1. Lucas says

    People are getting bored with Facebook and looking for the next big thing.. I think this would be a bad long-term investment.

  2. anon says

    The problem with IPO’s is that they screw over the eventual stockholders. Most of the value is squeezed out of the company stock just before the IPO. As a stockholder you’re betting that the insiders made a bad trade and undervalued the company.

  3. andrew says

    Does anyone else think that Mark Zukerberg looks like the statues of Augustus Ceasar? Of course Augustus wasn’t as rich as Mark.

  4. tommyboy10T says

    i am still trying to understand why Facebook is so profitable. I understand adversting and all of that, but it isn’t as though they employ a ton of people and it isn’t as though advertisers have no other outlets. yes, of course I am on facebook, but realistically I don’t need to be.

  5. Solomon says

    Am I the only one who finds him icky? No? Okay. The guy is a billionaire and I’m sure he finds it hard to find genuine friends. He is just short and really unattractive. It’s like he has this off-putting aura DESPITE his worth.

  6. Paul R says

    I dated a billionaire Internet guy for a while, and he was awful. So yeah, money doesn’t compensate for personality defects.

    Also, it was one of the worst IPOs ever. The stock was priced terribly. It’s clear that Facebook is not exactly trending these days, and they should have done the IPO a year or two ago. But he’s a pompous guy and held out too long.