1. DRG says

    wow. china’s national news agency is really good at researching and reporting facts…

    “the species has been found in other places but grows best here due to conditions in the

    what are the conditions…low female birth rates?

  2. Caliban says

    It seems kind of small…

    Note to self: don’t order the stuffed mushrooms at a Chinese restaurant!

  3. Johnny says

    OMG, really…out of all the stuff they eat they cannot tell this is not organic in nature, not surprised lol

  4. yonkersconquers says

    This is delightful, actually. Best laugh I’ve had this morning. I hope they all see the funny side and lighten up too. Straight people, eh?

  5. beef and fur says

    Just imagine the embarrassed guy who buried his used toy thinking never in a million years would anyone find it…welcome the the internetz…