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    @Kevin: Because unlike Alien 3 and 4 and the AvP movies, this one’s directed by Ridley Scott and has a plot beyond “Let’s play with prosthetics and guns!”

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    Three times, doctors have apologized for a bad diagnosis causing a life threatening result. One acute care RN made a bad assessment and failed to monitor me. The acute care had two patients, me and another one and the nursing station was full of people on computers. I guess they had reports to write and side duties to perform. My point is, not once did I think a law suit was the answer to the problem. Twice, I asked for a referral to another doctor and once I worked it through with the doctor who made the mistake. That worked very well and was satisfying for both of us. I wouldn’t want to be a doctor because the hours are awful and the responsibility for the lives and well being of the patient are so critical. All I ask for is honesty and a reasonable amount of attention to the illness as it presents itself. One vascular surgeon lead us down the wrong path after a complication that he explained as a condition over which he had no control. I was disabled by it for several years

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    As a phamacuetical chemist, if any testing of a drug is “out-of-spec”–every aspect of the testing done is redone with a new back-up, machine, glassware, and INCLUDING a different chemist. All data is checked and double checked by another person–we learned to help each other. The REASON: As one of the great managers once told me… “Anytime a HUMAN is placed into a process of any kind….an ERROR is going to occur. That is 100% fact.” So one makes sure the process takes that into account.. thus resulting in data being checked and RE-Checked by another chemist (human), b4 all is said and done. Dr Goldman has hit on something that does need to be brought into the med. profession.

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