1. Paul R says

    I think he basically outed himself on that episode. The gay charity, the comment about beehives, and the jump he did before a commercial break were all pretty gay!

  2. Paul R says

    Umm, there’s actually a difference between being gay in public and announcing that you’re gay. Everyone gay knows that he’s gay. Lots of people do not.

  3. theotherlee says

    Some people will just not be happy until he holds a press conference and states loudly and clearly:
    “I AM GAY!”

    For some people in our community, that, I think, is what they expect. Funny how I sincerely doubt any.. and I do many any, of the posters here called a press conference to announce they were gay after living out of the closet for many years.

    Funny that. Don’t you think?

  4. Matt26 says

    Why would or should anyone come out? It is a private matter and everyone is entitled to their private life. If AC or anyone else wants to come out, good. If not, ok, their life, their choice.

  5. Paul R says

    No, it’s not funny. Expectations are different for celebrities. Is that so hard to understand? And I never asked for a press conference. Simple acknowledgment would be enough.

  6. curt says

    Although ac is publicly closeted and i dont watch his boring, .lame showes. I will say i respect him for playing for trevor project and openly too. And he’s smarter than i thought he was too.

  7. theotherlee says

    Paul R
    As has been said here, AC lives his life out of the closet. He’s seen in public constantly with his bf Benjamin Maisani. Anyone paying any attention to Anderson knows full well that he’s gay.

    I agree that it would be nice for him to acknowledge it, but no one has the right to demand it. And with the way some people *here* not to mention elsewhere on the ‘net waving their “virtual pitchforks” screaming for him to COME OUT… I say back the eff off and let him do what he needs to do in his own time.. just like 90% of the rest of us.

  8. Homo Genius says

    while i understand why AC slipped back into the closet, i do think he could actaully help kids if he would just be honest. he does do A LOT of work for gay kids in case nobody has been paying attention.

    that said… generally I am lax on celebrities who are simply neutral. They dont confirm. On the flip side anyone who LIES or fakes it should have as much scorn thrown at them the gays can muster.

    Persoanlly I am all for outing anyone in the public eye.

  9. theotherlee says

    Homo Genius.. Which is it?

    “generally I am lax on celebrities who are simply neutral. They dont confirm.”


    “Persoanlly I am all for outing anyone in the public eye.”

  10. says

    I don’t think anyone has the right to demand a public announcement about one’s sexual preference. Anderson lives a very open gay life in NY and he holds down three impressive and successful jobs. He adores his mother whom he has on his daytime show quite often, and was beaten badly on his last Jeopardy appearance by Cheech Marin (of all people) so he came fully prepared. I find the guy extremely fascinating and one of the gay communities most respected celebrities. As a married man, I do wish he would marry Ben in a big lavish NY wedding but I’m a romantic and although I believe his mother (must) know he is gay (she keeps two life-sized photos of him in her luxurious NY apartment because she adores him so much) I don’t think he’ll publicly discuss his being gay until after she has left us all.

    Still, she would be probably her happiest walking him down the aisle because she would know he would not be alone. And he has great and enormous wealth. He needs a family, a husband and a child or two. He would make a great dad. Congrats on his win!

  11. Paul R says

    Umm, yeah, I know quite well that he’s gay. As for the jumping, did you see the jump? He broke character, because it was quite flamboyant.

    As for coming out, clearly I understand the reasons he’s stayed in the closet. Mainly his career. But stop defending the closet. Yes, people should come out.

    I’m not a moron, but if it pleases you to think I am, go ahead.

  12. Michaelandfred says

    While I think it’s great that he played for the Trevor Project and has done quite a bit of work for other charities, he “could” do far more by publicly coming out and helping to rid the country of the prejudice that requires charities like the Trevor Project to begin with. While those of us within the gay community know he’s gay, I promise you, millions of people who watch him on tv daily, who like and respect him and his opinions and journalism, do not. We see and hear over and over again the best way to dispel homophobia and prejudice is for people to get to know members of the LGBT community. High profile personalities like Cooper and Maddow have a unique opportunity to move the dialogue along.

  13. curt says

    G, how old are you? Ive heard of someome jumping as a gay stereotype. I think you made that up. Silly? Maybe. But because he jumped that was ‘gay’ how bout you stop with the shallow mindset of what it is to be gay. A flamboyant jump? Lol what the hell?

  14. gr8guyca says

    What a great guy! Smart, attractive, successful. Cares about good causes and does something about them. It’s hard to remember that he comes from such a privileged, rarified family background. As a Vanderbilt, he could be lolling about Southampton or yachting off of Newport. I know too many trust fund kids who do nothing with their lives; Andy is the exception.

    As for his sexuality, as long as he is isn’t lying about it or actively covering it up, why should we care? I am not aware that anyone has ever asked him point blank if he is gay. If he denies it, then that’s a different story.

  15. says

    He stayed in the closet too long. Of course everyone says it’s no one’s business, but it was needed more, years ago. He spent so much time being “the little brave man” all over the world – then a giggle fit seemed to make people look at him differently. Even here when he puts on the cutesy voice about winning, after that I think he should go back in the closet. TMI. I believe his brother died by suicide. So death prevention has benefitted.

  16. SayTheTruth says

    The reason he doesn’t come out publicly is because -nowadays from time to time- he travels to third world countries where they are pretty aggressive or even criminal against gay people. He would be hampering his possibility of covering those exotic news he likes to do now and then. Not saying that being American isn’t a liability enough, but add “homosexuality” and some of those crappy countries can get crazy.

  17. Alan says

    I like Anderson when he’s running around in war zones with those tight, white t-shirts, muscles pulsating as he digs through debris and his skin is glistening with sweat. And his nipples are poking through his shirt.

  18. Rick says

    Anderson is so cool. It’s great to see someone so comfortable in their own skin, and doing the important work of shedding light on dark places. Kudos on winning big for the the Trevor Project.

  19. ibex says

    His talk show guests have to all skirt around The Topic That Must Not Be Discussed. Even though it is super salient at times — e.g., with guests he’s had who are connected to LGBT youth suicide and other LGBT issues.

    It’s crazy. It also models shame.

    What’s also crazy is that he gives all manner of details about his personal and private life, such as dietary quirks, with the very striking, very absurd exception of The Topic That Must Not Be Discussed. (Sean Hayes used to do the same thing. It’s not exactly admirable behavior.)

    And Alex Trebek and Kathy Griffin and Larry King and Piers Morgan and many others are complicit in maintaining silence on The Topic That Must Not Be Discussed.

    Heterosexual public figures do not maintain a shield of privacy with regard to their possessing a heterosexual sexual orientation. You do not see heterosexual talk show hosts, or even newscasters, treating the fact of their heterosexuality as a Topic That Must Not Be Discussed. (Larry and Piers have referred to their heterosexuality countless times, without giving it a millisecond’s hesitation.)

    I can’t wait for Anderson and the world to get past this harmful nonsense.

    It’s great that he’s effecting a $50,000 gift to The Trevor Project. But his coming out would be an even greater, and much longer-lasting gift to suicide-prone LGBT youth who need role models. Does it “get better,” really, if a major public figure cannot be openly gay, and so very absurdly cannot talk in public about being gay?

    I think his being endangered in homophobic countries by being known as gay is a weak argument. If it’s too dangerous for that or any other reason, don’t go. Otherwise, it feels to me like coddling homophobia in those places.

  20. mike128 says

    Although most gay men realize that Anderson Cooper is gay, the mainstream American public does not. His excuse for not speaking openly about his sexuality is that he wants to be seen as a “serious journalist” who keeps his personal life separate. Then he goes spray tanning with Snookie, among other less than “serious” journalistic things. So clearly, saying that you’re gay reduces your journalistic credibility more than going spray tanning with Snookie. This makes no sense to me. And what further irks me is that Anderson Cooper has very little need to focus on further fame and fortune (he’s already been given all this on a silver spoon). So why be such a wimp? (yes, I said it – I think Anderson Cooper is a complete wimp – and if the gossip about his sexual proclivities is true, he’s probably got a hard on just reading my slightly degrading comments about him. sorry anderson, i wont spit in your face, but man up already, will you?)

  21. Caliban says

    I really don’t consider Anderson Cooper “closeted.” He is out to his family and his co-workers. He has never denied being gay or pretended to date a woman to mislead the public. He reports often on “gay stories,” like when a public figure stalked and bullied a college student for being gay, the Tyler Clementi suicide, gay teen suicides in general, etc. Here he is competing for the Trevor Project, a charity for gay youth.

    Has he ever announced publicly “I’m gay”? No, but I think being a celebrity and a newsperson DOES complicate things. (Don Lemon came out but he isn’t a celebrity in the same way AC is.) I can understand not wanting to be CNN’s Gay Correspondent, or be the go-to guy whose opinion is sought every time there is a gay related story in the news, the Official Spokesperson of The Gays.

    Most especially I can understand not wanting your personal life, your sex life, to become tabloid fodder, the source of outrageous, speculative articles. I don’t know if AC and his BF are monogamous or not but I can see the tabloid headlines now. “AC in Relationship Drama!” “AC and BF on the Outs!” “Ac & BF Argue About Having a Baby- Gloria V Outraged!”

    Who needs that s**t? Anderson Cooper does more to promote gay issues than 90% (if not more) of the out gay people in this country. And to be frank, the gay community tends to eat its own, leave no turn unstoned. He’s out in the way that most of us are, to our friends and family, but he doesn’t want to be Mr Gay America. Is that so bad?

  22. says

    *CALIBAN – well said. I agree. Personally I think Anderson can do more for the gay community just as he is. If he were to publicly announce his gayness then the straight community simply couldn’t or wouldn’t see him as anything but a male Rachel Maddow. Come on guys, Anderson is as important and probably better then so many other newspeople. I don’t see anyone here complaining about David Muir – another openly gay New Yorker and yet Muir sits in waiting for Sawyer to call it quits and is the obvious heir apparent to ABC World News. (I may be one-sided for Muir because he reminds me of my own husband and I’m not alone. Our son used to stare and point at Muir soon after learning to talk and say “Daddy…?”)

    Anderson IS the Silver Fox in my book!

  23. Tommy Hayes says

    There has been a lot of static over the years on whether or not Anderson Cooper should, or should not, come out of the closet as gay. Much of the discussion plays out along two threads of logic: What Cooper has the right to do, and what he has a moral obligation to do.

    No one would argue against my right to refuse to place myself in harms way when faced with the decision of whether or not to rush into a burning home to save the life of another. Yet do I not have a moral obligation to, at minimum, make the attempt? And what of the consequences of that decision? How will I sleep that night knowing that standing pat on my right to self preservation imperilled the life, or lives, of others?

    For some, Coopers obstinance in making a public declaration about his sexuality is tantamount to aiding in the needless suffering of those who need mentors or inspirational figures in their lives. To ease the acute isolation felt by many LGBT youths. And, I suspect, that such calls for a public declaration from Cooper come most strongly from the segment of LGBT people who experienced acute isolation in their youth, or can otherwise identify with such a situation.

    As for the other side of the argument: Indeed, Cooper does have the right to his private life. Who are we to make demands of anyone about matters which affect no one other than themselves? Does his lack of a public declaration truly have a meaningful impact on the lives of others?

    Yet, perhaps the most salient question is whether or not public acknowledgement “would” have a meaningful impact on the lives of others. That’s anyone’s guess, although I do tend to er on the side of “yes.”

    Anway, there is a distinction between a “right” and a moral obligation. It is between you and your conscience to determine which takes priority.

    For Anderson, it seems clear by his choice of charity that he experiences some level of guilt over his reluctance to publicly declare his sexuality.

  24. vanndean says

    @Tommy Hayes
    For some, Coopers obstinance in making a public declaration about his sexuality is tantamount to aiding in the needless suffering of those who need mentors or inspirational figures in their lives. To ease the acute isolation felt by many LGBT youths. And, I suspect, that such calls for a public declaration from Cooper come most strongly from the segment of LGBT people who experienced acute isolation in their youth, or can otherwise identify with such a situation.

    I have heard this argument from several people posting on this site. The problem that I have with the argument is this. How many 13 to 17 year old questioning, bullied, or suffering gay kids would be influenced by Anderson Cooper coming out? Thinking back to my own experience of growing up gay in a small town in Texas, I can not remember ever having a news reporter as a role model. I do not see Anderson Cooper’s coming out as having any effect on the lives of today’s young gay men. Sports figures, movie stars, rock and rap stars, and high school or college or Olympic athletes I can see as role models for gay youth. Anderson Cooper, a 45 year old news reporter, IMO does not compute as a role model for gay youth. Give him another five years and then he can come out as proof there are prominent gay people old enough to be someone’s grandfather.

  25. says

    It is a very good at to be able to spread the word and help this little kids find what they are looking for. It is depressing to know that on such early life they acknowledge suicide as an option.

  26. Rob says

    My gay son seriously considered suicide and needs all the openly gay – real deal, openly gay – role models he can get. Not to speak of it implies that gay is bad, plain and simple. It’s like not speaking of an affair or a DUI. As a suicide survivor himself, I wish Anderson would throw us both a rope here.

  27. SteveC says

    I think the press should start asking him if he plans to marry his partner Ben Maisani.

    Anderson Cooper does not NEED to come out.

    But the press does not need to treat Anderson Cooper any differently to a straight celebrity – and it should feel free to ask him about his homosexuality.

    It is virtually impossible for me to understand or respect why a middle aged millionaire like Anderson Cooper needs to stay closeted.

  28. Tonic says

    Anderson Cooper is NOT out of the closet. Not truly. When one is out of the closet then any questions that would reveal one as gay wouldn’t be off-limits. I don’t think anyone needs a press release or announcement – just a simple acknowledgement when it’s appropriate.

    Cooper sends a contradictory message even while helping gay charities etc… that being gay is a shameful thing one doesn’t admit to. He has NOTHING to lose at this point in his life by acknowledging being gay. The supposed loss of being able to go to some homophobic country is ridiculous at this point – you would think he’d be proud NOT go to those countries if that’s what it takes.

  29. UFFDA says

    I can’t believe that in effect so many of you are disagreeing with Little Kiwi who is going to come at you with his “raised pitchfork” announcing that your balls are the size of olive pits. Anyway, he sure scares me!

    Most everyone’s argument here is reasonable and convincing, in fact I’m convinced all over. Bottom line: Cooper should do what he wants.

    As usual I love hearing about OS2GUYS ecstatically happy marriage and all-man family. He is WEDDED like no other adding the image of a big public wedding for Cooper and his beau. Indeed, how wonderful that would be! We’ll see. Best to all the bright commenters here.

  30. Stuart says


    John Wang, Miguel Marquez, Don Lemon and every single female news reporter go to dangerous countries where their status is treated as “sub-human”.

    Your name doesn’t suit you.

    Anderson is acting like a coward, plain and simple. He wants his cake and eat it too.

  31. David Hearn says

    No one is asking for a press conference. It’s perfectly normal for a celebrity to acknowledge his boyfriend/girlfriend or “significant other.” Saying that you don’t “talk about my personal life” is not normal; no one is asking if you are a bottom or a top. It’s a normal nonintrusive question which is asked of every celebrity; “So, who are you dating now?”

    His claim that he doesn’t “discuss my personal life, I understand why people are interested but I think I need to preserve my objectivity” is pure BS. Your objectivity is not a function of what people know about you, it’s a function of your intelligence.

  32. tim says

    Stuart, Don Lemon is not reporting from any dangerous countries. He wasn’t an international correspondent before he came out and he’s been safely on his butt in a studio after coming out.

    As for the rest, it is someone’s right to decide their own level of risk and sacrifice they want to take on for a social cause. Some jewish journalists and other jewish travellers choose to use non-jewish names while in arab nations. Many women would choose for their gender to be unknown in arab nations were that actually a feasible possibility. Maybe that doesn’t scream pride in femaleness or jewish heritage, but they are living their lives not performing in a public service announcement.

  33. cd3 says

    Nice straw man there, but Cooper never said he wasn`t commenting on his sexuality to preserve his objectivity. He initially said he didn`t want to because it interfered with his professional ability to blend in to whatever type of group he was with. Later, when the obsessive outing had done the same job on that ability no matter what he`d wanted, he said he didn`t want to because the media would use it as an opportunity to try to move further into his sex life. That`s an understandable concern looking at the amount of obsession and sexual gossip he`s been the center of for years. People like Don Lemon and David Muir have been outing free, and even FOX big wheel anchor Shep Smith rarely gets outed and that little bit started years after Anderson Cooper was getting it, but Anderson has always had gossip hounds trying to rummage through his figurative sexual trash bins.

  34. andrew says

    Anderson Cooper is doing just fine. Everyone with a pulse in the USA knows that he is gay. What he doesn’t need is a video that shows him publically admiting that he is a HOMO. He is often sent around the world on assignments, often to war torn Moslem nations A little bit of ambiguity about his sexuality may save his life.

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