‘One Million Moms’ Goes after The Gap for Its New Gay Ad

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Claiming that its recent campaign against JC Penney over an image of lesbians in its catalog is having an effect, American Family Association subgroup One Million Moms is now going after The Gap for an ad featuring a gay couple.

Writes the group:

Speaking of companies who are choosing to be politically correct instead of focusing on selling clothes; GAP is also guilty. In Los Angeles, CA, GAP has a billboard located downtown that reads: "GAP- BE BRIGHT- BE ONE" with two homosexual men pressed together under a shared t-shirt. They are hugging each other and facing the camera cheek-to-cheek. "BE ONE" is in large letters which emphasizes the same-sex relationship.

GAP Inc. Brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta, does not deserve, nor will it get, money from conservative families across the country. Supporting GAP is not an option until they decide to remain neutral in the culture war. GAP needs to seriously consider how their immoral advertising affect the youth of our nation.

Christians should urge for the removal of GAP's offensive billboard in Los Angeles and any other city where it is located. GAP will also need to cancel any plans to use the "Be One" ad campaign elsewhere including store-front posters, its website, and in print magazine ads.

The group instructs its members to send the company the following action item:

As a parent and a member of OneMillionMoms.com, I am highly offended by your company's disrespect for the millions of parents whose children will be exposed to your latest "Be One" GAP billboard ad. Selling clothes has nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation. In attempting to be politically correct, you are offending a huge majority of your customers.

GAP Inc. Brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta, does not deserve, nor will it get, my family's business as a result. I will not be able to support your corporation until you decide to remain neutral in the culture war. I implore you to consider how your immoral actions affect the youth of our nation.

Please order the removal of your offensive billboard in Los Angeles and any other city it is located. Also cancel any plans to use your "Be One" ad campaign elsewhere including store front posters, your website, and in print magazine ads.

The ad features Rory O'Malley (Tony nominee for The Book of Mormon) with his boyfriend, Gerold Schroeder

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  1. Brian G says

    And by “remaining neutral in the culture war” OMM means continue to put forth the notion that all couples have one wee wee and one hoo hah.

  2. Michael says

    It’s always interesting how OMM insists companies who support gay rights are “trying to be politically correct.” Maybe they’re just doing what their conscience tells them is right?

    Also, this IS the business of selling clothes. It’s called advertising. If people like your advertising (I’d say Gap’s potential customers in LA probably like this ad), it sells more clothes for you.

  3. joe says

    I went to the one million moms web site and filled out the “form letter” on their page, but modified it before I submitted it:

    As a GAP customer, I am not at all offended by your company’s recognition of the diversity of your customer base with your latest “Be One” GAP billboard ad.

    GAP Inc. Brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta, deserve, and will get, my family’s business as a result. I will be happy to support your corporation as you ensure everyone feels welcome in your stores. I’m thankful that you are setting a good example for all of the youth of America, not just a select few who conform to a specific, outdated belief.

    Please order more of your excellent billboards, like the one in Los Angeles. Also make more plans to use your “Be One” ad campaign elsewhere including store front posters, your website, and in print magazine ads.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concerns.

  4. KT says

    I’m sure The Gap will care about One Million Moms as much as JC Penny, Ellen, Archie Comics and Toys R Us did.

  5. BABH says

    I live in a college town. Young straight men today are comfortable putting their arms around each other, sitting in each other’s laps, and holding hands on the street.

    I actually didn’t see this ad as a gay couple until I found out who the models were. I read it more like a Benetton ad (e.g: http://tinyurl.com/6raeto8).

  6. says

    Besides, they’re already behind — I’m in Chicago today and saw it on the side of a city bus. It’s cute! And really, so unoffensive on the scale of ads.

  7. says

    I take exception to their claim that The GAP is “offending a huge majority of your customers”. That’s like me saying a huge majority of ONE MILLION MOMS actually buy their clothes at Wal-Mart.

  8. Oliver says

    let’s hope they are as successful with this as they were with their Starbucks boycott!

  9. Oliver says

    ^actually, was that OMM? or was it NOM? can’t keep track anymore. let’s just lump them all into OMMorons.

  10. Rascal says

    The only possible reason that lame, laughable groups like this get any attention at all is because the media rely on controversy for content. Their letter is so pathetic. Not a shred of defensible rhetoric beyond “I don’t like it.” No wonder the organizations targeted by these losers just roll their eyes.

    The ship has sailed, ladies, and you all are standing on the shore shaking your fists at people who are watching you get smaller and smaller…

  11. Tom says

    It’s nice how companies like Starbucks, JC Penny etc. are starting to wear these anti-gay boycotts as badges of honor.

  12. jim says

    Oh jezus kriste, now we’re gonna have to shop at The Gap, TOO? JCP is cool, you can get stuff for the whole house there, but The Gap is a bit limited for a 50-year-old. Did used to love my Gap jean jacket tho…maybe I’ll get a new one. Honestly, these Hundred Moms are f*cking with my budget!

  13. gregory brown says

    @Bash: what wonderful college town do you live in? I might want to visit just to see all the lads lounging snuggly and warm.

  14. Oliver says

    I could be wrong, but I think what we have here are One Million Moms who aren’t getting f*cked.

  15. Michaelandfred says

    Neutral would be having no models and only still life’s, OR doing as GAP has done and fairly representing all sides in the “cultur wars.” Neutral is not just showing heterosexuals. Not only does One Million Moms need a calculator, they obviously need a dictionary as well.

  16. Mary says

    The One Million Moms could do society more good by trying to prevent social disasters instead of worrying about two cute boys cuddling in a photo. What if the moms broke into groups of 5 each and in each group the 5 women concentrated on one individual? That would be 200,00 efforts to help people. Even at a 10% success rate, this would mean 20,000 fewer divorces, unwanted pregnancies, high-school drop-outs, people on welfare.

    Isn’ this a better idea?

  17. kodiak says

    Hi! I represent an organization called 25 Billion Gays. I am the President and sole member. On behalf of my organization, I would like to congratulate the GAP for their forward reach. Thank you for your support.

  18. Swiminbuff says

    I wonder if they understand the concept of boycott any better than that pastor who was boycotting Starbucks by buying coffee there and then pouring it down the sewer? Anyway I expect sales at The Gap to rise due to this boycott. I would be very disappointed in any business that caved into these 1950s morality police ladies.

  19. says

    Andy first posted a picture of this ad on May 4th. It took the moms two weeks to get their boycott going? I think they’re slipping.

  20. theotherlee says


    These used to really bug me.. how these groups can be so hateful as to try to get Ellen fired, take away people’s coffee etc…

    Then I remembered the old saying, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and I realized how much these “boycotts” are making for the very companies this moronic group is rallying against..

    So now, when I see them, I just smile.


    Peace, y’all…

  21. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Million Moms need to shove their used tampons in their mouths or get laid more often. I am disappointed with the Gap. Finding anything from the RED Project is rarely found in their stores.

  22. Brad says

    One Million Moms is run by the AFA (American Family Association) a hate group just like the KKK as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  23. Christian says

    Here’s a copy of my re-worked version of their action-item text, completely flipped to be a positive message and thank-you, which I sent to Gap Inc. via the link on their website. Feel free to use it if you like. I also posted it on the OneMillionMorons – I mean, Moms – Facebook page. They took it down after an hour, but it got seven ‘likes.’ =)

    “To Whom It May Concern:

    As a gay father with a committed non-legal partner of ten years, and someone who is highly offended by OneMillionMoms.com’s ridiculous efforts to shape the culture of our planet into something they deem acceptable, I applaud your latest “Be One” GAP billboard ad. Selling clothes has plenty to do with embracing ALL types of people, no matter their sexual orientation, marital status, or religious affiliation. In their attempts to chide and intimidate you for being appropriately politically correct, OneMillionMoms.com will undoubtedly find out the majority of your customers actually support inclusiveness and will come out in droves to support your new ad campaign.

    GAP Inc. Brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta, heartily deserve and will continue to get my family’s business as a result of this wonderful, tasteful, and inclusive ad. I will continue to support your corporation and thank you from the bottom of my heart for not letting hate groups like OneMillionMoms.com intimidate you into remaining neutral in the so-called ‘culture war.’ I implore you to remain unyielding in your attempts to include all versions of your customer and congratulate you on leading with an ad that encourages and affirms the youth of our nation, helping them realize no matter what their churches, parents, the media, the GOP, or hate groups like OneMillionMoms.com might say, there is nothing immoral about the way they choose to express themselves or their love for others.

    Please refuse to remove your outstanding and uplifting billboard in Los Angeles and any other city it is located. Also, refuse to cancel any plans to use your “Be One” ad campaign elsewhere including store front posters, your website, and in print magazine ads.

    I wish I’d seen ads like this when I was younger, scared to admit I was different, and fighting against the hateful sentiment of anything different or not in keeping with outdated religious intolerance behind the threats OneMillionMoms.com is making against your company; if I had, perhaps I would have learned to be confident and unafraid about being myself and acknowledging I deserve to be happy much sooner in life. Thank you, Gap Inc. Brands, for being a company I’m proud to do business with.


  24. Rob says

    Ha, They don’t have Gaps where the members of this organization are from. Hint Hint.
    Hill jack bigots.

  25. says

    Ladies, it’s called a vibrator. Use it. Maybe then you’ll stop these ridiculous boycotts. Just got some shorts from Old Navy, and I love them. :)

  26. Craig says

    Yeah, I read “remain neutral in the culture war” and I think that means no men and women together also.

  27. UFFDA says

    MARY – you have lots of good ideas, this is another one of them. And did you see my praise for your notion that The New Normal should be about guys who take care of troubled or unwanted children. I wanted you to. I know of such people.

    And again, welcome aboard marriage equality. You rock. Now. Is TJ talking to you yet?

  28. Charlotte says

    For real!!! Conservative equals biogoted and ignorant. Christians cant see how rediculous they sound. They disgust me with their hate. They only do and say what they hear others say and have no independant thought.

  29. Theodore says

    Can someone please find OMM a dictionary? I don’t think that they understand what the term “neutral” means. Because it certainly doesn’t mean “agree with me and ignore anything different” which is how they’re using it.

  30. andrew says

    The more accurately described “A Few Thousand Moms” are spreading themselves too thin. They never heard the tale of the boy who cried wolf too often.

  31. Darrell says

    So “not” one of those so called “One Million Moms” has a gay son or daughter????

  32. Darrell says

    Also it just goes to show that since GAP has been run by a Canadian CEO for several years who does know the value of equal rights in regards to both marketing and society. Also 33,000,000 Canadians certainly can outrank 1,000,000 “Bigoted Rightwing Evangelical Moms” easily in equality and social acceptance. Just deport all 1,000,000 up here and we can show them how an advanced country works! Then once they learn something we will let them come home!

  33. agcons says


    I’ve done the same thing with their template scolding letters; the first time was with their Ellen DeGeneres protest.

    I amused myself greatly by keeping as closely as possible to their syntax while modifying it to be completely supportive of JC Penney.

  34. Bill S. says

    With all these boycotts against clothing stores, eventually One Million Moms will have dress their pwecious little dinkums in potato sacks to protect them from deh ghey.

  35. Den says

    Why don’t ‘One Million Mums’ change their name to ‘a few thousand women obsessed more with attacking gay people than with actually trying to be good moms’ Yes, the new name doesn’t trip off the tongue so easily, but it’s a lot more accurate.

  36. William says

    “Selling clothes has nothing to do with a person’s sexual orientation.” LOL! Wanna bet?

  37. Rob says

    Hello? Marketing is about branding and GAP wants to brand themselves as diverse, tolerant, and hip. If you want to sell clothes to dowdy, frumpy church marms you might brand yourself differently. (You’d be called Land’s End.)

    These issues are a key part of how AFA gets working class people to vote for the interests of the rich. It baffles all of Europe that Americans do ths.

  38. Brian says

    I’m so happy to hear this news! Does this mean I’ll no longer have to stand by helplessly while unhappy, 300 pound women dripping with screaming children try to shoe horn their enormous asses into a pair of the Gap’s new yoga pants? SIGN ME UP! As for JCP, I think their boycott IS having an effect: I just bought some t shirts there for the first time in years. And those were 100% gay dollars being spent, baby!

  39. Mary says

    UFFDA, thanks. You’re the best. And yes, I saw your remarks about my suggestions for “The New Normal.” But I should have anticipated how my remarks would come across and written them to show more modesty on my part. So I deserved some of the hostility that came my way.

    TJ will probably not take my conversion to the marrige equality cause seriously and accuse me of being “Lucy” planning to take the ball away once again.

    And poor Kiwi. All he can do now is pretend that my recent conversion makes me like the town whore who gets religion and then proceeds to tell the minister what to say in his sermons. Then we’ll hear that I should “grow a pair” and make a Youtube video asking other conservatives to join me in supporting marriage equality but that I won’t because my homophobic mommy and daddy won’t then let me sit at the dinner table, yadda, yadda, yadda.

  40. NullNaught says

    @Mary re: conversion
    Congratulations. You have my deepest respect. I am actually choked up. Good for you. Good for you. Good for you. Now you shove this down Kiwi’s throaght every chance you get. Just cram away. You are brilliant. I want to marry you, but you’d have to get in line. 😉
    The last post I did directed at you was something along the lines of “I don’t know how you could evolve beyond this point. Good luck with that.” Thank you dearly for proving me wrong. I love to be wrong this way. :)

  41. NullNaught says

    Also, is Littlekiwi a sock-puppet troll you made up for our amusement? I ask because your “impersonation” of him sounds too dead on accurate; you do his voice all to well for him to be a person seperate from yourself. So if you are kiwi, I would just like to say, your character is rather 2 dimensional. You don’t give him any depth, he is a one-trick puppet. “Let me see your identification, NOW!” This character of yours (if he is) appears to think he’s a cop. Or maybe he runs this place that he can go around demanding people’s I.D.. He goes a little over the top with his badgering. Not very believeable, really.

  42. KIWI"S GHOST says

    So “the troll formerly known as Mary” is now a marriage equality fan? Yeah, I belive that (NOT!)

    “Mary” (or Rick/Jason/Ratbastard) why don’t you go F**k yourself and DIE IN A CAR FIRE you old ugly beeotch!

    Nullnaught, if you believe “Mary” has changed you need to GET REAL and see through her act. GROW A PAIR, guys! Has she posted her URL yet? Has she started a new group CME (Conservatives for Marriage Equality)? Have her parents marched in a gay pride parade with her under the banner “Formerly Homphobic, Now Homophilic”? And why can’t we know her real name? She wants us to believe she’s sincere but continues to use the internet as a Roman toga (er, Saudi Arabian burka, sorry for the slip-up!)

    This troll will never be pro-gay, just as she’ll never be loved. She’ll die a lonely death surrounded by her yellowing copies of The Advocate, while still not having the balls to finally view “Brokeback Mountain” (OK, women don’t have balls, but you get what I mean.)

    “She” is totally useless……truly


  43. Mary says

    Nullnaught, did you enjoy the above post? It was me posing as Kiwi, who is very much a real person. And Kiwi if you’re listening, I’m just kidding with you! You can call me “cuntybombastic” if you want to. I’m sure TJ will cheer you on.

    I’m glad you’re happy, Nullnaught. I came to the conclusion after much thought that I could only advocate accepting full equality for LGBT citizens…..or make the case that the whole gay rights movement was a mistake and that the society should have stopped “evolving” after Stonewall. The second is just too far back to go even for a conservative like me.

    Incidentally, I’ve wanted to say this to you for a number of days – you are one of the most fair-minded people I’ve ever seen. You have a respect for the intellect and the consistency of ideas that is striking – and rarely found even among the most scholarly of people. Whatever mental illness you have hasn’t reduced your intellectual powers. And it’s to your credit that you can have such a sense of fair-play for political opponents despite all the abuse you’ve been put through. I wish you all the best.

  44. NullNaught says

    I laughed my a$$ off at that. I was litterally laughing out loud. I went away and was coming back just now to compliment whoever did that. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen here on towleroad. Thank you very much! :)
    I have imense respect for you. I have some idea how hard it can be to change a long held view, and I just love you to pieces for managing this! You are now my favorite straight person bar none.

  45. Pup says

    The question on the American Family Association/One Million Moms is WHAT clothing lines DO they approve? I am beginning to think only white “Christian” garb with “official” hoods.

  46. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Of course, in this case, the expression, “one million moms” is just a figure of speech.

  47. Jerry6 says

    If I were a child of one of these “Moms”, I would be reluctant to admit it.

  48. says

    What a hoot. They never learn. Their Starbucks boycott failed, this will, too. For heaven’s sake, OMM, just give it up. You can’t win. You’re making yourselves look silly at every turn. How about protesting child molesters, child abusers (probably there are a few within OMM), and educational problems between rich and poor neighborhoods, Then you will be doing some good!!!

    Peace <3

  49. Laura says

    The Positive: I saw this ad today on a bus in my hometown and the gay capital of Boston and I believe my response was, “Oh yeah!” I’ve never shopped at the GAP, but my opinion of the company increased tenfold after viewing this ad. Whatever the GAP’s motivation for running this ad, I support it. I can only imagine what it would feel like to be a young gay male who saw this same ad, and how affirming it might have been for him. Way to go, GAP!

    The Negative: This is an amazing forum of responses, and I feel warm and fuzzy when I read so many passionate (and articulate!) Americans coming out in support of gay rights and really putting hate groups like OMM in their place. But I’ve viewed a couple times a comment that One Million Moms “just need to get laid” in order to cease their boycotts. In my opinion, this is rather juvenile, shortsighted, and indeed sexist. Suggesting that members of OMM are just sexually frustrated is fairly insulting to me as a woman (who is neither a mother, nor conservative). When women show opposition to something, we are often labeled as “having PMS” or “just needing to get laid.” Everything is reduced to our sexuality, even when we have legitimate reasons to be upset. Please, call OMM homophobic bigots, but don’t use their gender as the basis of your attack. That’s just fighting fire with fire.

  50. CArl Folk says

    I suggest people do as I did and go to the OMM site, register as a member and go to the prepared letter they request you sign . Delete what they have and enter your letter of support for the Gap. Lets show OMM (actually about 40,000 ) that we , the people who don’t find the ad offensive , have numbers too. Lets put these evil people out of business !

  51. Jack says

    I did the same as another commenter – I edited the letter and sent it directly from the One Million Moms site. What tools these people are.

  52. JeffB says

    The energy that is wasted in perpetuating hatred and bigotry is appalling! When are people going to recognize that we live in a diverse culture and that there is room for everyone?!

  53. RIck says

    I believe One Million Moms is really just two old farts, James Dobson and another bigot who writes these press releases (although he must be pretty busy: Penney’s, Urban Outfitters, the Gap).

    Ellen was great in her response, noting that for a group that calls itself One Million Moms, they had just 40,000 Facebook members. “I see what they’re doing, they’re rounding up.” (And most of the FB comments are from people saying, “I’ll be shopping at (Boycott of the Week) more now.”

  54. jamal49 says

    When I first saw this ad, my eyes filled with tears. It’s such a warm and tender representation of two young men in a moment of precious affection for one another. Of course, they might be straight and showing the world that such sincere affection between men is a beautiful thing. But, they probably are gay, which makes this ad all the more poignant and touching.

    What I have to ask the so-called “Million Moms” is what is so political about this ad? What does this had have to do with this phony, right-wing fabricated “culture wars”. Just what is “political” about the affection between two young men.

    The answer must be that the conservatives, the right-wingers, the evangelicals are as I always say: soulless, lifeless, humourless, spiteful, hateful, joyless, embittered, petty, mean, bigoted and so utterly terrified of progress that they will threaten a corporation for such a beautiful advertisement.

    One also must ask: if GAP must remove itself from the “culture wars”, then why are the “million moms” allowed to participate? I don’t get that one. The “million moms” are promoting bigotry and prejudice. GAP is promoting T-shirts by using a young, affectionate couple of men.

    I went out today and bought some GAP clothing, some things for me (love the khakis), some jeans for my grandsons, some T-shirts, etc. GAP et al will continue to get my business and my support.

  55. Shannon says

    One Million Moms aren’t getting any penis.No wonder they’re pissed off. Besides,OMM is probably some old krone who is mad at everybody..And OMM can go phuck themselves: they think they have penises anyway. And the GAP companies don’t want your business anyway. OMM+ so 20th century-just go away you cretins.