George Takei Still Seeking Gay Marriage Lunch With Donald Trump

GeorgeTakeiTrumpGeorge Takei, the Star Trek actor turned gay activist, filled in as announcer for Howard Stern's radio show today and reminded listeners he's still waiting on a luncheon with Donald Trump to discuss the businessman's opposition marriage equality.

“I want to listen to what his concerns are," the gay, married actor said today. "I respect people’s right to their faith…However, we’re talking about civil law as opposed to religious law, and how religious faith or value should be written into a law that effects everyone.”

Explaining why he wants to sit down with Trump, Takei said, "He is an influential person. He effects the thinking of a lot of people…I think he’s an open minded fair minded person and certainly a savvy businessman."

The men agreed in March to have lunch in April, but the event never came to fruition.

Trump should really get on this; even if they don't reach a consensus on gay marriage. Takei is a funny man and a sci-fi icon. A lunch with him would for many people be a dream. Including me!


  1. says

    “(sic) effects…”

    I’m not sure exactly whose thinking Donald Trump actually affects, but I would certainly hesitate to walk on the same side of the street of said person(s). The only “thinking” that I can imagine Trump actually has an effect on is whomever it is he does business with.

  2. Marky says

    I guess its good to do this but who cares what trump thinks, I don’t. Maybe people do…

  3. StevyD says

    Donald’s brains and balls (both minuscule at best)together are still smaller than his thinning comb-over.

  4. al says

    Did George really say “I think he’s an OPEN MINDED fair minded person and certainly a savvy businessman.”

    Yikes! Has he not followed Trump and the birther issue. I thought George was smarter than that.