1. Disgusted American says

    Im definitely gonna see it – threw my fingers- but gonna see it! LOL

  2. Chaz says


    why did you throw your fingers? i hope it didn’t hurt when you cut them off.

  3. say what says

    definitely going to watch + snow white and the huntsman

    2 movies full of Charlize coolness this year

  4. Kevin says

    Hate to pee in everyone’s Cheerios. Isn’t this just another Alien movie? The last twelve were awful, why should this be different?

  5. Rrhain says

    @Kevin: Because unlike Alien 3 and 4 and the AvP movies, this one’s directed by Ridley Scott and has a plot beyond “Let’s play with prosthetics and guns!”

  6. says

    A quick google of the incident shows that their donation policy didn’t change at all. They just used the claim of a policy change as cover for increasing donations to the same types of candidates that got them into hot water in the first place

  7. says

    The plan worked like a charm because the gay community stopped bitching and everyone else moved on to the next outrage. Meanwhile it’s business as usual at Chez Target, but with “Pride” shirts.

  8. says

    Just selling these shirts online is akin to sitting on the back of the bus. They clearly want your money but they don’t want others to see that they are selling these tee shirts. What a load of crap.

  9. says

    That doesn’t mean specific franchises are not pro-LGBT. They certainly are. But at the end of the day, the money goes into the pocketbooks of people who do not support us.

  10. says

    This reeks of desperation from Target, trying to rehabilitate their horrendous public image and get some gay/gay supportive straights’ money. Not going to work.

  11. says

    Three times, doctors have apologized for a bad diagnosis causing a life threatening result. One acute care RN made a bad assessment and failed to monitor me. The acute care had two patients, me and another one and the nursing station was full of people on computers. I guess they had reports to write and side duties to perform. My point is, not once did I think a law suit was the answer to the problem. Twice, I asked for a referral to another doctor and once I worked it through with the doctor who made the mistake. That worked very well and was satisfying for both of us. I wouldn’t want to be a doctor because the hours are awful and the responsibility for the lives and well being of the patient are so critical. All I ask for is honesty and a reasonable amount of attention to the illness as it presents itself. One vascular surgeon lead us down the wrong path after a complication that he explained as a condition over which he had no control. I was disabled by it for several years

  12. says

    As a phamacuetical chemist, if any testing of a drug is “out-of-spec”–every aspect of the testing done is redone with a new back-up, machine, glassware, and INCLUDING a different chemist. All data is checked and double checked by another person–we learned to help each other. The REASON: As one of the great managers once told me… “Anytime a HUMAN is placed into a process of any kind….an ERROR is going to occur. That is 100% fact.” So one makes sure the process takes that into account.. thus resulting in data being checked and RE-Checked by another chemist (human), b4 all is said and done. Dr Goldman has hit on something that does need to be brought into the med. profession.