1. LFB says

    @Diogenes Ohhhh yes. And also, yes, I agree with him too, she’s dreadful. Way to give your child body dysmorphia, Sarah Burge. I feel sorry for her daughter.

  2. Disgusted American says

    ummm Anderson – tho I think its Nutz also…you shouldn’t have been cruel to her…..if anythng you should have offered her a chance to get therapy to find out WHY she does this…….You of all people should know better Anderson…not nice, not nice!

  3. Andrew says

    I think Anderson demonstrated poor interviewing skills. His task was to draw this woman out into a conversation that revealed and illuminated her distorted thinking. He could have used his contempt for her as a way of imagining that she encounters contempt from others and ask her how she reacts to it. Of course, he could also only have guests on the show that he likes…

  4. Steve Scarborough says

    I love Anderson, but what purpose does it serve to give any airtime at all to such a person? Putting her on television does nothing to rescue her daughter from abuse (which I realize isn’t Anderson’s job); if anything it increases the likelihood the abuse will continue. And it’s not as though she wasn’t obviously damaged and/or an attention seeker before the interview started. A great practice in dealing with octo, tanning, poledance-teaching, premature cosmetic surgery-providing, special juice-dispensing parents would be to starve them of cheesy opportunities for exposure. Anderson demonstrably has the talent to earn cheers for work of substance; setting himself up for applause by dismissing the nutjob guest he booked in the first place makes him seem like nothing more than a really dreamy Morton Downey, Jr.

  5. says

    Wow, that is extremely unprofessional. Also, Anderson invited her on his show, only to exploit her story, make her a laughing stock and then verbally abuse her on TV? Anderson is the one who looks bad in these video clips, not Plastic Surgery Mom …

  6. V-8 says

    u know, excessively working out in the gym is a type of body dysmorphia as well…

    I’m not sure why people in the US put so much morality into the whole plastic surgery thing, to each its own… I am pro plastic surgery…

    if u r not, consider anything ur dentist did to ur smile to make it look better (rather than fix a problem)… and look at all people dying and modifying their hair (blond and straight still in, surprise surprise), tanning, etc… how about high heels that hurt someone’s back?

    I find it hard to draw a line… I find it even harder the whole Anderson Cooper thing… his show is pathetic, and we do not need another show where the host is the star… I wish he’d stuck with serious journalism, as this talk show keep bringing my opinion of him to lower levels… this clip reminds me of Geraldo, Montel, Sally Jesse, Jenny Jones, etc… only with better lighting… next time his mom is on the show, let’s talk about all the work she has had done on her face/body….

  7. shle896shle says

    I think Anderson Cooper’s behavior was dreadful. I watched this interview and, perhaps this woman is dreadful in many ways, but she was hit guest and he came back from commercial with another guest – a man who was in love with and has sex with a doll/mannequin. The whole show was dreadful, frankly.

  8. UFFDA says

    Just get her off the stage as soon as possible. You did and you were right. She is dreadful. Plain talk and direct action don’t call for any apology. Thanks. It makes you better than a pro to also show your personal opinion.

  9. rocco11 says

    So ironic with his “honesty” schtick. Really Anderson. Come out already. You’ve got a TON of nerve asking people to “communicate honestly.” Do you have any clue what an amazing gay role model you could be? It’s people like you, multi-generational heir$ who have NOTHING to lose financially but continue stay in the closet. THAT is truly a publicity whore…and it hurts our young community so much more than you know. Let’s really talk about Keeping YOU Honest! pathetic

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Watching the second clip, Anderson says he didn’t think she was communicating honestly and thinks there should always be an honest discussion. I feel that way every time he discusses a gay rights issue.

  11. Joe says

    I would’ve said, lets talk about your homosexuality Anderson.
    How dare you embarrass me on national television.
    But I’m sure that was all stage and part of the show her walking off!

  12. MSquare says

    I agree with many here that Anderson was unprofessional, hypocritical and judgmental. And how ever smart and adorable he is, there is always air of superiority, know-it-all arrogance about him. Not cool…

  13. MSquare says

    I agree with many here that Anderson was unprofessional, hypocritical and judgmental. And how ever smart and adorable he is, there is always air of superiority, know-it-all arrogance about him. Not cool…

  14. Solomon says

    I think Anderson exercised poor judgement in inviting her on the show. And perhaps even poorer judgement in how he handled what he saw as a dishonest discussion. As someone said above he could have used his own contempt to perhaps contempt she may have experienced from the public, and then addressed her daughter. I’m not sure how I feel about this. His apology seemed sincere and it was charmingly worded but still, I think it reflects well on him as a person but very terribly as any kind of respectable media figure.

  15. ratbastard says

    Staged, manufactured.

    Anderson Cooper? Maury Povich? Same difference.

    Who are the people who watch this cr*p and who are the audience members? Really, it’s complete cr*p, no redeeming value, and not even entertaining in a silly, cr*ppy sort of way.

    Well, he’s no doubt paid well, that’s what counts, I suppose.

  16. JP says

    While I disapprove this Human Barbie to go pro-plastic surgery for her young child, I do not like how Anderson handled the interview either. Not a hater here, but shouldn’t he did some background check on the guest first and lead the interview? If he knew this guest is troubled, why invited her in the first place? And even if he is trying to highlight the issue of plastic surgery, the outcome with the guest forced to leave and failure to made his statement was not really nice.

  17. Randy says

    I only saw these two clips, but Anderson was WAY out of line here.

    He invited her on the show, and decided to make a value judgment about her (and apparently only her), and rudely booted her off the show, after user her for his own publicity.

    Then he claimed he wasn’t rude, while continuing to use this event to promote himself.

    Someone please take this guy down a few pegs.

  18. Kansas says

    Anderson, if your objection (per the second video here) was that she was not communicating honestly, what about your own honesty, candor, and integrity about The Topic That No One is Supposed to Ask You About?

    Anderson, you do want to avoid sliding down into Jerry Springer territory, don’t you? If so, take the high road — all around.

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