Gay Author Sues John Travolta For Libel Over Mental Health Claims

TravoltaBWJohn Travolta has more gay scandal brewing, for an author who wrote about alleged trysts with the actor is now suing Travolta for libel.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Robert Randolph claimed that Travolta and his attorney Martin Singer spread false statements about his mental health in 2010 in a bid to dissuade the public from buying his planned book. His is seeking unspecified damages in the legal action filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Singer called Randolph's lawsuit "absurd," saying it was based on a private letter to the publisher of a gossip blog and "was completely privileged under the law".

"We intend to sue the attorneys for malicious prosecution after the court promptly dismisses this baseless lawsuit," Singer said in a statement.

The paper reports that Randolph's book, called You'll Never Spa In This Town Again, was published in February of this year, just before two masseurs claimed Travolta assaulted them during massage sessions.


  1. Fred says

    Gay men and their drama – Please!
    Why would one gay man sue another? Did we get dumped? Oh snap! And why would anyone give a flying f if John Travolta is gay? So what!
    Get over yourselves and get a f ing life.

  2. Sqqueak says

    Well said, Fred. And wasting space reporting these rubbishy, gossippy carry-ons hardly enhances the image of publications/websites that consider themselves to be serious or entertaining!

  3. niles says

    I continue to be disappointed in this blog by its publishing of unsubstantiated rumors and gossip with stronge tinges of gay-baiting thrown in.

  4. Ambiverbal says

    Odd that you would criticize Towleroad’s journalistic integrity when it cites stories that have appeared in highly reputable newspapers. Nothing in the above entry meets the definition of ‘unsubstantiated rumor.’ And if you didn’t care about the story, why did you read it?

    The Travolta legal strategy reminds me of similar practices employed by his beloved Church of Scientology. And remember the reasons Travolta has been sued by the masseurs: assault. Both of those have nothing to do with gay baiting and everything to do with intimidation.

  5. says

    @fred “Why would one gay man sue another? ”

    As opposed to what? This site towleroad and it’s commenters calling GOProud and other gay conservatives horrible names? As opposed to Dan Savage calling other gay men *f**gots* because he doesn’t agree with their politics?

    I agree that we gay guys need to stick together, but honey, we are going to be clawing each other’s eyes out, which is exactly what is going on here with Danny Zuko.

  6. SteveC says

    If Travolta sexually assaults men on a regular basis then he’s a sexual predator whi must be exposed.

    The fact that Travolta is gay is irrelevant. If he is a sexual predator then he is scum who deserves all the condemnation and controversy he gets.

    John TRavolta should serve as a lesson about the dangers of the closet.

  7. Jeff NYC says

    “I continue to be disappointed in this blog by its publishing of unsubstantiated rumors and gossip with stronge tinges of gay-baiting thrown in.”

    Um…when has it ever done that exactly?

  8. Wdeanis says


    Why would one gay man sue another? For libel. Didn’t you read the article? If I were author releasing a nonfiction book and a celebrity with a huge following tried to discredit me, costing me potential book sales, of course I would sue. Is it so hard to see that it’s a pretty basic case of libel?

  9. Fred says

    I can’t speak to what happened between Travolta and the masseurs. Apparently something happened, but to take time and “write a book” about what happened? A book! Who does that? Who would buy that book? Not me.

  10. Mike says

    Everybody knows that the anti-gay Anonymous Christians are the ones behind making John look bad. These anti-gay Christians use this propaganda in their psychological warfare and it is taught to them by the anti-gay Christian CIA members to oppress LGBT people and any minority they do not like. Most people know that it is the anti-gay Christians, some who work in government agencies are also behind this psychological war on LGBT people and minorities.

  11. SteveC says

    Travolta is not christian though.
    He is a scientologist.

    It could well be that they are trying to destroy his career if he is trying to leave the cult.

    Or maybe he is a dangerous sexual predator?

    Poor Kelly Preston – how is she going to explain her motives for being married to a man for 20 years even though she always knew he was gay?

  12. Sqqueak says

    @Stevec. Why on earth do you think that Kelly Preston has to explain to anyone at all her “motives” for marrying John Travolta ?