1. Dave says

    Sorry, but I don’t see it. The ad really isn’t all that suggstive, and I don’t know what porn music was like back then, but this doesn’t sound like an ‘adult video’ to me. The look for both guys aside – it was the 70s I guess – this would be suggestive to straight homophobic Christians, because it features (horror!) a man having face cream applied. If this was two women, no-one would think anything of it.

  2. Yeek says

    If we will only accept allies with a pristine past, we aren’t going to get anywhere. As the saying goes:

    “A man with few vices has few virtues.”

  3. John says

    I’m glad that you used the word “allegedly” when describing that ad as homophobic. I didn’t get that sense at all. It got right to the point that the guy ran a business, propped up by student loans which he embezzled … works for me (and, apparently, it worked for Bacaus!

    I am sure that Republicans will try to use this to smear Obama et al, but were it not this ad, it would be something else, so no surprise really.

  4. james says

    If this ad is considered the “epitome of homophobic demagoguery” then what is Rick Santorum?

  5. Terry says

    When we’re faced with the Republican Presidential nominee who has donated to Prop 8, who has donated to an “ex-gay” group, who has signed on completely with NOM and their agenda, who is pushing a vehemently anti-gay platform, this political ad from years ago is a big nothingburger. This ad is in no way homophobic.

  6. MiddleoftheRoader says

    OK, very interesting historical information. But WHEN are you going to stop publicly trashing Obama and/or his staff? They have done more for us in the gay community than all other Presidents combined. Let’s get the guy re-elected. Do you really want Romney???

    For those who say that there is not enough difference between Obama and Romney, or that Obama still hasn’t ‘evolved’ enough on all gay issues, or that Obama hasn’t issued an Executive Order on non-discrimination, or that Obama is too political, or whatever …. GET OVER IT.

    We have key cases coming to the Supreme Court in the next 1 – 3 years (DOMA, marriage, dual-parent adoption etc) and the possibility that at least one progressive Supreme Court Justice may leave the court, we are probably going to have a complete Republican Congress (Senate and House), and we have anti-gay conservatives controlling several key states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc) — SO STOP HARPING ON OBAMA. He is our best, and only, salvation in the Presidential election and to give the pro-gay rights position the national visibility it needs.


  7. MarkUs says

    The Obama campaign manager could be shown having eaten a baby on camera himself and it doesn’t compare with the slide last week in swing states to the Romney side with a tie in Michigan probably the last straw that made Obama rush to do his immigration hail-Mary to stop the bleeding. Obama non-fans like me love it. You know what happens when a malignant narcissist is challenged, they act like an unhappy snake and lose their charm. Romney’s going to enjoy poking him with a stick.

  8. Bill says

    Just because the other side is worse, that doesn’t mean we have to defend the bad things people on our side do. You’re voting for a sleazy politician, regardless of red or blue.

    It’s an ad that used the the fear and prejudice of a large slice of the voting populace to sway opinion. It’s brilliant. It’s dirty and unfair, but it worked.

    You don’t have a better candidate to vote for. I get it it. But why the rush to defend and deny the obvious? You don’t have to drink the Kool Aid just to cast a vote.

  9. Alex Parrish says

    This is no bug deal. It was a decade ago and anything suggestive is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, the footage plays on gay stereotyping but the narration focuses on the opponents sleazy business practices and it’s the opponents own footage that’s featured. While it would make me cringe in 2012, this is history and frankly, not a big deal; Messina has been a LGBT allay since and we need to cut the guy some slack and put it in perspective.

  10. johnny says

    For f*ck’s sake, people, there’s MACRAMÉ in the background!!!

    Isn’t that enough to scare anyone?

  11. gregory brown says

    I suppose in Montana at the time this was hot enough to rile up some folks. Now it’s a curiosity, a relic.

    Messina played a dirty trick in a campaign and it worked. He’s redeemed himself since, mostly. It’s not at all like Mittens leading a storm trooper attack on a flower child in high school, performing ritual castration, then laughing it off 40 years later.

  12. says

    Since when is setting-down a sponge a “crotch grab”? And that ‘porn music’ is typical everyday 70’s generic pop heard in movies and on television shows (ever listen to the music on CHiPs?) and commercials.

    And what, no picture of the blue man?

  13. Justin says

    I think this ad is great. It’s about time the Democrats start playing hardball and giving the Republicans a taste of their own medicine. I want to see some anti-Romney ads that really scorch the earth, and if they make fun of him for being an effete pansy, so much the better. The Supreme Court and gay marriage are on the line. Let’s use every weapon at our disposal to win.

  14. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    If Joe Solmonese says it’s okay, then it must be bad. And while we’re looking at this ad with a 2012 perspective, don’t forget it was being shown in Montana 2002, not the most gay-friendly of states, even today. And its final result was exactly what it was aimed at — making the GOP candidate quit the race. Anyone who brushes this off is blinding himself to the fact that sometimes all it takes to turn people against a person is a hint that they’re queer…even today. that is was done by a Democrat who was using the GOP’s own dirty tricks against them mitigates it, slightly…but only slightly. Max Bacaus is hardly a shining light when it comes to gay rights.

  15. enough already says

    Oh, well, then, if Solomenese says it, it must be true.
    Sheesh – the only people who have done more harm to us queers than him are at NOM and FRC.
    But only barely, just.

    Obama has many advisers who are not interested in us queers except on voting day. The rest of the year, they see us as a pure liability. Civil rights are irrelevant to them.

  16. anon says

    I can’t tell from the what the scandal was all about. I think they are saying that his school was not technically qualified to receive student loans because it was a sham school? That would have been fraud and he should have been prosecuted. Also, if there were false filings for student loans he should have been prosecuted. However, if he had students legitimately applying for student loans, then yes, he would have been pocketing the money, as would any school.

    As to the ad itself, I think the partisan reversal test would indicate that it’s engendering homophobia. That is, if the ad was created by a Republican campaign I think HRC would be crying foul. However, I don’t think this reflects badly on Obama because he ain’t Max Bacaus, a reformed homophobe of yore.

  17. Jacoby says

    The spot is from 2002; it’s 10 years old! It has nothing to do with the man in 2012. Let’s move on.

  18. Mike in Houston says

    Let’s not forget that Messina has been one of the main Obama staffers slow-walking on LGBT issues and threatened advocacy groups when they didn’t tow the line.

  19. William says

    I don’t understand how he showed it to Max Baucus before it was aired. This was a Montana Democratic Party ad. The two organizations are not allowed to coordinate in that way during a campaign. Sounds a bit shady. As for the ad, I think it’s a great ad, and seemed to do the trick. While the ad itself does not seem homophobic, certainly homophobes watching could draw some conclusions along the gay vein.

  20. Michael Bedwell says

    Messina is a card carrying P.I.G. What greater evidence does one need that praise from spineless lap dog Joe Solmonese—and the fact that Messina is a protege of Rahmbo “All Dirty Politics, All the Time” Emanuel? The growth in support for LGBT rights by the President is in spite of not because of this thug.

  21. Pt says

    Once again the weekend towleroad is atrocious and nothing like the site the rest of the time. This ad isn’t worth anything near the hyperbole the article suggested. Jeesh.

  22. GeorgeM says

    Michigan (16 EVs)
    Likely Democratic
    Obama: 50%
    Romney: 42%
    Source: Rasmussen (Jun 14)

    Markus tied when? In reality neither side is going to win in a landslide.
    Why so angry at Obama? Let me ask, do gay issues matter?

  23. andrew says

    Max Bacaus is basically a progressive democrat who is on our side. Don’t let these side shows distract you. Keep your eye on the goal: Obama/Biden win re-election. We win more democratic seats in the Senate and the House. Elect more democratic governors and state legislators!!!