J Lo’s Boy Toy Casper Smart ‘Not Gay’ Says Rep.


I'm not sure why J Lo's rep. felt the need to draw more attention to rumors circulating that her dancer Casper Smart, with whom she is involved romantically, is gay and using her for her money, but he did:

"Casper is not gay. These comments are born from envy and jealousy," the couple's rep, Mark Young, told RadarOnline.com. "It must be a slow news day."


  1. 2EastCoastDudes says

    She’s so over exposed. She became famous because Hollywood wanted to fill the token Latina slot. And she’s made a career out of that. Zero talent and her diva tude is not cute.

  2. Convexietysupplord says

    Yawn. She’s insuferable on A.I, usually picking anyone who’s Puerto Rican or religious (if you’re both- she’ll instantly love ya) and Oh yeah, b-tch can’t sing! genius to have her judging a SINGING competition (not!)

  3. FanofDance says

    Did their rep comment on either of their lack of talent? her one recent song where she tried to sing a live performance (clip on you tube) is LAUGHABLE.

  4. Zlack says


    She gets to marry like 4 times a year for fun and gays have to beg to marry their lifelong partner. That’s what is sick about this society.

  5. Donald says

    To their “rep”..What do we have to be envious of? a 45 year old who can’t sing, act or come off approachable to save her caked on makeup life..or her 20 year old baby, I mean boyfriend who’s name she’ll forget in 2 days when she dumps him for the next guy. Seriously, what a ridiculous quote from their “reps”

  6. ATLJason says

    Good lord, you guys are some bitchy, negative queens. I actually LIKE J-Lo on American Idol. Her critques are way better than Paula’s or even Ellen’s were. She’s well-spoken and her criticisms are usually spot on. Yes, I will acknowledge that she can’t really sing but her performances are usually entertaining.

    And seriously, are ya’ll blind? Casper is H A W T.

  7. Michael says

    Let me put it this way… I am not gay.

    See its the truth too. I am “mostly gay”. I would suppose 80% of the population is not only “not gay” but also “not straight”. In other words, when a guy says he is not gay he technically isn’t saying heist straight. Bisexuality is a beautiful thing.

  8. says

    @ATLJASON YOU Nailed it, girlfriend. All of these bitchy queens on this site are a disgrace. They need to get laid.

    And I would f**k Casper the friendly ghost homosexual up and down and sideways. That guy makes me cream my pants.

  9. Donald says

    Alan, you’ve made a point of coming on here and belittling gays. Now that a Latin person, LIKE YOU, is being discussed. You get hyper defensive. Don’t be mad that we don’t show you and everyone you like the respect you demand, when you fail to show any gay celebrity any respect either. Buh bye.

  10. Greg Cali says

    we may be bitchy but at least we don’t have homophobia and self hate built in us like you do. So nice of you to come defend a straight women, when you’ve made nothing but bitchy comments toward gay men on here. Your hate is showing boo boo.

  11. Modestmousefan says

    J. LO has as much talent as one of my farts. I have a good friend who is very well known host on television who had to interview her. Her people told him that unless she knows the interviewer she does NOT want anyone to make eye contact with her. Total diva..but again, shhht for talent.

  12. Jake says

    lmao look at all these gay queens hate on JLO because she can act, sing, and now has successful dance songs being played at the club. Everything Madonna can’t do.

  13. andrew says

    Don’t the jealous QUEENS on this site just love to tear people down. Hey girls, they are doing a remake of “Boys In The Band” and they have parts for all of you sad individuals.

  14. Kris says

    Because we don’t like this ghetto hood rat, we’re bitter queens? Jenny from the rancid block can take her and her ghetto fans from the crap hole they came from

  15. Resto says

    What has either Jennifer Lopez or her teenage boyfriend done for gays and gays rights? How is she relevant and why is she being talked about when there’s thousands of ACTUALLY talented LGBT artists. Amazing GAY singers I’d rather be hearing about, who actually have talent.

  16. Storebought says

    If you think J. LO can sing you must be either autestic, deaf, or f-cking her. Which one is it, because bold lies like that (J.LO can sing) should not be allowed to freely be expressed here
    She’s the most manufactored person in the industry

  17. TANK says

    This thread is quickly degenerating into a mudslinging contest of epic worthlessness, so it’s time for Tank to keep it real. First of all, I have to agree with most of the posters, in that J-Lo is an overrated drag queen wannabe. Second of all, her “boyfriend” is not sexy at all and anyone who thinks so either needs glasses or is working for J-Lo’s PR machine. Finally, I have to say that some of the self-hating bitches who come to this sight really need to get a life. Anyone who would defend the shallow and self-absorbed J-Jo and attack their fellow gay comrades is truly an epic loser in Tank’s book.

  18. Old Ghetto Bytch says

    It was so nice when this bytch faded out of popularity and was out of the spotlight between 2006 – 2010. If it wasn’t for AI, she’d still be irrelevant. One more reason to hate American Idol.

  19. gomez says

    @michael. what you said

    @the rest of you, just calm down. this shitshow looks ridiculous

    @andy. this “story” is beyond pointless and should never have been posted in the first place. dont feed the stupid publicist machine

  20. WhoCares? says

    Who gives a f*$@k whether her short-azz toyfriend is gay or not? She’s a sex-crazed, egotistical old hag ready walk down the aisle with anything in pants. And he’s a greedy little gold-digger looking for a payday and fame.

  21. Ding_Aling says

    Both of ’em are fugly with no talent whatsoever. Kind of made for each other in reverse–42 and 24; she wants young sex, and he wants old money. I feel sorry for the kids, having a whore for a mom and seeing it all.

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