1. Sanderson Pooper says

    I’m pretty sure he’s going to be on the next season on Survivor. They are bringing back three mystery players who all had to leave the game for medical reasons.

    Beyond his incredibly immature demeanor, he was actually fun to watch on the show. Everyone loves a villain. That said, I think the difference between him and most people is that he’s too young and too uncouth to filter his thoughts. A lot of his allegedly racist comments were actually not very racist. They were much more about his total lack of exposure to the real world or anyone different than those who live in the bubble he does. Keep in mind he’s like 19 and clearly hasn’t ventured far from Alabama.

  2. UFFDA says

    Coltor was hilarious, colorful and fun to watch. You don’t see anyone as “out” as he was very often and who hasn’t said stupid things under the stressful situations of Survivor filmed 24-7 in a wild setting among the aggravation of total strangers? Plus it’s quite clear that the editing given him was slanted towards controversy. Survivor could easily have avoided that but chose not to. Thus Jeff Probst has never shown himself to be more inappropriately self-righteous.

  3. Fred says

    This guy may be good entertainment, but his judgmental attitude and behavior is disgusting. I am embarrassed to share my wonderful GLBT community with him.

  4. Sanderson Pooper says

    If reality TV is last decade, why does it dominate TV, yet awesome shows like Community, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, GCB, etc. etc. all get the boot? Tell that to Bravo.

  5. Ben says

    i see berating people based on their personal circumstances and/or physical stature is “Entertainment”??? that’s just stupid. he’s an immature little prick who was/is looking for attention.

  6. Bart says

    Gotta say, if he comes back, I may not watch and I love Survivor. Probst said it, he’s not a villan people love to hate, he a villan they simply hate.

  7. MarkUs says

    I thought he was a hilarious villain. And yes he reminds me of Phi Phi Ohara, and Drag Race would have been dull dull dull without a foe.

  8. Darius says

    I think this article and this guy on Surviver brings up a lot of issues around race, ethnicity, and racism in the gay community. These problems exist and white gay america really needs to join the conversation. That rainbow flag is more like one color than it is an actual rainbow.

  9. erd44 says

    I love anyone who irritates lib-tards.

    I think he’s awesome. Uppity blacks need to be put in their place sometimes. I’m so glad I don’t live in the States to have to deal with the black problem all the time.

  10. scott says

    umm.. @ERD44, sounds like you really need to be put in your place.

    This guy made me CRINGE…..his voice, his attitude, his revolting comments…. I just think we-our community- need many more good press and portrayals- not stereotypes- and especially not negative, racist assh*le ones like this guy

  11. andrew says

    I only watched that show a couple of times and man was he easy to hate. I have to admit that I wanted to see somebody deck him. He was the personification of a bitchy little faggot. I think there is something very sad about him. He has to look deep into his own soul, find out what is wrong and fix it.

  12. Will says

    As a gay black guy in Boston, I’m quite used to people like Colton. My experiences evidence that there is simply a lot of ignorance around race in the gay community in areas that suffer from racial diversity. Not condoning what he said in any way but it’s simply a fact.

  13. ThomT says

    He’ll be back – “Survivor” loves nothing more than a villain that everyone hates and stirs up that water cooler conversation. This guy annoys me beyond belief and his half hearted attempt to excuse, explain and apologize for his behavior was beyond laughable.

    If Colton is actually on the next season of “Survivor” it will be interesting to see how he conducts himself because the new season was being filmed while the current season was running. This means that (like Russell) Colton will have had no knowledge of how much people despised him and will be formulating his strategy based solely on how well he thinks he was doing on the earlier season.

    I do think this his mother’s comment about Colton not being accepted by “some” members of his family explains a lot – I’m not excusing his behavior (he’s an adult now) but if he came out as young as he said he did and was rejected by his own family it could have caused him to create this offensive obnoxious persona as a defense to help him deal with that rejection.

  14. says

    well, THOMT, the reality is that’s WHY these idiots are republicans.

    he’s a self-hating homosexual with anti-gay family members. his solution? rather than growing a spine and a pair of balls, he perpetuates the same bigotry in his family. “Look, Imma gay but i don’t like *coloreds*! Do you love me again yet?”


    same thing over and over again with gay republicans. they’re not actually accepted. they’re merely tolerated as long as they hate “those liberal gays” and “non-whites”.
    it’s something i could understand in a young and dumb person (ie, most republicans) but when you become a grown-@ss adult and you’re still peddling that b.s. then frankly you deserve every ounce of misery life brings your way.

  15. says

    How anyone can think that Colton is anything but a low life is beyond me. He’s a little queen from a hick town in a hick state. The only reason he lasted as long as he did was because he had a idol and the guys on his team were dumber then he is.

  16. Jerry6 says

    Having watched part of a an episode in it first year, I figure that this whole situation is nothing but a ruse to get some people to watch the show for rating purposes.

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