1. jim says

    eh, must all be straight…such ridiculously repetitive and boring “choreography.”

  2. arcadian says

    Hey, Lighten up! They’re just having fun. They didn’t even HAVE to do this.

  3. Crimson2008 says

    I would assume that Bulldogs would be immune to such inane bubble-gum lyrics. Seems like something a bunch of Yale men would like.

  4. SayTheTruth says

    Yes, they all must be straight. And they look scarily robotic. Even so the one in the front row has a furious case of the trimmed eyebrows.

  5. Darrell says

    Perhaps they all want to be a female Canadian popstar singing and trying to get a buff Canadian boy next door neighbour……….Just send the bus load up north we’ll teach em what life in “The Dominion” is all about….LOL. They would probably even learn to SMILE!!!!!! LOL LOL.

  6. says

    The one in the middle is keeper. Otherwise, they got nothin. Need more moves. Shoulda had a gay show em how it’s done.

  7. TJ says

    Just curious. Given the setting, how much more complicated could the choreography get? I mean, fan kicks are out, right?

  8. NwYrkr says

    cute dudes, for the critics above, i think it might be difficult to do any kind of spirited/creative dance routine while seated in a moving suv/minivan

  9. ggggb says

    I feel like I’m interpreting a very irritating tone in the fact that this is something which would charm the author, something very typical and boring.

  10. NorthoftheBorder says

    i thought they were all hot.. except maybe the one in shades. typically straight guys.. but seriously.. some gays couldn’t do much better. lol. I like the wink from the last guy. super cute.

  11. Jeff says

    agreed, North. the wink at 2:32 is PERFECT..!..the best part of the piece. (this song, like most, i.e., all, current pop, stinks..!)

  12. BJ says

    The one in the middle in the middle seat has Lady Di eyes. Both her sons have the same eyes. Killer eyes.

  13. says

    Collegiate baseball team doing choreagraphy to bubblegum pop, and everyone goes along with it?? Brave, different, love it.

  14. Markt says

    All the complaints about this video ring false. The guys are adorable and just having a goof. Why is that not good enough?
    It is. But gay blog trolls have to have choreography at least on the level of Smash or whatever.
    The Harvard team is offering solidarity with us gays – and it’s being rejected because the arm choreography is insufficiently pleasing to the queens who went to see ABT once 10 years ago when they were still young enough to climb the stairs at the Met. Give me a break.
    We know your taste in the art of the Dance is sublime all the queens who dissed this. But it just can’t hold a candle to youth, innocence, good spirit and even bravery of the Harvard baseball team.

  15. Todd says

    I hope they won their game. They actually were having fun which is less than I can say for my high stress little league when I was a kid. So all you haters take a breather tonight because all the conservative jerks in America have got hate covered for you:)

  16. andrew says

    Those guys certainly are proof Jefferson got it wrong when he wrote “all men are created equal”. Just imagine being that handsome, athletic, talented and bright. Where did Harvard get those guys? Hollywood Central Casting? I love posts like that. Not as good as the USAF Academy Cadets who are “sexy and they know it”. But good nevertheless!

  17. Tessie Tura says

    I’m sure that most of you have ogled go-go boys with less original choreography. It’s cute, it’s entertaining, and it is what it is.

  18. says

    Harvard is stocked like a pond. And the sexy part is they aren’t stupid. Used to live in Cambridge. But for extreme sights UCLA is better. Shirtless frat boys on Gayley.

  19. JG says

    Hey, sour b/tches, maybe you missed the point. Their video helps draw attention to www dot friendsofjaclyn dot net — a program for any child with a pediatric brain tumor. They pair children with athletic teams close to home so they can be as involved as possible.

    Try to be a bit less shallow and obvious, at least for day, gay.