NEWS: Theater, Theocracy, And The Final Frontier


Bonus: They're also getting their audiences to lip-sync, on-cam, to "Call Me Maybe," in the hopes of emerging with a viral video. How do you think it's going?



  1. says

    re Vatican hires Fox news staffer;

    Just as I have been saying for years on this very page, we all underestimate the extent to which Opus Dei has infiltrated all levels of society…..especially those upper echelons on which they have concentrated.
    How many judges are in Opus Dei ?
    What about Scalia ? and Alito ?

  2. JJ says

    To understand how impossible it is to picture the solar system, imagine that it’s filled with giant green stalks, each one as wide as the Earth and as thick as Texas and tall enough to stretch from here to the Moon. Now imagine you’re standing on top of the Sun and the solar system is just crammed full of these giant green stalks, like a celestial football field of the gods. You wouldn’t be able to see the Earth through all that turf! And that’s why it’s so impossible to imagine the solar system.

  3. jaragon says

    Sandunsky got away with his crimes for so long because he was part of the macho football cult- nobody would have dare even suggest than a man like him would be capable of such acts.

  4. Dave says

    Re; the Vatican new PR man.

    This slime ball who worked for Fox and Time is what the Catholic Church spends tons of money people like him on to make LGBT people look bad and the Pope and his hidden criminal pedophile priest look good. Good old Catholic Nazi propaganda.

    They need to put the Pope on trial along with his criminal pedophile priest and put them on TV and on the front page like they did to Jerry Sandusky and bring justice to the countless children around the world who were raped and abused for god knows how long.

  5. Jon says

    The Hall of Shame link is not working for me. It only goes to Roy Cohn and doesn’t advance beyond that.

  6. Kurtcorter says

    Of course religion would want to justify bullying. Anti gay religious leaders in vast numbers are justifying bullying of gays. They are pure evil.

  7. MJ says

    Religious institutions claim them not being able to bully gays and their gay children is infringing on their religious freedoms. and then we have people who sign up for that bat sht crazy, and worse PAY into it.

  8. letsbehonest says

    Most anti gay violence is as a direct result of religion, and Christian members. It’s always amazing how often I look up the facebook page of convicted anti gay hate crime attackers only to see many references to Christianity and how religious they are. They go hand in hand. Don’t let anyone fool you into believing otherwise.

  9. Berijeck says

    Of course, I mean “What We Talk About When We Talk About Voyager 1″. I think the comment sounded like I was talking about the eggs.

  10. Brandon K. Thorp says

    Jon: Sorry you’re having trouble. There ought to be little arrow buttons in the upper right portion of the screen. Those scroll through the closet monster gallery.

    Berijeck: Thank you! I don’t usually link to my own articles, but I’m a big fan of the Voyager program, and can’t resist blabbing about it. Glad you liked the story!

    – BKT