1. says

    I hope that someone investigates the “arson” attempt, this is a claim to garner sympathy from the public and if a glbt person did attempt any such crime I hope that person gets about 30 years, there is no excuse for violence against this group and it harms the glbt cause.

  2. Bill S. says

    Why are people still harping on the Sodom and Gomorrah nonsense. Do people really look at Sweden and Norway…two of the gay-friendliest countries in the world that also top every quality of life index, or even Massachusetts, an affluent state with the best schools in the country, then look at Africa and the Middle East and say…yes…God is certainly punishing gay-friendly countries!

  3. Brian says

    So, according to the story the bible thumpers held signs saying “Sodomites are vile, unnatural and worthy of death Romans 1:21-32.” Actually, it doesn’t say anything of the sort, and I’m not talking esoteric bible studies here. From the preachers very own king james bible, I searched in vain for those words. Just google it and you’ll see it’s about god being pissed because man didn’t thank and worship him enough. Then there’s a weird passage saying because of this god made men have sex with men, practical joker that he is. The rest of the passage is a laundry list of sins that god is really pissed about, which doesn’t mention homosexuality but does mention gossiping, envy and lack of love and mercy along with the usual murder etc, and says all of those things are worthy of death.

    I don’t believe a word in that book, but since these people have supposedly dedicated their lives to it, seems odd they would outright lie about its contents, especially since deceit is on the deserving of death list.

  4. Alex Parrish says

    This isn’t really about scripture; what Worley is preaching is antithetical to scripture. It just isn’t there and it is contradicted in scripture. These folks have built a ‘faith’ on a false notion of what scripture says — they probably haven’t read it — if they can even read — and don’t understand it if they have tried to read it. The fact that the harp on “King James Bible” shows that not only are they ignorant about what scriptures says, but they also have no idea where it came from or how they got it. The probably believe Jesus spoke King James English. Arguing logically with these folks is a waste of time. You can’t teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

  5. Paul B. says

    @Bill S….yes they do…because people that look upon us the way these people do are not ever going to look at the facts or statistics.
    They can’t understand them, many can’t even read them correctly…and they are unable to wrap their heads around a new thought…period.
    They eat the way they’ve always eaten, and think they way they’ve always thought. They live & die in a very small world…agin & agin.
    The process of natural selection will eventually resolve this…but it sure is painful waiting.

  6. says

    “The atmosphere was a vocal and jubilant one. The sanctuary was mostly full, with the vast majority of the crowd singing and crying out in joy. Many threw their hands up in praising the Lord and in support of the pastor.”

    They just love hating, don’t they?

  7. StevyD says

    So what if monkeys in a building whopped, hollered and raised their arms. Imagine what would have happened if there were tree and bananas in there.

    To LK above, I’m not sure that death threats and pleas for internment with starvation don’t actually deserve a little fire and brimstone.

  8. Swiminbuff says

    I wonder if he knows that King James was at the very least bisexual, and that he had the Bible rewritten because the prevuous version equated King with Dictator which HM was not pleased with.

  9. TJ says

    “You can’t teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

    Best line of the day. No point in even trying after this.

  10. Paul B. says

    @Stevyd…funny banana joke! Thanks for addressing LK’s comment. It offends me to hear that we should be careful in our response to hate and violence “agin” us (love that!). I’m not a violent person by nature…but I’m boiling up inside these days. We should be very angry…what else can we feel! So, I guess if I were going to be flip about it, I would say…why not burn down that church if we could? They would put us behind electric fences if they could!

  11. Tim B. says

    Remember, Worley represents a splinter sect even more radically conservative than the Southern Baptists, a denomination founded in 1845 to provide biblical justification for slavery, to salve the conscience of the slaveholder.

  12. NorthoftheBorder says

    ….. and may they all follow Worley over the edge of North Carolina’s tallest building. Amen.

  13. Dave says

    Christians wanting to murder LGBT people is proof the anti-gay Christians are insane psychopaths who are working for Satan who wants them to murder people like Hitler murdered Jews and homosexuals, just because they are different.

  14. woodroad34d says

    As someone noted on Afterelton, The nazis already tried this; they lost and we’re still here.

    BTW, just putting gays behind a fence so they can “die out” won’t work as long as the perpetrators–i.e. straight people–don’t stop making us.

  15. alana says

    my ‘power box’ is fried too, it has a short in it and there are burn marks where it happened. I have read there were deputies at the church during the service so how did this happen? Probably what happened is something shorted out and they have exaggerated it with “somone tried to” etc…with electrical stuff that is way more common than actual vandalism.

    The ‘counterprotestors’ are from a church is GA that is listed as a hate group, it seems like a southern ‘Phelps’ type church, it’s not clear that anyone was there from Worley’s own church.

  16. Paul B. says

    @TimB…I understand what you’re saying and it’s important to keep perspective. However, isn’t every modern day religous cult rooted in some lunatic fringe that broke off from another larger cult because they differed in doctrine? In fact, isn’t the SBC just that? Were they not some radicals who left behind the Church of England for differences of opinion? THEY may start out small and fringe…but THEY often pick up steam…and become mainstream.

  17. Dave says

    This is the plan of the anti-gay Christians who are working long hours and spending their money to harass LGBT people, their goal is to make constant harassment by doing things that bother and upset gays until the LGBT people give up or die. These evil Christians will do and say anything to destroy LGBT people, that is their plan. Remember these anti-gay Christians, Catholics, Mormons and Evangelical Christians are the kind of people who use to murder “sinners” (really innocent people) by burning them at the stake. They are that evil and anybody that evil has to be working for the devil.

  18. Paul B. says

    Dave, Dave, Dave…the “devil” is not a real employer. Remember…he’s a figment of their imagination used to create fear & guilt. Let’s not turn their convenient ally into a real boogy man.

  19. says

    well, the problem is that if you want to get right down to “scripture” it’s impossible to be an anti-gay (or anti-homosexual) “Christian” – as doing so would contradict everything in the bloody tome, and there are no actual specific condemnations of homosexuality

    truly. there are none. now, this may inspire some braindead nutbag to come on and post about Leviticus or some corinthians nonsense but i’m rather tired of explaining the reality of historical context to people whose knowledge of the bible only goes as far as a google search will take them.

    worley is scum, his supporters are the trash of America, and the fact that they NEED to hate gays to justify their pathetic existence is sad beyond words. this, believe it or not, is the GOP base – people who will focus on “an enemy different from them” in order to ignore the fact that “the people who are just like them” are doing all they can to SCREW THEM OVER, cuz they’s just po’ poor people and they don’t need money, or healthcare, or dental work, or jobs or educmacation, just jeebus.

  20. Daniel says

    I feel pretty strongly that this protest is a mistake; it’s giving the preacher free publicity. The best comparison is to a schoolyard bully — he just wants attention, so the best strategy is to ignore him until he goes away.

    If this were a prominent Republican or something, I would understand . . . but this guy would die in obscurity if it were not for protests such as this.

  21. Paul B. says

    Good morning Kiwi ! Daniel, you’re right…but don’t you think that more people see him and think he’s a lunatic than see him and think he’s a “man of god”. So, although it gives him his 15 minutes of fame…maybe it’s 15 minutes shame and will be received as such.
    He can’t be winning too many hearts & minds with this kind of hate speech. Certainly not winning any nobel peace prizes or public speaking awards….or even his GED.

  22. says

    the most frustrating thing about mentions of “Sodom” is that the bible is pretty f***ing explicit that the “sin of Sodom” was GREED – wealthy folks hoarding money and not sharing it with the poor. that’s why the city was stuck down in that fairytale.

    so, you’d think out of fear of “God’s Wrath” bible-thumpers would be against the GOP’s financial outlooks, as they’re exactly what the “city of Sodom” was detroyed for embodying.

    THIS is why conservatives and republicans insist on being anti-gay : it’s the onyl way to trick the fools who support them into voting for the ACTUAL Sodomites of America.

  23. Craig says

    Sodom and Gomorrah – interesting choices to base their hate on. Jesus himself specifically said the sin of those two places was inhospitality to strangers. In the desert, at a time with no motels, travelers were at the mercy of strangers taking them in for the night. To be refused refuge was a death sentence to anyone traveling. In Bedouin cultures, to refuse refuge to a stranger was one of the most vile sins imaginable. Pretty much defines this disgusting little church, I’d say.

  24. Craig says

    @LittleKiwi: you are absolutely right. Amazing how Jesus spent his entire ministry preaching against wealth and power, the very thing the GOP embraces above all else. He said not one about sex of any kind. Yet what do these hateful little churches like this focus their attention on? Sex.

  25. Paul B. says

    @ Craig…Kiwi is always absolutely right. I’m not stalking you Kiwi…just always like your opinions.
    @ Mario…I have asked myself the same question but I guess “freedom of religion” covers even their hate speech. I don’t think that’s true up north…eh, Kiwi?
    Can you imagine the “war on religion” BS we would hear if we interrupted their hateful tirades? I do think it eventually burns itself out though…horrible listening to it until then.

  26. says

    Don’t give up on North Carolina just because of these ignorant bigots. Remember, the state went BLUE in the last election & very well could again. The tide is slowly turning there.

    Latinos have doubled their numbers on the voting rolls & typically vote 83% Democratic. The current Governor is a Democrat, so voter-surpression is far less than in GOP controlled states. The Democratic nominee for the next Governor, Walter Dalton, is on record via You-Tube in opposing Amendment#1.

    Rev.Worley fired up the gays & our allies. Moderate North Carolinians are loathe to identify with the backward hateful rants of the fundamentalists. And as an aside, I’ll bet Rev.Worley & his followers are not too thrilled about the prospect of a Mormon in charge either.

    NC remains a swing state. Future Supreme Court nominees hinge on the outcome of 2012. NC could make a huge difference & may start on the road to recovery from their recent rightwing turn.

    Don’t give up on the TarHeels!

  27. says

    biblically speaking, it’s “easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven”

    in the interest of “saving souls”, America’s “Christians” should be adamant about spreading wealth.

  28. Paul B. says

    I just Googled…Romans 1:21-32 as mentioned above. So, no I don’t believe in that crap first of all. But, if I did…what does it tell me? It tells me more about how death should be put to those who commit all kinds of things…all the things they are saying & doing…not us. So how does that work for them?

  29. says

    “Everything I do, say, or preach, I believe in this book,” holds up copy of “On the Origin of Species.” The bible is nothing more than a bunch of Grimms’ fairy tales passed from generation to generation. People are such dupes and followers. Critical thinkers are few and far between among us.

  30. Sean says

    I love the way these self-styled “christians” (i.e. Fundamentalist Protestants) idol worship their “King James Bible”. Shhhh, don’t tell them that the books of the Christian Bible were put together by the Roman Catholic Church centuries before there was any such concept as Protestantism. And don’t ya love the way they ignore those parts of the Bible they don’t agree with, for instance when the bible says people who get divorced and marry again are committing adultery?

  31. Oliver says

    Ever wonder what the church would be saying right now if Dan Savage said that they should put electrified fences around the churches and wait till all the good Christians just die out?

  32. Rob roberts says

    Whoever posted “we are losing this war” is not only wrong but dead wrong. Not only are we winning, but we have won. We have won the hearts and minds of our culture on every level from entertainment to political to the financial and corporate institutions. There is no “reverse gear” on freedom and equality, there are only temporary setbacks.

    So don’t give in to pessimism and defeat — WE have truth and morality on our side, all they have is hate, bigotry and lies — and the truth is beginning to hit the bigots like a tidal wave.

  33. Paul B. says

    @ Rob…I’ll have whatever you’re drinking today. Only kidding. You may be right but I’m not nearly as hopeful. I’ve only seen civil rights fought for, never generously shared. Heck, they don’t even think we have civil rights.

  34. disgusted american says

    …and how many in his “Flock”…SUFFER the SIN of GLUTTONY? Too many!!!

    not that I believe in religion at all…..those are some sickass people.

  35. Jeff R. says

    We are NEVER going to change the minds of these HATEFUL bigots. What we need to do is GET EVEN. If “they” want to prevent us from equal rights, LET’S MAKE IT HARDER FOR THEM! Remove ALL churches tax exempt status. If marriage is reserved for only one man and one woman, but this man and woman DON’T reproduce WITHIN one year, revoke their marriage license. Why should WE pay taxes for schools for THEIR little bastards? “They” won’t let us adopt children? Fine, my taxes won’t go to pay for “their” children’s books. Why not make it HARDER for “them” get married? Perhaps a WAITING period for a YEAR… or TWO years. And make it even HARDER to get a divorce! MANDITORY MARRIAGE COUNSELING!!! Elizabeth Taylor can get married FIVE times and no blinks an eye. Britney Spears can get married within THREE minutes and divorced in three days, but we can’t? Come on, guys, we can’t sit back and say, “What did you expect?” Let’s get EVEN with these HATEFUL BIGOTS and beat them at their own game!

  36. Oz in OK says

    Over 2,000 people protesting this ‘pastor’? That’s awesome news!

    It’s ‘sermons’ like Worley’s that show how big the ‘love the sinner hate the sin’ line is a lie… these people have no trouble demanding that we be thrown into concentration camps – for what? Our own good? Pfft.

  37. JJ says

    Um, Jeff dear. Aren’t _you_ one of “THEIR little bastards?” Might wanna think your plan through a little more.

  38. Clarkson says

    It is no surprise that Sodomites hate the Bible. They hate anything that is not gay-friendly. What a bunch of foolish bigots. If you don’t like what the pastor said, don’t go to his church. He can say whatever he wants. If a bunch of homosexuals can show their naked asses on a float in front of children, this man can say whatever he feels like. Bite that homos.

  39. says

    Oh, Clarkson, so typical a comment coming from someone hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. There’s just one word for the likes of you: Chickenshit.

  40. KP says

    In responce to CLARKSON, I agree with your reasoning that if I disagree with what the pastor preaches, I need not attend his church. Just as you, and children, are not mandated to view naked asses on float parades.

  41. lookyloo says

    I always wonder what these people classify as “sodomy.”

    Is is just anal sex or is it also oral sex..?

    Because of it’s just anal, well, I don’t think most lesbians could be condemned by these people as “sodomites” then.

    There’re also plenty of gay men how don’t engage in anal sex and plenty of straight people who do.

    And virtually everyone engages in oral sex
    (which, from what I understand, is included in the biblical-ages definition of ‘sodomy’)

    I wish these wise and lovely people would be more specific so everyone knows what sex acts are allowed for gay (and straight) people to qualify (or be disqualified) for marriage.

  42. andrew says

    @Clarkson: Do you agree with the biblical mandates that all those who work on the sabbath, curse their parents, commit adultery, worship gods other than yahweh etc. should be put to death? Why did the god of the bible tell the Israelites to kill every living creature, including children and animals, in the lands that they conquered? I do hate the bible but only because it is a hate filled book. Have you read how yahweh punished David and Bathsheba for their tryst? He killed their child. What a hate filled book.

  43. andrew says

    The greatest SPIN in world history is changing the vile yahweh of the “Old Testament”, upon which the “New Testament” is based, into Our Heavenly Father”. LOL!!!

  44. andrew says

    The only way that Christians and Jews can continue to try and sell their religion to a civilized world is by ignoring much of what the bible says about their god. Unfortunately, for them, the fundamentalists keep reminding the world of just how hateful yahweh really is.

  45. David says

    At some point, this conversation with Christians and other haters will need to turn a corner. Instead, it seems to be ratcheting up. Case in point the other story about a young man at a graduation picnic being beaten by a group of nine. We need to identify some new talking points that both sides can agree upon.

    In my own experience, I lived next to a virulently hateful old couple who damaged our property and harrassed us, and even harrassed landscapers that were working on our property (guilt by association). Their hate for us, particularly the woman’s, was the most energizing and thrilling thing that was happening in their lives. Without it, they would be left with the stark reality that they were poor, uneducated, near the end of their lives, and stuck with a life that was unfulfilling. The glee and zeal with which they attacked us verbally supplied the only stimulation that they experienced each day.

    I think this relates how these groups are attacking us. They have nothing else to feed their otherwise empty lives. They see that the choices they have made are limiting, and having no education or skills to change this trajectory. They often were too young when they started a family, so the overwhelming burden and responsibilities of parenthood become the only thing that they choose to believe gives their life meaning, and one of the few things that they have and we (generally) do not have. Now the gay community is asking for that too? It is too much. Their choices haunt them. The only way to not accept the vacuity of their existence is to make hate a virtue.

    I believe it is a fact that these people will not ever change. They hate the jews, the Mexican immigrants, the gays. Our only hope is that they find someone else to hate and leave us alone. The muslims? No, the hate need to be directed at a clear and present danger, not an abstract idea outside the USA. Sure the muslims are a threat, and they hate them, but there aren’t enough of them in this country to provide the fixation.

    Look at the gays: We’re everywhere, and everyone knows someone who is gay. They see upwardly mobile gays who are self-actualized and they hate us for it. They see gays who “choose” to have children, and these gay parents are frequently a little older and more mature, have some expendable resources to make it happen, and are in what appears to be stabile relationships. Or they are single (!) and can clearly afford the nanny or other support system to make that happen. This cannot be allowed. They are resentful. They are jealous. Of course I realize that I’ve made a generalization, and that probably most gay parents are struggling and have the same hopes for their children, but these aren’t the gay parents that they see on television. And even in situations where the gay parents have limited resources, it still takes a level of self awareness and intentionality to have a family if you are in a gay relationship. It is obvious to these haters that even when socio-economic scales are equal, they still come up short in educational achievement, self actualization, and overall contentedness.

    The fact of their circumstance is the source of their hate.

  46. Jim says

    “Everything I do, say, or preach, I believe in this book,” (the bible)

    That’s not much different than those in the Mid East saying “everything I believe in is in the Koran”

  47. andrew says

    @Gene: A metaphor? What is the metaphor when yahweh tells his people to stone to death the man caught gathering wood on the sabbath? How about his mandate to kill all the living creatures in the towns that his followers conquer. Etc. Etc. It is a vile book written by primitives. Only the Taliban can rejoice in the beauty of those metaphors.

  48. nikko says

    Exactly, ANDREW. Comments like GENE to me are as stupid and confounding as the fundamentalists.

  49. says

    well, “biblically speaking”, “SODOMY” is the hoarding of wealth and refusing hospitality and generally being a greedy selfish prig.

    there you have it. the sodomites of America are the GOP.

  50. NVTodd says

    1. This tiny church in bumfuckegypt is hardly representative of “Christianity”.

    2. The obsession to make sense out of the rantings of the delusional about their magical monkey in the sky, to seek acceptance from them, and to make sense of their hopelessly corrupted “Holy Bible” is just TOO ridiculous to not remark upon.

    3. The only reason any of you give two craps in a snowstorm about this tiny church in the middle of nowhere, is because the hiv and std infected sex-obsessed self-destructive and community destructive gay media run by addicts and losers and douches is distracting you from doing the hard work that remains undone.

    4. Defining ourselves as primarily as sexual creatures is idiotic. Straight people don’t do it – the MEDIA does. It’s done to sell you crap you don’t need, and in most instances, will make you sick or kill you. Stop being stupid fagots and victims. It’s unseemly and more than a little bit pathetic.

  51. says

    NVTODD, it would be wonderful if you could be a real proud man and show us the example of a Proper Gay Man that you apparently are.

    You can provide the URL to your own webpage and/or youtube video wherein you show this example, and share your message, which will only give it validity.

    After all, there’s no reason a strong and empowered gay man like you would be unable to put a face to his comments, right? I mean, that kind of anonymity is just for wussy little cowards, right?

    So, let’s see ya bro.

    Show us how to not be “stupid “agots (sic)” and “victims” by showing us the example you lead and live every day.

    it’s so easy even i can do it. click my name to see how.

  52. john says

    lest we and the world forget
    Posted by wilmbear(292 posts) on May 28, 2012 at 11:34am
    and many don’t even know that we were once put behind fences once before by a little group known as the nazi’s, tortured starved and experimented on and we’re still here. So pastor worley if anyone belongs behind a fence I would say its you. Prison fences for promoting encouraging and instigating; starvation and murder of human beings. so pastor worley to you I say, been there done that got the pink triangle to prove it, not to mention history books, museums, and hundreds of thousands of WW2 veterans. So pastor worley your secret is out it’s time to turn in your cross for a swastika fly your true colors. What you are saying is very similar to what the nazi’s said before they marched us, the jews, gypsies, the physically and mentally disabled off the the camps, labs, and gas chambers.

  53. NVTodd says

    What’s the matter, KIWI, the meth addict shut-in remarks strike a little too close to home for you ?

    If you have some counter-point to make about my remarks on this article, make them.

    Otherwise, do yourself a BIG favor, and STFU.

    And no, you don’t get to see my picture and look at my web sites. My personal information is a privilege, not a right.

    Just because you choose to be a slutty little media whore in the age of devalued privacy doesn’t mean anybody else is obligated to follow your lemming-like lead.

    Have a nice day.

  54. says

    Prove me wrong, NVTODD. I call your bluff. You seem to have a very specific idea of what everyone else should be doing – prove you’re doing it yourself, show us, and lead by example.

    You can’t sit in the darkness and complain that nobody is doing what you, yourself, aren’t doing either

    I have nothing to hide, I don’t do anonymity – it’s for wimps.

    I call your bluff.

  55. NVTodd says

    KIWI, what bluff ?

    What makes you believe I have anything to prove to you, or owe you anything at all ?

    I reiterate, if you have something to counter related to my comments here, you would do it.

    Instead you seem obsessed with seeing my picture so that you can jack-off to my photos. Not gonna happen. I’m not interested in your STD infected and drug addicted obsession with me. I know what you are, it’s tiresome and common. It’s the real problem with the community – the tendency to think that simply being a media whore accomplishes anything. It doesn’t. Get out there and do some real work for a change.

  56. says

    show us the “real work” you’re apparently doing.

    or keep making excuses for being a closeted wimp with no balls 😀

    you seem to have some ideas of what we should all be doing. how about you show us all by your example the specifics YOU are doing, that you feel we should all be joining you in?

    there’s one lil’example of the actual in-real-life work i do. check out me and my parents in the video 😉

    yes, i’m calling your bluff. what bluff? oh, let me break it down – i think it’s incredibly obvious that you’re one more in a miserable line of closeted wimpy trolls who hate “everything gay” because you hate yourself. you could prove me wrong, by actually (you know) proving me wrong. URL, please.

    but you won’t. because you can’t. and that makes me smile. :) like this.
    i do real work in the real world all the time. and i can prove it. what “real work” are you specifically doing? don’t just tell us, SHOW US. if you can. bet you can’t, though 😉

    here’s another example of what i’m actually doing:
    click the 1:30pm link 😉

  57. NVTodd says

    I think the fact that you avoid addressing any of the points I’ve made, and use this forum as an opportunity to self-promote by primarily personally attacking people just supports my arguments.

    And no, I made no bluff for you to “call”.

    I’m not interested in your childish bets, or your bizarre ego tripping.

  58. JJ says

    And this is why I will NEVER practice any organized religion. I will not let any mere man tell me what to believe, how to worship, or that I am a sinner. Not to mention, almost all organized religions pretty much hate every other religious group.

    I don’t understand why these sad hillbillies continue to blindly follow the corrupt, hypocritical, megalomaniacal dictators and give them all their welfare checks.

    No real Christian, churchgoer or not, would want to be associated in any way with Worley or his cult.

  59. g says

    very sad to see that there are so many generalizations of those who believe in God. all believers do not think the way these people do. generalizing and intolerance are what you fight against and yet you do not tolorate someone who disagrees with you, and in a violent attitude at that. God loves all and forgives all who seek His forgivness. He is not hateful, do spend some time studying and finding scripture that supports your lifestyle of sin or any sin.

  60. Joseph Douglas Jewell says

    Im glad someone had the guts to stand up and say what allot of us are thinking, there is no place in this world for queers, fags, gays, or whatever you want to call those sick things. They cry about how it’s not a choice, they where born that way, B.S. They do this to piss off their parents and for attention, if you dont like America or the way your treated don’t move to another country and cause them problems, kill yourself now. Pastor James, I’m glad you said what you said and don’t let anyone tell you your wrong. We are behind you 100% and there are allot of us who think like you. The fags can say what they want but you can’t, that’s so like them.

  61. SharonERC says


    Hoover met with Mussolini during the mid-1920s to form their ‘eternal alliance’ between Italy’s Fascists and the American Republican Party.

    Their actions have been conforming to the accepted points of Fascism since then.


    Hitler boasted his three-step plan to state-sponsored, ‘legal’ genocide:

    (1) they have no rights,

    (2) they have no rights to live among us, and

    (3) they have no rights to live.


    These days we get Pastor Charles Worley’s sermonising how he will implement Hitler’s plan in today’s America.

    Germans stood silently then with Herr Hitler. Americans stand silently now with Pastor Worley.

    Keep standing silently awaiting Reverend Martin Niemoller’s predictions will repeat for you, too.

    I’ve been to Dachau. Its electric barbed-wire fence surrounds the death camp prison. Human long bones stacked as cord-wood; skulls; captives’ belongings strewn in the storage room. No more Dachau!


    ‘Not in My name!':

    Deu 13, 1-5

    Deu 18: 20

    Matt 7: 15-20

    Matt 19: 11-12 and 18-19

    Matt 24: 23-27

    Luke 6: 20-26

    1Corr 7: 36-38

    Rom 16: 17-19.


    Read Lamar Waldon’s new book and deny Republican are treason.


    Learn how the Republicans, with Democrats in tow, are giving contemporary America the same downward sprial as did the Bourbons leading to the storming of the Bastille.


    Oliver Crangle dealt in petulance and poison. He chose four o’clock as his personal Gotterdammerung.

    Crangle – a twisted fanatic, poisoned by the gangrene of prejudice, to the status of avenging angel, upright and omniscient, dedicated and fearsome.

    At four o’clock, Crangle made his bed and lay on it. A pot called a kettle black. A stone-thrower broke the windows of his glass house.

    It’s now four o’clock at Pastor Worley’s congregation.

    Look for this one under ‘F’ for fanatic and ‘J’ for justice.