1. says

    I wonder how hard it is to be a gay in Kansas, where Fred Phelps, registered Democrat and preacher of Westboro Baptist lives?

    I wonder how hard it is to be gay in Iran, where you will be hanged for sodomy?>

    I pray to Allah that I will never have to find out.

  2. Disgusted American says

    the ONLY good thing to come from UTAH is/was HBO’s BIG LOVE – period! as far as Im concerned as an american, I’ll never be going to that Awful Bigoted hate state

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I’ve spent a lot of time camping in Utah–in the canyon country in the Southern part of the state. Mormons aren’t too numerous or influential there. And the town of Moab is definitely gay-friendly!

    For all of that, Salt Lake has become one of the more gay friendly cities between the coasts.

    Things in Utah are not as they once were.

  4. UFFDA says

    ALAN – who is that Ecuadorian head hunter I see when I follow your name. It’s no blog or website. What is it and why don’t we actually see something?

    How hard is it to be gay in Iran? How hard is it to die.

  5. mikeflower says

    You’ll never see sharp ideas like that on a national level. The Democratic Party & it’s congressional liason,DCCC, won’t spend a dime on that Combe guy.

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