1. Matt says

    You have to give kudos where deserved, and Pelosi deserves hers. In 2013, when the Dems retake the House, I hope she gets significantly harder on Obama. The way he just tossed her aside after the 2010 debacle was terrible and unfair. But that seems to be the only way Obama knows.

  2. Troy says

    I’m glad someone is finally stating the obvious. The needless and as far as i can tell, non-politically advantageous harassment of medicinal weed growers is just ridiculous, and unhelpful to the sick.

  3. Contrarian says

    Oh Nancy honey, let’s get, as we said back in the day, “real”. If you want to pretend, with-AHEM-a straight face that this is all about HIV patients, do so. But the rest of us know it’s legalization with a fig leaf. Little or no effort to check dispensaries record keeping or integrity, corrupt or partisan members of the medical profession giving prescriptions out like candy, and so forth. Let’s have a real discussion about marijuana, and not use HIV patients as pawns.

  4. Alan says

    Pelosi should stop messing with her face. She has it pulled back so tight that if her facelift lets loose, the pressure from it will take out a city block.

  5. Omar says

    Nancy has a valid point and why shouldn’t she call out the President when it is required?

  6. anony6 says

    And why is marijuana illegal again? Our politicians inability to create smarter drug policy is really disappointing.

  7. Paul R says

    @Contrarian: That discussion has been had. It’s over. Voters have spoken. Legislators have spoken. Who cares if pot is de facto legal? She’s not even focused on HIV.

    It’s the fact that pot is legal in SF and no one cares. I don’t smoke it often because it bores me, but I don’t mind that I smell it often.

  8. ratbastard says

    Oh for Christ’s sake, just legalize the sh*t once and for all. It’s a God damn weed that relaxes you and gives good high when you smoke it. Big deal. Marijuana prohibition has got to rank as one of the top silly irritations in our modern world. It’s LONG past due for it’s production, sale and consumption to be legalized.

  9. says

    Honestly, I think pot should be legalized and taxed and sold in the local convenient stores. Lightly regulated and of course taxed. it would help the economy and government funds that are needed elsewhere will become available with out wasting money on fighting a war on drugs that will never win. There are less risks and dangers with this plant than there are with alcohol and even prescription drugs. I used to smoke it to sleep. Yes, I smoked it illegally and it helped significantly more than the addictive sleeping pill I take now that is legal. If I ever want to quit this legally prescribed pill I will go through horrible physical withdraw. When I stopped using marijuana the only thing that happened was I went back to the insomnia ridden nights I had before I smoked the plant. No withdraw. People are not going to stop smoking pot or using meth or any other drug including nicotine until they choose to do so and it doesn’t matter if it is legal or illegal. The only difference is the money the government wastes on it. The dispensaries should be left alone and should have minimal regulations. Sorry to piss off the right wing wackos but this medicinal plant is safer to use and poses the least amount of threat than any other drug that is widely used by the public. Legalize all drugs and tax them. make them a revenue that benefits the government and society. If the food and drug administration can allow harmful drugs to be prescribed by a doctor why can’t one of the safest medicinals be legally used and produce a great revenue that our country super needs due to the extreme decrease in GDP of the United States, our country is going to need something we can still produce and make money from. I do not feel this plant needs to be illegal and I don’t care if people smoke it for medicinal reasons or for recreational reasons. I have been around huge parties involving pot and nothing else and let me tell you I would much rather be there around all the mellow people high on pot than drunk violent people who had to much to drink. If you don’t think pot should be legal than get off your high horse and ask yourself why you think this plant is bad. Is it because the church says so? The government and the campaign says so? Where did your opinion develop? Is an opinion you personally developed from things you have seen or was it an opinion that you absorbed from an outside source? When people begin thinking for themselves the world will be a better place.

  10. says

    the continuing frustration with regard to the legality of cannabis use is actually the same frustration i have with LGBT Equality “legalities” – there are no logical, intelligent, or FACTUAL reasons for either being illegal.

    every “argument” against legalizing cannabis use is actually a stronger argument against alcohol and tobacco, not cannabis, just like every argument about the “sanctity of traditional marriage” is an argument against divorce, not same-sex couples marrying.

    cannabis has medicinal properties and uses. hemp is a borderline planet-saving plant: producing oxygen, growing at a remarkable rate, and can be farmed and used in so many ways it’s astounding. farm hemp, save the rainforests.

    there are no honest and valid reasons for cannabis continuing to be viewed as anything remotely negative.

  11. hotbeef801 says

    well sadi Tina I mean cmon gay marriage and pot we will get there one day

  12. says

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