DC Comics Will Soon Out Green Lantern Alan Scott as Gay: REPORT


Comics blog Bleeding Cool says that the DC Comics superhero set to come out of the closet is Alan Scott, aka Green Lantern.

Writes the blog:

I ran semi-sourced stories indicating that the character who DC Comics announced as being reintroduced to the New 52 DC Universe as a gay man, was Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, who appeared in Earth 2 #1 briefly,

Well, at Phoenix Comic Con, I had a much stronger source confirm to me that, yes, it is indeed Alan Scott. On that basis I feel confident in calling it. Keep your Earth 2 #1 in good nick, and start queuing up for Earth 2 #2… right about now.


  1. Snownova says

    Darn, couldn’t they do this before the movie and have Ryan Reynolds play a gay Green Lantern :)

    (the one from the movie may have been a different lantern, I claim ignorance and have repressed most of the movie that did not include a CGI spraypainted Reynolds)

  2. Fenrox says

    BOOOOOO! WTF, god, he is like 140 years old. His story lines are so tired and they NEVER know what to do with the starheart. Sand would have been a way better choice.

  3. Lymis says

    Yes, Alan Scott is an entirely different person from the Hal Jordan character in the Ryan Reynolds movie.

  4. Joe says

    What a rip off, Alan Scott is the GL from the 50’s and 60’s hes some old buck now.
    totally different from the Hal Jordan GL we know today, So sorry all you Ryan Reynolds fans, totally different guy.
    which surprises me, cause only the nerds will know that, the general public will
    think GL Ryan Reynolds is gay!

  5. MickleSt says

    In the reboot, Alan Scott is not old. It’s a total do-over, FYI. He’s a hot young media mogul.

  6. Brian G says

    The problem with this, is that the Alan Scott Green Lantern is part of the alternate universe Earth 2 comic. So, while Green Lantern may be ‘iconic’ as DC had put it, the iconic GL is more the Hal Jordan one; the one we grew up with on Super-Friends. So this GL will not be part of the main DC universe. Interestingly enough, Apollo and the Midnighter, once part of the WildStorm Universe, are now part of the main DC Universe over in StormWatch. They were and continue to be an out gay couple. Actually, since the new 52 reboot, their relationship is just restarting as well.

  7. Alexx says

    As a comic book reader since childhood this makes no sense and is the weakest and lamest attempt to “officially” represent the gay population in comics.

    Alan Scott has been married for 40-50 years, he has a daughter, he has one of the only real and heartfelt marriages (to his wife), and his son, Obsidian, is already gay.

    What the f*ck, DC.

  8. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Alexx – You’re correct. No gay man has ever been married with children. BTW – would you be interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyn?

  9. Gregoire says

    I can’t be the only person who finds this rather genius. Not only is Alan Scott a character with DECADES of history, it invigorates an elder character and creates an unconventional representative of the gay community.

    Also — fabulous jewelry.

  10. Nat says

    “@Alexx – You’re correct. No gay man has ever been married with children. BTW – would you be interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyn?”

    I sincerely doubt DC is interested in playing ‘closeted dad regularly visits restroom’ stories.

  11. JOEY says

    OK, so we have an old queen representing us? AGAIN? What is he going to do, use his ring to generate from corn, so he can scare up some “chicken?” LAME-O!

  12. says

    the problem with this is the DCnU Earth 2 Alan Scott is much younger than his old continuity counterpart. He does NOT appear old enough to have adult children. So if the turn Alan Scott gay, they are basiucally negating the existance of one of the few ORIGINAL gay heroes we had!

    I’d much rather have seen them out Booster Gold. He was already written Metrosexual and the only girlfriend I remember him having was an old lady sugar momma.

  13. Steven says

    Sheesh – some of you twits do not pay attention before running your mouths. When DC Comics rebooted their universe Alan Scott was one of the many characters included in the re-imagining. He’s is from Earth 2 and of a younger age.

    Regardless – I’m getting really sick of the term “old queen” being used to shame gay men who have the nerve to do something as “awful” as grow old.

  14. Keith says

    Even if Alan Scott is reimagined as a gay man in the “New 52″ continuity, who’s to say that that effectively negates Jade and Obsidian entirely? First of all, are there no gay dads with biological children in existence? My husband is one, why couldn’t Alan Scott be one as well? Sure, they may not be adults yet, but they’d exist. Secondly, who’s to say that Jade and Obsidian won’t show up elsewhere at some point completely unrelated to Scott? The new DC Universe is all about reinventing DC’s beloved characters and with any hope, Jenny and Todd will make their “New 52″ debuts with Todd’s sexuality intact.

  15. Tony says

    I don’t know whether to laugh or wince at the reaction of the age of a comic character. I’m sure if it was DC’s black character, “Cyborg” there would be as much negativity. I see no issue with either as long as much creativity and time is put into the character as any other.

  16. Solomon says

    Ugh. I mean YAY another WHITE, BLOND gay character (icon). Fail. I was pulling for literally anyone else.

  17. June says

    WTF DC….. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Can we just not do this at all. Allen Scott is more American than Superman…. Are you really going to make him puff on peters? DC you need to fire all those people that agreed to this BS

  18. CKNJ says

    June, are you for real? You have to be a troll, ‘cos if you are a regular Towleroad reader YOU need to be fired from ‘gay’ for stating that because he is more American than Superman he should not be allowed to be gay. If you are a straight troll (as I assume you must be from that pointless snide cr*p you spout), how ’bout you just take your bigoted gob and f*ck off!