Will Dan Savage See the Light and Embrace Christ as His Savior?

Savage responds, with a post and a video:

Writes Savage:

And Saul of Tarsus? That would be Paul, of course, author of huge chunks of the New Testament and the creep responsible for its most misogynistic and homophobic bits. (Jesus didn't say anything about homosexuality, and Jesus never asked his mother or Mary Magdalene to "keep silent.")

Paul was a tortured closet case, which is the kind of Christian I would have to be to meet with the approval of someone like Tony Perkins. You know, a Christian in the style of Marcus Bachmann or Ted Haggard or Benedict XVI. And let's not forget what "I'll pray for you" means someone like Perkins says it:

Every one knows, "I'll pray for you," is how Baptists say, "F**k you."

F**k you too, Tony.


  1. WOW says

    I’m tired of the fundys who think they have to pray for other people’s souls. It is so arrogant.

  2. UFFDA says

    Tony Perkins is more delusionally confused, misinformed and Dangerous than Dan Savage will ever be. The very thought of his idiotic prayers is actively nauseous.

  3. qj201 says

    American Taliban. Their version of Christianity is the “right one.” Plenty of LGBT folks are christian and practicing the message of Jesus. I’m an atheist and even I know that.

  4. Mickey says

    The funny thing is Dan is the same kind of “christian” that Tony is already.

  5. SFshawn says

    Why doesn’t Perkins just kill himself so he can get to his ‘gawd’ quicker?

  6. ulu says

    Apparently Tony Perkins is hot for Dan Savage; I bet he is doing more than praying for him, LOL.

  7. Agontuk says

    Will Tony Perkins see the light and come out of the closet already? It’s alright Tony. It’s not so dark out anymore. It gets better.

  8. Jayson says

    Dan teaches not to hate and he is the one that needs to be saved? Tony tries to teach everyone to hate and he is the one who has been saved? Did I get that right? I think i got lost somewhere.

  9. Chuck Mielke says

    I wonder when “persecuting christians” became identical with “saying things christians don’t want to hear.” Goodness! what a fragile little world Mr. Perkins lives in.

  10. Sargon Bighorn says

    Some people think “Pride Parades” are a foolish waste of time, not needed, done with, ineffective, etc. I suggest the “Pride Parade” is even more important now that the Radical Religious Extremists are declaring Gay Americans unworthy of equal civil rights, marriage and other wise. Tony Perkins and his Christianist thugs must be stood up to. A “Pride Parade” with all its faults and draw backs is the most visible way to let America know Gay folk are not going away.

  11. says

    well said, Sargon. And to anyone who has previously avoided Pride Celebrations for whatever reason – this is the year that you and your like-minded friends and family need to not only attend, but PARTICIPATE.

    March with your friends and family and your supportive allies in a way that you feel would “represent” what you feel needs to be represented.

    Not participating doesn’t do a thing. Participating and representing what you feel is beneficial to our community or perceived IMAGE is what makes things work.

  12. Polyboy says

    I don’t want part of any God that has truck with Perkins or his ilk. I’ll manage my own egregores thank you.

  13. Leroy Laflamme says

    What a drama queen. A modern day Saul of Tarsus. Could you BE any more operatic? QJ201 said it: American Taliban!

  14. jamal49 says

    Um, excuse me, Tony? Dan Savage persecutes christians. Got any proof of that. How does Dan persecute christians? Mr. Perkins, you are a brazen, bold-facing lying sunt (that’s French with a fake cedilla).

  15. jexer says

    “We’re being persecuted” cried the oppressors.

    Cry me a river Tony Perkinfucker.

  16. stevenelliot says

    professional religion’s finest…..always takin the high road as their kicking you in the cojones.

  17. Matt says

    This guy is an idiot. Dan pointed out the obvious. Yes, the bible contradicts itself and shouldn’t be read literally. The first contradiction is Gen. 2:7! You can’t even get to page 2 before it’s done it! Hell, I was taught about this at 15 in a theology class at a Jesuit High School!

  18. My2cents says

    Yep- both creationism and evolution are described in Genesis. Spokesholes and virulent xtian bigots like Perkins never bother about biblical facts.

  19. savage lover says

    Persecuting christians is sorta like making a dog chase a flashlight spot in a darkened room. Fun for a while and it exercises the dog.

    So pray all you want.

  20. Jonathan Oz says

    Does this mean there’s not going to be a debate after all? Or is this a different guy?

  21. andrew says

    Why does anyone need a savior? Is it all based on that Adam and Eve myth? What nonsense !!!!

  22. Sarm says

    There is no light in the filth that is Christianity. They want to drag everyone into another Dark Age.

  23. Acronym Jim says

    With just a few adjustments, I could say the same about Tony Perkins:

    “I mean, just think if the Lord got a hold of his heart and changed him and turned him from a persecuting Christian to being an advocate of Christian morality as advocated by the sermon on the mount.”