News: Corgi, Kevin Sessums, Lunch, James Marsden, Apple I

RoadAP: 5 reasons gay marriage losing streak may be over.

RoadKevin Sessums delivered the keynote address at the Stop the Violence: LGBT Rights Are Human Rights conference in Tirana, Albania, the first U.S.-government-sponsored LGBT-rights conference ever held on foreign soil. Here's an excerpt, and here's Kevin's full address.

MoRoadBrian Brown: The big Mo for marriage. He said it, not us.

RoadCorgi Rae Jepsen barks 'Call Me Maybe': Yes, it's just what it sounds like.

RoadPolice question 14-year-old in drowning death of 40-year-old gay man in canal in Manchester's gay village. "A post mortem examination concluded he had drowned and revealed he had no physical injuries on his body. However, officers have said they cannot rule out that he was pushed into the water because of a series of violent incidents over the Jubilee weekend, when it is believed Mr Brass ended up in the water after a night out."

RoadDon't bite into a pregnant squid.

RoadHi Tops: San Francisco gets first gay sports bar. "Hi Tops will be playing a variety of games on multiple TVs throughout the year, and be a dedicated sports bar in the vein of Gym in New York or Nellie's in D.C. And if there isn't a notable game on, there'll be some good, non-dancey music playing and a comfortable vibe, promises Woodward."

RoadHappy birthday, Neil Patrick Harris!

RoadVIDEO: Drake and Chris Brown involved in bar brawl.

LunchRoadSchool blocks 9-year-old from exposing its unhealthy lunch menu via her blog: "Martha Payne, from Argyll, started the blog at the end of April, initially as a writing project with her father. With the permission of teachers she photographed lunches as they arrived on their white plastic trays and gave the contents – generally meagre, often fried – marks out of 10 on a 'Food-o-meter' scale for how healthy they were and whether or not she found any stray hairs."

RoadIce castles.

RoadCheyenne Jackson's role in Liberace biopic a mystery: "I'm not allowed to say who I'm (playing) but it's pretty exciting."

RoadMI lawmaker banned from speaking on the floor of the state house for saying the word 'vagina'.

RoadJames Marsden shows off his buff bod in Hawaii.

FameRoadLady Gaga launches black fragrance: "Despite the black juice, it sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne thanks to some patent pending fluid technology, exclusively launched with the fragrance. The bottle was designed in collaboration with Nick Knight…"

RoadRare Apple I computer sells for $375,000 at auction: "The price was more than double Sotheby's high estimate and sets a new record for the collector's item…Only about 200 Apple 1s were ever created. The computers were hand-built by Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak and originally sold for $666.66 (£426) as a fully assembled circuit board."

RoadMolecules similar to Amino Acids (the building blocks of life) detected in lakes on Saturn's moon Titan.

RoadBreast milk: HIV killer?

RoadObama fundraises at Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC West Village home: "Parker introduced Obama at the event, giving him a hug and kiss and saying those in attendance were gathered 'hopefully, with enormous enthusiasm.' She also called First Lady Michelle Obama 'radiant and extraordinary' and said she had been doing 'amazingly important things these last four years.'"


  1. Rick says

    “It’s going to be for everyone. You don’t have to be someone who wants to watch sports on TV to want to hang out there.”

    That’s why gay sports bars often don’t work. Ideally, they should attract a clientele that shares a common interest, but they too often attract the same ole, same ole clientele that takes away from what could be a really cool concept.

    I remember being in a gay bar in the West Village that had the (New York) Giants game on TV one night–a critical game against the Eagles–The bar was crowded, but not one single set of eyes was paying attention to the game, except mine.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    Oooh, Fame looks pretty cheesy, one should never let photographers, much less singers, design fragrance bottles, much less do the ads—forget the “typography”. There are specialists for this. This looks like an ovary suspended from that branchy thing that holds ovaries that is in high school science books. Should have given the whole project to Victor & Rolf, at least it would have been amusing.

    La la la, la la la la la

  3. starquisha says

    I’d hate for my post to seem snarky but I live here and can only report what I see.The Castro bar scene is being strangled by 3 or 4 moguls who keep a tight grip on the gay dollar…and the empty overpriced storefronts are everywhere you look. This destination is elderly and needs a walker. Nothing new has happened in 2 decades.

  4. Prof Sancho Panza says

    Note to the writer of the Hollywood Reporter piece on the Obama fundraiser: Andy Cohen, the man who ruined Bravo and celebrates the pursuit by “bravolebrities” of fame for its own sake, really should NEVER be in the same sentence with Meryl Streep.

  5. ladycaca says

    why does everything lady caca bring out the worse in everyone she collaborates with. first “thierry mugler”, now nick knight.

  6. Rich F. says

    Wow. That article from the Daily Fail regarding the squid was just plain terrible. The author is a bloody idiot, and shouldn’t be allowed within 500 feet of a newsroom science desk.

  7. mack says

    good for Sessums. better that than novels. his book was one of the more boring I have ever read.

  8. Attention Seeking GagGag says

    Why is Lady GagGag so obsessed with fame? She had an album called The Fame, then another one called Fame Monster, and now she’s calling her perfume Fame? Talk about a famewhore. You can tell why she got into the music business.