1. gabriel says

    Say what you will about Mark Halprin, but he at least will ask the “tough” questions and demand an answer. Luckily Secretary Duncan didn’t need pressure to answer this one.

    And like Mika said, “I love when an answer is just ‘yes'” :)

  2. Mark says

    These comments are the Obama Administration signaling that he supports marriage equality.

    Reality is that Obama doesn’t want to turn marriage equality into the deciding factor for the presidential election. The GOP is more than happy to use anti-gay hate to get out the vote. It did so to dramatic successful effect in 2004.

    Mitt Romney has said that he will push for an anti-marriage equality U.S. Constitutional amendment.


    I wish more emphasis had been put on ENDA sooner. Obama is far from perfect–light years but he’s all that we have.

  3. says

    Anyone remember Bush’s Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings? She objected to a PBS show for kids that had a character come to Vermont and encounter a same sex couple.

    So not only was she against marriage, she was against letting kids know we exist.

  4. Tim NC says

    Halperin at least phrased the question properly so that t wasn’t about “benefits”, but about “marriage”.

    Biden’s statement was that he was comfortable with men who marry men receiving full equal benefits. The operative part of that statement is the receiving benefits. It never actually says Biden is comfortable with men marrying men. Just that if they are married, he is comfortable with them receiving full equal benefits.

    Hopefully reporters will start asking the question the way Halperin phrased it in te future.

  5. NaughtyLola says

    @Tim MC, I think you’re splitting hairs unnecessarily. The truth is NOBODY has to be comfortable with same-sex marriage. That’s never been the issue at all. What they do have to do is enforce and acknowledge equal-protection laws and the Full Faith & Credit clause of the US Constitution. If people are uncomfortable, which they can be — its too bad, but that’s the way of the world — they must deal with that privately and not let it interfere with public policy or the public good.

  6. andrew says

    I know that I am superficial, However have any of you noticed what a STUD Arnie Duncan is? I’m sorry, what was the topic?