1. Graphicjack says

    “Jackson, a former Rutgers sociology professor whose daughter committed suicide, wrote that Ravi is already paying for any role he had in Clementi’s death: “I am convinced that he had no idea that his immature prank would contribute to his roommate’s suicide and that he, like me, will punish himself with guilt for the rest of his life.”

    Wrong. This kid has zero remorse for his actions, will not suffer because his family is rich, and gets off virtually scott free for what, sixteen counts of invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence. He was never on trial for murder, nor should he have been, but he should be punished for his crimes, and 30 days is way too lenient a sentence for this smug little bastard. Deport his ass out!

  2. Clif3012 says

    Wrong. This kid has zero remorse for his actions, will not suffer because his family is rich, and gets off virtually scott free

    Really, you spoke to him about his remorse? Just because he hasn’t done a six state apology media tour (US Weekly: “My private anguish!”) or publicly tore at his garments doesn’t mean he’s some kind of unfeeling monster.

    And 30 days in prison plus the Google results that will never die aren’t exactly ‘scott free’.

  3. Ryan says

    The guy should no freaking remorse for what happened. NONE. People may “think” he’ll live with a lifetime of guilt all they want, but there’s a pretty big chance, based on what we know of him, that he’s simply a sociopath… in which case he’ll never, ever feel a lick of guilt at all. Ever.

  4. Ryan says

    It should be noted that if Ravi did this to a pretty girl — secretly taped her being sexually engaged and aired it online for anyone to see, boasting about it on twitter — he absolutely, positively would have gone to jail longer than 30 days. Even if she didn’t commit suicide right after.

    The court basically went out of its way to make sure he wasn’t punished for what he did, by trying to suggest the sentence the jury thought appropriate was for something he didn’t do. (The judge said he shouldn’t go to jail for a lengthy time because it wasn’t a hate crime… but the jury didn’t charge him with a hate crime!!! It was bias intimidation. They’re different.)

  5. says

    That was a joke, right, with Montenegro? It was so bad, it didn’t even qualify for the finals. As ridiculous as Eurovision may be, it is still a song contest. And, by the way, “Euphoria” was a rightful winner this year.

    Very serious Eurovision fan :)

  6. bob says

    Dharun Ravi is a young sociopath who had multiple opportunities to stop what he did but chose not to. And then tried to cover up the evidence of his wrongdoing. It is reported that the judge, in determining the sentence, considered that the crime was unlikely to be repeated which is completely absurd. Ravi didn’t like Clementi even before they met and he used his computer genius skills to belittle and intimidate him. Mark my words, we will see Ravi’s name in the news again and it won’t be good.

  7. Gregv says

    @Ryan: the media has gotten this story wrong so many times, and you seem to be basing your comment on one of the many rumors.

    He did not videotape Tyler having sex and broadcast it for all to see. Dharun and Molly briefly peaked in on him and saw him kissing someone and then Dharun told his friends about it on-line. One of the things thst seemed to bother Tyler the most was those friends’ reaction.

  8. Caliban says

    GregV, for someone correcting another poster’s facts, you have several of them wrong yourself. Dharun Ravi pointed his camera at Tyler Clementi’s bed, then later PEEKed at him and “M” (according to Ravi) kissing, along with Molly Wei. Molly Wei, on her own, opened the camera link later to show a group of “5 or 6 girls” what Tyler was doing. Those were Molly’s actions, but they were made possible by Dharun Ravi. So as many as 8 people viewed Tyler Clementi and “M” that night.

    Ravi then groused and gossiped about Tyler both in person and on social media after that, before deciding to set the camera up a second time and issue invitations to others to watch. The ONLY reason it didn’t happen is that Tyler Clementi found out about it and unplugged Ravi’s computer.

    And if no one else feels that Ravi’s actions were at least part of the motivation for Tyler’s suicide, Ravi himself certainly seems to have felt they were since he deleted and altered comments he had made on Twitter and other social media and asked people to lie if questioned by authorities. Then there is the non-apology apology he sent Tyler, written only after he found out his actions had been reported and Tyler had disappeared.

    I didn’t want Dharun Ravi to be sentenced to prison, but I think it’s important that we be honest about exactly what he DID do, not minimize it or makes excuses for it. At the time of sentencing I did some research into what others had received for similar crimes, “up-skirt” pictures or videos of women without their knowledge, etc. It’s complicated by other factors like the age of the victim (many were children) and whether the perpetrator had a previous record (many did), but at the low end long periods of probation and/or 2 or 3 months in jail were common. One BIG difference is that all those convicted of electronic eavesdropping on someone’s sexual activity or nudity without their consent had to register as sex offenders, which Dharun Ravi did not and that’s a huge difference.

  9. aki says

    — secretly taped her being sexually engaged and aired it online for anyone to see, boasting about it on twitter —

    there was no tape and only two people ever saw anything (and nothing more than clothed kissing)

  10. Caliban says

    AKI, you’re WRONG!

    Seven or eight people watched Tyler Clementi that night. According to Dharun Ravi he and Molly Wei only saw kissing, but Dharun Ravi has proved himself a liar. (“I only turned the camera on to make sure my iPad wasn’t stolen.”) Molly Wei turned the camera back on later for a group of friends in her room. So far as I know, what THEY saw has never been described. Unless TC and “M” kissed for a very long time it could have been anything.

  11. NVTodd says

    Amazing that people are STILL lying for Ravi, who’s still yet to show any remorse, apologize, or in ANY way take ANY responsibility.

    Look, douchebags, Ravi obviously knew he was doing something wrong, as he intimidated witnesses and destroyed evidence.

    Ravi is a felon several times over and got off VERY easy, and the self-hating fags posting here are just as much an embarrassment as Savage, Sullivan, and all the other stupid media whores that called for leniency, and got it.

    YOU people are THE problem.

  12. Homer says

    The singer looks as like he took more than the usual swig of alcohol before his performance – something the audience should have also done before watching him.

  13. MSquare says

    fyi Rambo Amadeus has a long successful career. He’s very educated and usually social critical in his work. Also uses shock value that many of you could get past to understand what was going on. The song was so no eurovision, rambo is so not eurovision, but that was just one of the points. Get it?

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