1. C.J. says

    Last night was certainly RHONJ ode to the gays! First Rosie “coming out” (Were we supposed to be shocked?) and then Jamie’s wedding. LOVED IT! I love Rosie, she has become a favorite of my friends and I since her first appearance last year – we are so happy she is being featured more, she seems like a great lady!

    I will say, I loved the reaction from Greg when Joe Guidice said his typically offensive remark about his “loose butt” – Joe and his wife and classless. I know they make for good TV, but the Guidice’s are pigs. Plain and simple. If Bravo gave them the boot, it would be a lovely day in NJ.

  2. Alan says

    I remember when gay conservative, A-List Dallas star Taylor Garrett was beaten up (twice), assaulted, car vandalized by *tolerant* liberals who hate him more than they hate themselves.

    I don’t watch these shows because these people are subject to harassment that they don’t deserve.

  3. hugo says

    they may have gay family members but they clearly don’t have enough gay friends… Those hats are horrific! Caroline looks as if she stole a lily from a nearby pond and squashed it on her head!

  4. says

    RHONJ are a guilty guilty pleasure of mine, but last night’s episode was hard for me to watch. The gays featured were nothing more than a prop to these people to trot out, use, and in a couple cases demean.

  5. says

    Weren’t Taylor Garrett’s “attacks” all self-inflicted? He didn’t bother reporting the first “attack” to the police until after the doubters had been calling BS for a few days. Then his apartment window was broken from the inside (like an attention whore would do it — not that I’m labeling anyone).

  6. Tony says

    Speaking of gaydar, and feel free to disagree, but I don’t think it’s a gay thing. I think it’s an everyone thing. Humans just seem to know who is and isn’t gay.

  7. says

    Taylor Garrett does what every gay republican does – insults liberals in the hopes his parents will hear gim and thus be less-severe with their daily beatings.

  8. says

    “Rosie Pierri, the sister of Real New Jersey Housewife Kathy Wakile, talked to her niece and nephew about being gay in a scene from last night’s show, which also featured the wedding of Caroline Manzo’s brother Jaime Laurita in Chicago – which the entire cast attended and was thus punctuated by their typically classy dialogue.”Want to see the organic