New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire Calls Fan a ‘Fag’ Over Twitter


The NBA is reportedly looking into a Twitter exchange over the weekend between a trolling fan and the New York Knicks' Amar'e Stoudemire, Larry Brown Sports reports:

StoudemireThe best way to deal with the criticism is to ignore it, but it appears Stoudemire had a lapse in judgment on Saturday when a follower called him a “deadass” and told him he needs to step his game up next season.

Amar’e sent a nasty direct message, which is a private message only the fan and not the public can see, but the fan later made the offensive message public by screenshotting it:

Skeptics immediately began accusing @BFerrelli of photoshopping the image, but he also posted an apology that Stoudemire sent him several hours later, presumably after he had seen some of the backlash his offensive direct message caused.



  1. bandanajack says

    now someone needs to point out that indicating that amare is a “pussy” is only hair, if you will pardon the allusion, less inappropriate. go to your room boys,

  2. ratbastard says

    Jesus. This obsession with trivia like this twit is neurotic. The world’s economy is on the verge of collapse and has been for the past 4 years. Looks like we’ll have another major war shortly. The future looks less bright not more for young people and future generations. Our politics have become hopelessly corrupted. The far left and the far right have effectively joined forces to create a big government/big business quasi-fascist state, while the sane middle are apathetic. The Boston Red Sox are having another sh*t season. All this and a pro basketball player calling someone the F word is news worthy?

  3. says

    1) calling him a “pussy” was rather offensive, too.
    2) he apologized and admitted “no excuses.” fair enough.

    Let’s not let this one drag on too long!

  4. UFFDA says

    You may not care, ratbastard, but the forever wisping homosexuals on this site surely will.

    With a name like Amar’e, we can only assume his mother is on welfare.

  5. Strykary says

    I’d have a problem if this were on his public feed, but why should I care if someone uses slurs privately?

  6. jack says

    Most of the players in the NBA would be holding up liquor stores if they weren’t playing basketball. I’m not sure why we expect so much from them. Money doesn’t buy “smart”…..or “cultured”.

  7. ratbastard says


    My ‘problem’ Steve is I have a sense of humor and am less hyper sensitive and prone to rabid ideological trolling than many who post on TR.

  8. David Dreamboat says

    Excuse me but aren’t there more important issues happening in the world than focusing in on an exchange between two overpaid basketball players?

  9. Brandon K. Thorp says

    A few things:

    Amar’e was raised by a series of foster parents in the most hellish parts of Central Florida. Very poor. Came late to basketball, developed a demonic work ethic, and went straight to the NBA from high school. Became an All-Star despite a series of injuries that were supposed to be career-ending. A couple months ago, his brother died in a car crash.

    Despite it all, Amar’e is famously one of the kindest and most generous guys in the NBA. If the worst he’s carried with him from his difficult early life and professional frustrations is a tendency to privately — privately! — lapse into juvenile taunts when insulted, that’s pretty good. And it’s probably not indicative of homophobia. Just a lack of linguistic sophistication — which is, of course, encouraged by his profession. You don’t help an impoverished backwoods 18-year-old skip college if you want him to develop a keen understanding of language politics.

    – BKT

  10. terry says

    Don’t worry homophobes who happen to play major sports, if you don’t have an excuse someone will make one up for you. Being tired lowers one guard and one’s true self often comes out. Is this an earth shaking issue: NO, but most of us can take in multiple layers of news. Otherwise we might overlook local murders because genocide in the Sudan is more worthy of our focus.

  11. Francis says

    Amare may not be homophobic—-sadly, the f-bomb has become so normalized, that for a lot of guys, it’s just a catch-all insult. With that being said, the word still has homophobic connections, and whether Amare meant to insult or not, he did something that is ultimately wrong.

    What I do like is how he says he thought about what he said and realized the error of his ways. So I would say he’s not a homophobic; he made a mistake. But is it a mistake we can just gloss over? No, it isn’t.

  12. andrew says

    Amar’e: Please don’t apologize for your ignorance, just embrace it. If you are a bigot: just tell us that you are. Glory in your bigotry.

  13. Steph says

    @BKT: “Despite it all, Amar’e is famously one of the kindest and most generous guys in the NBA.”

    WHAT? Kind? Generous? Where is this information coming from? Examples? Based on what?

    Stoudemire is known to fans as one of the dumbest, most egotistical, no-impulse-control, hair-trigger loud-mouthed punks in the league.

    Seriously…where’s your information coming from?