News: Adam Yauch, Clooney Fundraiser, Campbell’s, Tony Ward

RoadBeastie Boy Adam Yauch dead at 47.

RoadGroup to protest outside Pastor Sean "beat your gay kids" Harris' church on Sunday.

BassRoadLance Bass is good to his friends in St. Martin.

RoadObviously he did not have a peanut allergy.

RoadAP: LGBT rights groups keep pressure on Obama. "Obama's campaign, aware of the discontent, trumpets the president's role in repealing "don't ask, don't tell' so gays can serve openly in the military and his decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies federal recognition to same-sex couples."

RoadMore loincloth: Kellan Lutz has been cast as stop-motion Tarzan.

RoadMichelangelo Signorile's interview with Pastor Sean 'beat the gay out of your kids' Harris. "In trying to explain why he used violence to convey his message even though he is now retracting the statements, Harris said: 'In the context of the scripture, Mark, chapter 9, Jesus conjures up violent images as well, when he says, ‘If your hand is causing you to sin, cut it off.' He's not speaking literally. He's speaking figuratively, using hyperbole to convey the importance of the offense.'"

RoadJustin Bieber's new video "Boyfriend".

WardRoadTony Ward lets his facial hair run wild for GQ Spain.

RoadUgandan gay activist Frank Mugisha speaks at Georgetown University. “If I’m doing something that’s not hurting someone, then it is my right to do it. If I’m doing something that is hurting someone, then maybe that’s when we need to draw the line and bring in the rule of law. My sexual orientation does not hurt anyone.”

RoadCourt grants lesbian mom in Colorado right to file for paternity.

RoadClooney-Obama fundraiser to break records: "President Barack Obama's dinner with George Clooney has officially sold out, and campaign sources are telling The Hollywood Reporter that the event is expected to raise up to $12 million for the president's re-election bid, making it the biggest presidential fundraiser in U.S. history. One hundred fifty high rollers — including Hollywood studio heads, celebrities and an array of entertainment industry execs — have paid $40,000 apiece to dine with the president at Clooney's Studio City home May 10."

RoadMark Wahlberg in another shirtless balcony appearance.

Tree_bearRoadFamous falling bear struck by car, killed.

RoadAmerican Family Association of Pennsylvania's Diane Gramley goes after Campbell's for support of Philadelphia's Equality Forum: "When I think of Campbell's Soup, I think of the Campbell's Soup kids with their advertisement that portrays a pro-family, a family-friendly company, which is what they want to portray to the public."

RoadMatthew Rettenmund meets the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race.

RoadAnti-gay billboard causes anger in New Zealand: "Former councillor Dale Evans has erected a notice board in Paraparaumu emblazoned with the words 'The Gay Times Are Over – Enough is Enough.' Mayor Jenny Rowan is openly gay and was the first lesbian mayor in New Zealand."

RoadThe L.A. performance of Dustin Lance Black's '8' will soon be available digitally: "The reading — which featured Kevin Bacon, George Clooney, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christine Lahti, Jane Lynch, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen and John C. Reilly, among others — also will be available June 1 on CD and for digital download via iTunes and Amazon and on demand at as of June 9, L.A. Theatre Works announced Thursday. The broadcast features added audio, including conversations with Rob Reiner, who directed the March 3 staging, as well as Black, Clooney and other cast members, plus interviews with lawyers David Boies and Ted Olson who led the charge in the courtroom against Prop. 8, the gay marriage ban."


  1. St. Theresa of Avila says

    So basically, the words of the Bible and/or Jesus are figurative when the pastor wants them to be, but not when anybody else wants them to be?
    Contemporary American Evangelicals are the laughing stock of the literate world.

  2. St. Theresa of Avila says

    BTW – Why the f— is a new Justin Bieber video a news item?

  3. mike8787 says

    Did Lance Bass get ab implants? How can you have “definition” and clear flab at the same time? Looks gross.

  4. Oliver says

    I think celebs should be called out for using Jet-Skis. They are terrible polluters, not only of our precious waters but also noise pollution. I go to the beach, the sea, for peace and quiet. Not to hear the sound of some yahoo a-holes and jet skis. And let’s call a spade a spade: they only use them to show off. Ever notice how they always ride close to shore!

  5. John says

    Cover what you will, it’s your blog, but FWIW Mark Wahlberg is not gay friendly.

  6. joanna says

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  7. KZ says

    When I was is high school, I never appreciated the Beastie Boys’ music. Then I went to college and fell in love with it. Love that song, “Girls.” Rest in peace, Adam. Sad, sad day.

  8. says

    Sorry, but the Justin Beiber video sucked worse than the song. Anyone else feel that Director X is way too over rated? He’s also the one behind The Wanted’s terrible video for “Chasing the Sun”.

  9. B says

    Mike: Lance got the airbrush sculpting celebs use to look like they have abs. Mariah being the most famous for a sloppy one.

  10. a contemporary says

    Re Adam Yauch: The Beastie Boys did *major* damage to young gay people, and helped shape an extremely rough climate at the time to be even rougher. (Things are vastly better now; younger gay people may not be aware of just how bad things used to be, say, in the late 1980s.) The Beastie Boys (as reported in Rolling Stone) used to scream out “FAGGOT!!!” at their concerts. Also, the original name of their “Licensed to Ill” album was “Don’t Be a Faggot.” (No, I’m not making that up.) It is very difficult for me to understand any LGBT person being a fan, or embracing, their work, or legacy. Yes, I know they apologized later (*much* later…as in way-too-late later), but as a personal victim of their vicious gay-hating, I personally haven’t yet come to any feelings of forgiveness.

  11. ratbastard says

    Lance Bass living la vida loca. What’s he gonna do when he runs out of $ ?

  12. jamal49 says

    @ ST THERESA OF AVILA: Because he’s cute and he’s now legal (18).

    @RATBASTARD: I’m sure Lance has made some wise investments and is set for life. Who care’s? He’s a kind man, a good guy and kudos to him for his generosity. Are you jealous perhaps?

  13. ratbastard says


    No, I’m not jealous. But you’re right, my post was snarky.

    BTW: How do you know he’s a ‘good man’?