1. Rik Newby says

    For every good Pastor, like Pastor Frederick Haynes that was discussed earlier, there’s 10 more like this guy. An effigy of the President SHOULD land this guy in jail. It won’t. It’s free (hate) speech.

    Maybe someone should send his congregation some bath salts. Let God sort it out.

  2. Reppin2 says

    This man is dangerous. I am sure the feds are keeping an eye on him by now, bugging his phone, etc. If they let it go he could become another Waco wacko.

  3. stevenelliot says

    I am not really clear on why the far right religious nuts are so against abortion. Lets see here….If one makes abortion basically illegal far all intents and purposes…..Thats just stopping poor (mostly brown skinned) females from accessing the proceedure. The rich women will just fly off to canada or europe and get it done anyway. So this leaves a plethora of poor brown skinned women producing more poor blown skinned children. Thats really something rich old white people and their enablers dont really want more of…..make sense?

  4. Brad says

    how… how is this not a death threat?! not to mention disgustingly racist, and probably qualified as hate speech? or a hate… demonstration?

  5. stevenelliot says

    and further more it would make our collective heads spin as to how fast the Tammy-Sue’s of this country would “get the hook” if there was a genetic test for homosexuality…..and pastor Terry would be right there to assist in the hatchet job.

  6. Dawson James says

    Gainesville, FL is a solidly Democratic, tolerant, and liberal college town. No one respects this man. He’s taken on our out gay Mayor several times and lost badly.

  7. Inside says

    Bush was hanged in effigy in just about every anti-war protest in the past. There was a movie made about his assassination, and protests regularly featured signs/t-shirts saying “kill Bush.”

    This has not risen to what was done in the past to Bush in past protests.

  8. Mikey says

    And this is happening at a place called the “Dove World Outreach Center.” Sounds really peaceful, until you get to the hanging effigies from a noose part… o_O

  9. Mary says

    This kind of sick behavior has gotten out of hand. Leaders of the Christian Right need to come out and denounce stunts like this. Not only is this effigy a totally twisted thing to do, but it hurts the image of social conservatives, most of whom would never do a thing like this. The Right, as well as the Left, has to worry about being mistakenly linked with destructive and evil people. I hope Sasha and Malia never see this. The poor kids might get nightmares.

  10. Garth says

    Now that is retro cool. So home made and sincere. Gay marriage proponents need to see this kind of thing. Sometimes the opposition can resemble a school project. This is a symbol of just how crazy it could get. Of course you think you’ll all just marry, adopt kids and go to JCPenney. What will you do when you find out every JCPenney in a 300 mile radius has been burned down. This brings out the crazy in people. Actually YOU brought it out. It was sleeping when we were dancing at the disco,

  11. daws says

    The best thing you can do to these kind of people is completely ignore them. They’re just looking for attention.

    Don’t give it to them.

  12. Autarchic says

    “poor brown skinned women”..??!!

    Incredibly poor choice of example. Poverty is, decidedly, colour-blind.

    I’m kinda stunned to have read that on here, of all places.

  13. Kyle M. Sullivan says

    Who says the KKK is not alive and well in the South? This is the exact same thing they used to do to uppity ni***rs in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and so on.

  14. percy says

    No, do not ignore them. There is a rising chatter in the right wing media and communities for some kind of “violent response”. These calls have been getting louder and bolder and are only being encouraged by Romney’s silence.

  15. Javier says

    allahassee, Florida – 10 News has learned of allegations of homosexual affairs, a governor trying to kiss another man, and drunken escapades by former Governor Charlie Crist.

    These allegations come in the form of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Investigative Report in the Republican Party Chair Jim Greer saga.

    Jim Greer is facing criminal charges and is set to go to trial on July 30 for allegedly paying himself to raise money for the Republican Party of Florida. Greer maintains that former Governor Charlie Crist approved the deal.

    Now, discovery documents released point to allegations that as Governor, Crist paid two men to leave the state to hide his homosexuality and that he was a drunk and a liar.

  16. Hollywood, CA says

    At some point you kind of loose the shock value, Terri. It’s like Charles Manson putting a swastika on his forehead… I mean, at that point, who cares?


  17. cadence says

    Dear Inside, this and the birther crap is just as bad as what was done to Bush. The only difference here is that for some reason the mainstream media has no problem giving these idiots and bigots a national platform and the attention that they crave. The media didn’t give the idiots who came out against Bush validity by paying attention to them.

  18. Tadpolicus Wex says

    This has not risen to what was done in the past to Bush in past protests.

    Posted by: Inside | Jun 8, 2012 7:11:17 PM

    Guess what troll, the South doesn’t have a rich history of wealthy, white men being hung from trees on a whim – the same can’t be said for black folks. Face it, your boy Bush was a racist and your noose didn’t fall far from the tree. Run along now, I’m sure bedtime meds are ready to be dispensed.

  19. Bill says

    Why isn’t the secret service visiting the guy and confiscating his “artwork”? OK, the official answer is no doubt “free speech”, but then what are we to make about stories like the following that appeared in the press during the Bush administration? (which describes how the Secret Service confiscated a high school students’ rather innocuous poster made as part of a class assignment about dissent)

  20. alex says

    “Why isn’t the secret service visiting the guy?”

    Who says they’re not? It seems obvious to me…but maybe you missed the word “Secret” in their title.

  21. Kevin says

    Terry Jones: proving that trolls just aren’t on the internet. He has about much shock value as a Marilyn Manson video. Maybe he should blow that kid with radio show and leave the rest of the world alone.

  22. stevenelliot says

    @ Autarchic. “poor, brown, skinned women” is a perfect term for what these “white” parishoners believe is the problem with america. These types are decidedly xenophobic and think the caucasan race is at risk from hoards of the “other”.

    In the 80’s it was the “cadillac welfare moms” with visions of african american women pumping out child after child so their welfare checks would increase. Now its illegal immigration with anchor babies or the “homosexual agenda”. This is the Right’s thinly cloaked race/gay baiting.

    If you will kindly look at the effigy in question. You will notice there is a man of african decent being hanged and he is holding a caucasian infant that is believed to have been killed due to his support of abortion.

    In the effigy there is also a multicolored flag which used to represent the rainbow coalition but now basically represents gay rights.

    If I wanted to create an example of ignorant, white bigotry and fear of plurality, I could not have done a better job than what this church created for their lawn.

  23. Angela Channing says

    I am sure the Secret Service and FBI are on top of this. It is likely, they are keeping a low profile so they don’t inflame the situation or come off as heavy handed.

  24. Spider3tattoo says

    @stevenelliot – well said sir. That picture sickens me. Dear Universe: Can we please skip ahead to a time when this is all just a shameful note in the history books? Thanks.

  25. AJ says

    I am of the opinion that they need to be ignored. These stunts reek of desperation. Let the crazy train jump the tracks. It’s gonna be a fkd up summer!

  26. J. Leo says

    There are some things that just aught to have a aw against them. There are some lines that just should not be crossed. He can say it isn’t a death threat but it is clear enough just what it is. And it is certainly provocative. I wouldn’t even have done this to W.

  27. J. Leo says

    @Garth – No it was not sleeping while we were dancing at the disco. Perhaps you are not old enough to remember the police raids on the discos. Or days of entrapment that they got away with while innocent gay men went to jail.
    Perhaps you don’t know about the many men who were blackmailed for being gay. It was never sleeping. It just didn’t get any press because we didn’t matter.

  28. Rick's daddy... says

    It must be awful to have a life filled with fear…I’m afraid of homosexuals, I’m afraid of blacks, the Chinese are stealing our goods, the Iranians want to nuke us, the Mexicans are invading our southern states and taking our health care and education, Oh…of course the women and lesbians are killing “our” babies, the Europeans are commies and the Canadians are liberal maniacs. Chicken little had nothing on these poor fools.

  29. Bill says

    Regarding Alex’s comment, where he assumed the Secret Service keeps all its agents incognito: that is not the case when they come knocking on the door to question someone. Also, it is customary to reply to a full sentence, which in this case mentioned confiscating the preacher’s “artwork”, which was not done – if it had been done, it wouldn’t have been in a picture.

    The point, of course, was the double standard – how political attacks on the president were handled when Bush was president versus how they are being handled during Obama’s presidency.

  30. Joe in CT says

    Socially conservative, fundamentalist pastors are egocentric folks with some pretty strange ways of promoting their beliefs…But this guy is clearly a complete lunatic. Very entertaining.

  31. Garth says

    J.Leo: It was sleeping in Boston in the mid-’70’s, This was after the bar raids and gayness was coming into its’s own, before disco became part of the mainstream and popular culture. When you could go home with as many gorgeous guys as you wanted and know no one was going to ask you to marry them. All this “take this here, take this somewhere else…” It really doesn’t matter because I have it on very wise authority that Obama will lose he election. What will you fools do then? Do children have a money back guarantee?

  32. Bernie says

    Here we go again……… another pastor who displays a very clear and symbolic display of hate and possible/probable death to gays and Obama, but states that he hopes Obama “dies” politically. I am not sure that Jesus, God and the bible wanted religious leaders to spread hate and probable death threats……

  33. newz4i says

    Hollywoood, CA, you bring up Charlie Manson. The sickness of that guy was that he had a family of diehard followers.

    Diehard: “Stubbornly resisting change or clinging to a seemingly hopeless or outdated cause.”

    And here we have a nut hopeless clinging on to the outdated cause of a noose … with a family of followers.

  34. Sarm says

    Christians are disgusting neanderthals, and must be dealt with as such. They are intent on killing everyone not like them. For the good of humanity, the Christian agenda must be stopped.

  35. says

    As previous posts have said,it will come. …..the genetic test, I believe.

    And the christianists will be in the forefront of aborting gay foetuses. They will regard aborting us deviants as implementing god’s word and will find a biblical justification;
    “If thy eye causes you to sin pluck it out….verily…..”
    or some other bull$hit puerile garbage for the ignorant and ill educated.
    All predicated on the hunch that a genetic componant is discovered…….if that hasn’t happened already/….without disclosing same.

  36. jamal49 says

    This is treason, is it not? This is sedition, is it not? This is a direct threat to the President of the United States, is it not? Where is the IRS to take away that church’s tax-exempt status? Where is the FBI, the Justice Department and the Secret Service to arrest that man and charge him with unlawfully threatening the President and any number of other criminal felonies?

  37. Brian says

    What good is the patriot act nonsense unless it gets used on guys like this. . . after Obama gets re-elected =).

    I think this bodes well for his campaign actually, and makes those who support Romney look like extremists(racist, violent extremists).

  38. UGH says

    Garth is a troll by another name. So, because SOME straight people are idiots and would resort to violence we should just shut up and not seek equality? Wake up.

  39. UGH says

    Garth/Rick/Markus/Ratbastard/Cliff/Whomever it is this time: you have it on good authority that Obama will lose the election?? Wow! You must be able to see the future! Who told you this? FOX News? The GOP? The voices in your head?

  40. Joseph Singer says

    There’s no “symbolism” it’s only Terry Jones thinking that it’s time once again to be the medial whore that he is and put his puss in the public conscience once again. People I guess didn’t have enough of his Koran burning. Terry Jones and the Phelps clan have this much in common they need to stir up the media when they think that people have forgotten how batshit crazy they are.

  41. David says

    Oh my god this us offensive and disgusting. To have this appear on church property. Where is this world going to? This guy is being allowed to show a lynching. He needs to be arrested and put away. That isn’t free speech. That’s outright bigotry. Thank god I live in Canada.

  42. says

    I have to agree with Dawson. I am an out gay student in Gainesville and every day I walk down the streets holding my boyfriend’s hand. Gainesville is an incredibly open-minded, liberal and educated city where gay pride can be found on a daily basis on any corner. Like Dawson said, Jones has tried to usurp our openly gay mayor, Craig Lowe, on numerous occasions and one thing has held fast: the citizens of Gainesville choose tolerance over hate.

  43. mack says

    Ed/Dawson – Yes, G-ville is a bright little blue spot in the red sea that is north FL. I’m less concerned about the local response, and more about the regional influence. Too bad this dope gets the press that he does.

  44. Walter says

    As much as I hate seeing this, I must support this man’s freedom to express his beliefs. I have a problem with those who call themselves christians but who simply shake their heads and go about their business. Since it’s inception,the church has always been guilty of selective outrage.

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