour away.

  14. Munro says

    Literally CANNOT watch this. Completely turned my stomach. So ashamed to be from NC.

  15. Vint says

    Ah, at last I understand. Gays are worse than straights because if you separate gay men from gay women by electrified fences, the gays will eventually die out, while if you separate straight men from straight women by electrified fences… oh, wait….

  16. SayTheTruth says

    The problem is not what they think. The problem is that they pass on their genes. License to have kids, what a wonderful idea in a Utopian ideal world.

  17. bgtinc says

    So sad. I thought Anderson was pretty respectful, considering. Obviously not a critical thinker. How could there be enough people like that to stop marriage equality, much less start a gay holocaust?

  18. says

    Just wow !
    Can she even do joined-up writing ?

    If she is the spokesperson of the pastor or even a supporter of his learned sermons then should they not be putting their tax free dollars to basic schooling ?
    This woman is an embarrassment ……she now has had her four minutes of fame and used it to publish to the world her stupidity……
    She doesn’t seem to have figured out that straight people make gay babies.
    Isn’t that in the Christian homo-hating curriculum 101 ?

  19. Solomon says

    Oh lord. Bless her heart. I’m surprised she didn’t pull a full smut face and tell Anderson to GIT.

  20. candide001 says

    And why is it, exactly, that LGBTs don’t have heightened judicial scrutiny beyond rational basis? Please explain.

  21. Eddie says

    If they’re not reading the bible, they’re reading Amish Christian fiction.
    Take it from there.
    Trust me on this.

  22. Swiminbuff says

    Wow. Presumably she was the best member of the congregation Pastor Worley could put up in his defence. An excellent representative of the NC educational system and of her Church’s good Christian values.
    I am glad Anderson has not let this story slip away though and that he lets the rest of America see their own bigotry played out live on TV and reflected back at themselves.

  23. Cecilfirefox says

    Its jaw dropping how Christians, like this woman, will literally roll their eyes if quoted scripture they DON’T like, or find problematic, but then pick the ones to go full throttle on. That’s why its called bias, its a special fixation.

  24. Swiminbuff says

    Do they even teach biology and how babies are made in NC or do they just find out when they marry their cousins?

  25. David says

    Regardless of whether you believe her to be intelligent, there are a lot of people who believe as she does. We have to be careful not to blame homophobic views on lack of education. It is scary, but there are still many people who believe as she does (even if they do not vocalize it this way). This should serve as a reminder that while there is much that has been done in progress, there is much to be done.

  26. Mic says

    Edumicatied much?

    Obviously she aginit, her Pastor is aginit and the Lawwwd is aginit.

    Common Decency? Aginit.

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Aginit.

    The Constitution? Aginit.

    America? They aginit.

    Preak Phelps is laughing his ass off ’cause the heats off Westboro temporarily.

    But he aginit!

  27. bgtinc says

    SAYTHETRUTH says “The problem is not what they think. The problem is that they pass on their genes.”

    Sorry, but that kind of thinking isn’t helpful. Hitler thought that way.

    It’s what they pass on with their hate.

  28. Rev. Verdon Coleman says

    I actually felt sorry for her. Oh, that’s right. I don’t have feelings.

  29. Munro says

    @BGTNC If you think that woman would have the opp to pass on her genes in the wild, youre buggin. That mousy haired dregg owes her existence to air conditioning and costo chicken wings.

  30. Bri says

    I dare say some people are just born stupid. It’s genetic, and it’s rampant in the South. No doubt brought about by inbreeding.

  31. NY2.0 says

    This is the voter Mitt Romney and the GOP are counting on to show up at the polls, and the dumb fool will show up LOL

  32. stevenelliot says

    Meanwhile….back at the gay bar…

    Listen!!, buddys in crime. I gotta tell ya. If the repugs get into offices as potus. Theyll owe these nutjobs a favor and we and the abortionists will be in the guillotine line. Let us all pray to the god who loves and understands “us” that this doesnt happen……and Im an atheist

  33. TJ says

    Full smut face. SOLOMON, she was right close.

    People are gonna tweest thangs. Wish someone would tweest her ears and give her a good come to Jesus smack down.

    How does one twist “fence THEM in” into anything other than what he said? He was pretty clear.

    But don’t confuse the poor heifer with facts or reason or critical thinking. She got BELIEFS!

  34. says

    Her pastor, he’s AGIN it. Why don’t you people understand? SHE’s AGIN it!
    Who needs logical argument, when you can talk like a reactionary cartoon character from To Kill A Mockingbird?

  35. Emily says

    I am completely shocked at this woman! She is so wrong for everything she said. It really scares me that still to this day that people can’t accept people for the way they are. She is so ignorant it’s unbelievable. I wish I could kick her stupid “christian” ass.

  36. SayTheTruth says

    @BGTNC, it didn’t take you long for you to fall for the Godwin’s law, isn’t it? And you quoted just part of what I wrote. I will repeat and be clearer, let’s see what you respond: in an Utopian ideal world, you should have to apply for a license to have kids, so people who shows that unskillful traits do not raise children neither pass on their poison and whatever hindrance they genetically inherited to have such lack of intelligence. I said Utopian, like in impossible in the real life, see? If you think it’s wrong to require a minimum IQ to raise children, don’t worry, the WORLD IS YOURS, YOU ALREADY WON, ENJOY IT!

  37. Randal Oulton says

    Bless her. The elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, does it?

  38. Tarc says

    This is precisely why everyone with a working brain needs to show up come November and VOTE. This video makes me so relieved that I withdrew all my job aps in NC last week.

  39. Steve F says

    to be fair, she’s SUCH an easy target… it’s like firing a blunderbuss at a (stupid) baby rabbit five feet away – you just can’t miss. The people we should be really concerned about about are the media-savvy, erudite, charming, fluent bigots who can win over plenty of gullible people. This woman is just a cartoon bigot that nobody except a complete moron could take seriously

  40. Shelly says

    This woman is a product of her culture/environment like anyone else on the planet, and in this case that culture is ignorant and intensely tribalistic. Name-calling and demonization are lousy ways to sway hearts and minds. What she and people like her need is exposure to actual, ordinary gay and lesbian people so there’s a chance in hell they’ll come to view us as actual humans rather than monsters and start to empathize with us. If all these people know of us is as a pack of hundreds of thousands, millions of strangers howling about how stupid and evil (to say nothing of “fugly”) they are, it’s only going to reinforce the idea that we are a vicious, hateful threat and they’ll just harden more and more in their hatred of us. This is intensely counterproductive.

  41. Munro says

    How idealistic of you, Shelly. This woman is hoplessly ignorant: fact. This woman is truly at the bottom of the gene pool: fact. If you think this genre of bigots just needs us to hold hands and talk to her calmly about whhy we deserve a rright to EXIST, youre sadly mistaken. She definitely is brainwashed and actively doublespeaks, as evidenced in the video. People like this are why we need protections at the FEDERAL level. I can just picture her ilk chasing down some black man or bullying some kid to death.

  42. UFFDA says

    That SHELLY is the truth. You have posted the most accurate and mature of posts here. So who’s going to sign up for a rope drop into the cesspool. It would take people a lot more interested than I am I’m sorry to say.

  43. Jason 2 says

    The funny thing is that she didn’t even really have a message or a response to the basic questions that Anderson was asking. It was a mixture of confusion and logical nonsense.

    I thought the most interesting part of her response was after Anderson pointed out that gays are killed all over the world, and she said “It’s 2012.” It’s funny how even backwards people like her have some notion of social progress, apparently.

    She spends the whole interview rolling her eyes at the notion that gays should actually be put behind an electric fence, and seems to push back on the notion that gays actually face worse in some parts of the world … It’s funny how easy it is to suggest violence against people when you don’t have any awareness of the actual violence that takes place in the world.

    It’s like despots who kill thousands but swear up and down to the deathbed that they never committed those crimes. Ignorance is the greatest evil, apparently.

  44. Shelly says

    Munro, I am 100% in favor of federal level protections. However, as a transplanted Yankee lesbian living in the deep rural south for the last twenty years, over and over again I find myself in the position of being the first actual non-straight person people have met and once they get to know me as an ordinary middle-aged woman rather than the stereotypical monster this culture holds up as a boogeyman, hearts and minds DO change.

    Uffda, like I just said, already doing my part down in Georgia, but the good news for this town is they’re about to have to grapple with a bunch of outsiders moving in with the new Apple data farm, and given the corporate culture involved, I’m gonna bet they’ll have gay and lesbian neighbors, co-workers, fellow PTA members, etc. to grapple with soon enough. And the more folks mix and mingle, the more comfortable they come to be with one another. I mean, how come the Northeast and West Coast are the most progressive parts of this country? Port cities! Wave after wave of “scary” immigrants to get used to. Melting pots. Why is the deep south and midwest so parochial? Homogeneity, lack of exposure to new people and new ideas. But as we all become more mobile, and as communication has been improving via radio, television, movies, now the internet, pockets of truly die-hard xenophobes like this are dwindling, and that trend seems very likely to continue.

  45. Abel says

    Poor feeble-minded woman. Not an idea in her head, but by golly, she is entitled to hate whomever she wants and don’t you forget it! Have another doughnut, dear.

  46. just like jesus says

    I don’t want to put words in her mouth, but, I think she was saying that the preacher was just engaging in some wishful thinking. Like wouldn’t it be nice to round up all the gays and watch them die out? Now it’s 2012, so of course, we can’t actually do that. But, just the same, wouldn’t it be nice?

    I noticed she hesitated when asked about the Jews, probably thinking, wouldn’t that be nice too, get all the Jews together, separate the men from the women, of course, and watch them die out too.

  47. DannyEastVillage says

    poor Stacy is just not accustomed to being asked to examine the words of a preacher. Or, probably, the words of anybody else. She’s exactly what republicans rely on to win elections.

  48. Steven says

    I think the NC department of Economic Development needs to step in before all of the homo-sex-shuls decide to go somewhere else to spend their money. Anyone been to Maryland lately?

  49. Virginia Boudwin says

    “This is an indictment of the American education system and/or homeschooling.”

    Whoever wrote this is showing the same ignorance as the woman in the video. How dare you lump homeschoolers in with the way this moron thinks.

  50. jamal49 says

    WOW. After watching that woman in the video, I mean, who knew a christian could be so, um, bitchy?

  51. if the shoe fits says

    That preacher and that woman suffer from a condition called “second degree stupidity” which is when you are so stupid that you don’t know you are stupid.

    OK, I made that up. But they really are THAT stupid.

  52. says

    why do conservatives always do this? their bluff gets called, they’re asked to back up their B.S. claims, and when they can’t do it they say “no, y’all just twisted mah words, this is what you media does, imma not answer your question and you have to respect thaht because Jesus said so. or so i been told”


  53. Naya says

    Literally nothing that this woman said made even a lick of sense. Not a single word.

  54. Jerry6 says

    The sad thing about this women is that she is: 1.Allowed to Vote; 2. Allowed to reproduce; and 3. Allowed to pass on her ignorance to the next generation. (I wonder what she has for a husband.)

  55. CatD says

    Wow. Well, this woman is certainly a bigot who was unprepared to make any kind of reasoned statement.

    I am disheartened by people talking about gluttony in the comments to discredit her, though. That has nothing to do with the point, and may not be within her control. If she is currently underprivileged, or grew up poor, then the food she had access to wouldn’t be health-supportive, or it could be a medical issue. I don’t think fat shaming is helping the discourse here, I think it’s just a way for the other side to point at us and say ‘They’re just as bad/hateful’.

  56. andrew says

    She is one of millions of people who believe that the vile book called the bible represents the will of the creator of the billion gallaxy universe. It is utter nonsense to use a book written by primitive people to guide society today. Trash the bible by shining a light on its myths, hateful messages, bloody history, and stupid contradictions every chance you get. THE BIBLE IS OUR REAL ENEMY.

  57. says

    if one believes that this woman, and the millions of others like her, simply need “to get to know gay people” then i have to say I agree – so make a youtube video or twelve, with your friends and non-gay family and friends, and put a face and name to what “gay is”, and get seen by as many people as possible as the great gay and gay -supportive people that you are.

    don’t just say it, live it.

  58. TJ says

    CATD – Actually, pointing out her apparent gluttony is ABSOLUTELY appropriate, as would her pointing out her jewelry, her eyeglasses, and her cut hair.

    The Bible says she should cut her throat. The Bible doesn’t grant exemptions for environmental factors such as poverty or culture. The Bible doesn’t grant exemptions for medical conditions or being born with a tendency towards obesity. The Bible is clear, and the Bible is the unfailing, absolute word of God. She should cut her throat, because her belly is her God. A false god.

    The Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death. It makes no excuses for environmental factors or being born that way. Acting on homosexual impulses is a choice. No excuses allowed.

    See how it works? Stacy agreed that adulterers should be put to death. Stacy believes in the Bible. Stacy believes the word of God. Therefore, someone needs to hand her a deer knife right quick.

  59. says

    Where did this army of robots come from? Gay life used to feel redeemable by the people in it. You can rally around your Cooper Scooper and get enraged. I have to agree with the poor, dumb, uneducated woman, set up to be interviewed by the gray haired snob — this generation of gays has to die out. Maybe there will be something salvageable the future. Is this the post-Aids hell we were given? Post this.

  60. says

    The Bible also says that gluttony and sloth are among the seven deadly sins and she clearly falls in those two ‘deadly sins’. So perhaps we should lock her up in a pen until she loses a 100 pounds or more and learns to eat better and also until she breaks away from her slothy ways.
    Or better yet, put people like her in pens for being lying hypocrites that cherry pick the Bible only to come after people they don’t like.

  61. Walter Fletcher says

    How the hell is Anderson able to keep from laughing at this woman. I cant believe the utter stupidity of this woman to comprehend history and biology.

  62. thom says

    Right on FUNME!……She clearly has an eating disorder and looks like a victim of sexual abuse, most likely by her father or another cracker family member.She has all the markings of a disturbed person.These people are all the same (stoopid) and behind closed doors their lives are tortured and dark. They turn to “religion” to ease the pain of their sad existence.That’s why they go to “churches” ( AKA :hatefests). Fences should be erected around these trolls, not us. They are a violation of all things Christian. Shame on you and your whole lot.

  63. blue adidas says

    It’s dull normal hillbillies that have taken christianity and bastardized it. What are the odds that this fat hick will ever go to Italy and visit the Vatican? It’s not even like it’s christianity anymore. It’s some angry made up cult.

  64. says

    Twisted! She got so annoyed when Cooper pressed her about Worley’s electric fence comments, as if she couldn’t understand why the comment was so offensive. What kind of mind sees Worley’s ugly comments as praiseworthy!?

    Also, when Cooper reminder her of the Holocaust, she replied that it was 2012. So? Comments about putting groups in camps is as offensive and dangerous now as it was in the past.

  65. says

    Sorry for my rude comments. I’ve been having a bad few years. My family completely hate me for being gay, you see, and I keep trying to win back their love by hating liberals, blacks, women, and other gay men because those are the groups that they hate. So far it’s not really worked. I also have a micropenis and it’s horrible to be so small that I can’t even pleasure myself.

    So, that’s why I’m such an idiot.

  66. Sean says

    Davin, we can’t afford to feel sorry for her. She may not realize it, she may not intend it, but she is evil. She’s calling for the death of human beings with whom she doesn’t agree, and she is a modern-day example of Hannah Arendt’s concept of “the banality of evil,” like the German civilians who lived near the camps and did nothing.

    She’s even dumber than her pastor, because she is just a bleating sheep. It’s terrifying. I’m not going to feel sorry for her; I’m going to prepare to fight against her and those like her.

  67. JLeamer says

    Forgive them Father, they know not what they do…especially this young woman

  68. JLeamer says

    And Thank You Mr. Anderson for keeping your cool with this poor, pathetic, ignorant woman!