NC County Officials Say Protest Against Pastor Charles ‘Kill the Gays’ Worley Can Go On


NOTE: If you haven't seen Anderson Cooper's interview with Worley backer Stacey Pritchard, it's a must. Check it out HERE.

Catawba County, North Carolina officials have granted the use of land for a protest this Sunday against Pastor Charles Worley, after the planned demonstration swelled with national attention and organizers are now expecting up to 2,000 people to attend. The County had earlier denied the request, McClatchy reports:

CatawbaIn originally denying the request, the county had cited county codes governing public use of grounds. Provisions include completing an application 14 days prior to the date of the proposed use, a requirement that a group making the request must have been in existence at least one year and proof of insurance.

Protesters went to the ACLU, and the County has relented:

"We want to peacefully and respectfully practice our First Amendment rights," said protest organizer Laura Tipton, 24, of Hickory. "We aren't a specific group or organization. All we want is the use of the grounds – a safe place."

On Thursday night, the county posted a statement on its website, saying officials had received an application earlier that day for public use of the lawn of the Justice Center for Sunday's protest.

"This application raised questions regarding the constitutionality of the existing regulation, specifically the 14-day requirement for applications to be received in the County Manager's Office," the statement said.

Officials said they consulted with constitutional law experts after receiving the application and then chose to grant permission for the assembly "in the interest of demonstrating appropriate respect for the ideals embedded in the Constitution."

The protest is to be held on the grounds of the Catawba County Justice Center in Newton, about 12 miles away from Pastor Worley's church.

Information about the protest can be found HERE.


  1. sweetdog says

    I saw Anderson’s interview with Stacey. She’s not only a redneck but an ignorant twit who can’t complete a sentence. If his congregation is filled with people of her ilk it’s no wonder they were shouting Amen. She’s a brainwashed bigot who would sooner hold the box of nails for the fence than have compassion for the “homersexuls”. Idiot.

  2. Michae says

    In other words, there was no chance in Hell the county was going to allow this until the ACLU got involved and their lawyers realized they had no choice.

  3. SteveC says

    It’s good that the ‘official protest’ is 14 miles away.

    It leaves the way clear for some enterprising, unofficial and more violent protests at the church itself.

    Normally I am very opposed to violence.

    However seeing as Worley is calling for genocide for gay people, the rules are different.

    He needs to be stopped. By any and all means necessary.

  4. andrew says

    In many ways “religious” leaders like worley are helping the cause of equality for all Americans. They show most people, with a brain, just how ugly the bible is. It is a book that the Taliban can lovingly embrace.

  5. Erin Stevenson says

    GET A CLUE Ms. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz-RELOCATE the Democratic Convention to a state where literacy and compassion rise above the freezing point!! Otherwise the Democratic Party is giving unintended support for these NC Bigoted Cumquats.

  6. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    If the NC Democratic Party State Committee thought that having the Democratic Natl Convention in NC would put a “liberal and forwards-looking” face on NC to the rest of the Country, …Were they mistaken.

  7. james says

    The protest is being held on public property because while citizens have the First Amendment right peaceably to assemble, they must have permission to do it on private property. I’m guessing all the property close to the church building is privately owned by people who wouldn’t grant permission. The protestors could march along the public highway in front of the church — this church is in “open country” not in a town or city — as long as they didn’t impede traffic or trespass on private property.

    Besides, this guy is the kind who would arrange for armed snipers on the church roof to pick off the protesters.

    What good is it so far away? You thinking 2000 or more people showing up in a mostly rural county in NC to oppose anti-gay sentiments is not going to have some kind of impact? You thinking there won’t be any media there? Nothing is going to change his mind, but it will show he is not the only opinion in NC.

    Might even prompt the county commissioners to pass a resolution expressing disapproval of his remarks, or at least saying they would not favor building the camps in their county!

  8. jpeckjr says

    @littlekiwi. Seriously?? You favor federal agents invading the church building and killing people? Wow. That’s really helpful to the cause of LGBT equality.

  9. says

    Thank God Pastor Worley had the “guts and backbone” to say what he did! May other pastors and preachers obey God too. God all through the KJV Bible say’s He hates the lifestyle of homosexuals and has always destroyed them. They will go to eternal hell unless they repent. (Romans 1:32 (KJV)
    32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.)

  10. mrichards49 says

    @ Sam Phillips I am so tired of people talking about what the KJV says. You need to study King James IV and I. It is widely excepted by scholars that King James in fact was homosexual. Do some studying instead of excepting blindly what you have alway been told. Read about Esme Stuart d’Aubigny and maybe you won’t continue to believe that some how King James over 1600 years after the birth and death of Christ was sent to set the record straight and all others before or since are not to be believed. Ignorance is so Bliss

  11. wkm1965 says

    i agree with mrichards49 on the kjv. i cannot understand how the babtists came to believe that the kjv is the true “word”. it is a translation of a translation of a translation. i would like to know where all the kjv bible beaters were when the u.s. accepted no fault divorce to be enacted allowing christians to marry, divorce, remarry and have children by one or more spouses. the bible is very clear on this subject, but this is ok.

  12. codyj says

    ahh gee, Mr. Phillips,needs to go back on his porch,in his rocking chair,with his corn cob pipe, telling anyone under the age of 90 “GET OFF MY FRONT LAWN!!” lol, I understand he has collected ALL of the episodes from the ‘Real MCcoy’s ‘ tv program, how AWESOME…and all of this with his 3rd grade edu…

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